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Monday, May 31, 2010

Protective Bandana

Hehe... I can stand up too.. with little support larr.

See.. how fast I can crawl...

O... Who's that peeping at me?

Hehe... see.. no more head injuries..

I found these uncategorised photos in my hard disk while organizing my photo albums.  The photos were taken when he was at the crawling stage, he was 9 months old then.  My boy was very prone to banging his head on the floor when he got excited crawling and the co-ordination of his hands and knees would start to jumble up.

I had this towel (not actually a bandana, you see) tied around his head and voila.... He simply loves his new hippie look... ;)

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ben 10 Fan Ever!



Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah came over our place last Friday and took their precious grandson shopping for his birthday present at 1Utama.  Yeh Yeh, being a no nonsense person would never shower his only grandson with expensive toys but would happily buy him expensive books without hesitation.

My boy knew there was no way in getting his yeh yeh to buy him expensive toys so he ended up choosing Ben 10 shoes and T-shirt.  Read my earlier post entry on how he got hooked on this cartoon character.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Honest Is Too Honest?

"Mommy, teacher says I am a good boy". 

This was what my boy told me when I fetched him from school last Thursday.  He gave me a big smile while waiting for me to ask him why. 

Mommy:  Why, boy?

Ian : Today teacher returned our Maths exam paper.  I saw a question that teacher had marked wrongly. It should be wrong because I gave a wrong answer.  (Sei mou, can spot his own mistake at a glance means never checked his work before passing up la..) *slaps head*

Mommy: What did you do?

Ian: I walked up to teacher and told her so that she can take away the marks lorr. I do wrong already ma.. Teacher then took away the marks and praised I am a good boy.

Mommy : *Speechless for a minute..* the good side of me cheers, I am so proud of you, boy! while the evil side of me screams, "he is too honest or what"?  I know I am bad for having such ugly thought but hey, I am no saint, no? 

And this is what he got from mommy for being too honest....

















A Treat of ABC!! .. and the note book is from his teacher..

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Be Optimistic!

Each cycle of my mom's chemo took 4 hours, it varied depending on the drugs used and types of cancer, some only needed slightly over 1 hour to complete a cycle. I had to find ways to kill my time, one of them being chatting my time away with the patients, mostly elderly but quite a fair bit of them are about my age. Most of them looked somber and grumpy but I was lucky to stumbled upon few very optimistic ones.

Let me quote two cases I had come across during those days when I accompanied my mom for her cycle after cycle of chemotherapy at UMMC.

  1. This uncle in his 80's but still very active, healthy looking and had a good sense of humour, would come and  chat with me everytime he saw me.  When I told him he looked strong physcially and did not look like a patient at all, he would joke, "Ya, uncle looks good from the outside but not the inside" and he ended with a big hearty laugh.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer Stage III and his post-op biopsy report revealed his lymph nodes (can't recall now how many but quite a few) to be malignant (cancerous). He is a retired government servant so the expensive bills were claimable.  Ironically, prior to being diagnosed with cancer, he went for yearly colonoscopy religiously as he had a family history of cancer. The recent one that he did was one year before the diagnosis.  The doctor discovered polyps in his colon but without doing a biopsy report he vaguely concluded the polyps to be benign (non-cancerous)! See, how negligent a doctor can be!!  Only the next year when he went for another colonoscopy that they found the once polyps had now turned into a malignant.. tumour and he was in advanced stage!  The uncle took all these positively and as fate.  I regret not getting his contact numbers before parting ways as later on he had missed quite a number of regular cycles due to him getting poor result on his WBC (white blood count) and that refrained him from getting his chemo until his WBC went up.  Uncle, may you stay strong as always!

  2. This auntie, a retired teacher in her 70's came all the way from Malacca to seek treatment.  She had a relapse and the primary cancer was on her breasts (breast cancer), after 10 years, yes, 10 YEARS!! it came back knocking on her door (in her own words.. yes, another positive minded patient here) and the metastatic site this time was in her liver..  She needed another course of chemo and surprisingly she was very optimistic about her condition.  I think I really need to learn from her, seriously..  I almost brokedown during the whole course of ordeal in my mom's case.  The auntie even gave me and other patients her recipes to build up mom's stamina and strenghten her immune system as patients undergoing chemotherapy tend be immunocompomised (the chemo drugs actually kills both good and bad cells in our body, how scary can that be!) and get tired easily. She too, looked very healthy with rosy cheeks somemore and I thought she was the patient's family member when she first approached me..

People like Uncle (1) and Auntie (2) still fight on and appreciate life despite the stubborn and deadly disease that wouldn't go away and linger around them.   Everytime, when I come across commit suicidal cases that make headlines, I would ponder.. what makes them come to such extreme decisions that they have to take their own lives?  Hmmmm...   The end..



Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Best Of Both Worlds

Recycled picture taken two years ago

Since moving into the condo last year, our favourite hang out  place these days will undoubtedly be Ikea which is only 5 minutes' drive away. 

My boy will be on cloud nine everytime he is there as he can have the best of both worlds.... Eat and Play!! ;)

When we are there, what we normally do is we register him to Smaland, a complimentary playland for kids by Ikea, a place where he gets to jump, climb, bounce and run to his heart's content before we go window shopping or simply head to their restaurant and enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee while killing time ;)  We have an hour to kill before picking him up and as the post title suggests, what comes next will of course be eating time! He will be seen with his hands full.. one holding a hotdog bun and the other an ice-cream cone!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Want To Learn To Eat Spicy Food

The other day, when I was having a bowl of curry mee, my boy asked if he could take a sip of the curry soup.  I was surprised by his request as he would not eat by all means the moment he sensed slighest taste of spiciness in the food.  No exceptions.. 

Ian: Mommy, can I have a sip of the spicy soup? *He got himself a cup of water to stand by before the request*;)

Mommy:  Sure. *Though a bit surprised, I obliged to his request,  I can see his eyes turn a bit red after the sip*  

Ian:   It tastes yummy but hot! *quickly gulps down the cup of water on stand by*

Mommy: *evil grins* Do you want another sip?

Ian: No, thanks.  Maybe next time.

Mommy:  Why did you suddenly want to taste spicy food?

Ian:  I want to learn to eat spicy.  I saw Aaron (his buddy in school) eating a curry bun and he told me it was yummy.

Mommy:  *Nods her head in acknowledgment and takes his boy's kiasu (afraid to lose) attitude positively*. Yeah, boy. I will put some into your mouth everytime I eat spicy food and you learn to eat spicy food slowly, ok, boy?

Ian : Ok, mommy *Giving me a big and cheeky smile*

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bedroom Facelift

The last time we had our condo furnished was more than a decade ago and it was intended to be rented out at that time.  We had 2 Japanese and a German tenant throughout the tenure.  We only did some touching up on the wall painting before we moved in with only our briefcases last year as the condo is fully furnished though the furniture are a bit dated. 

We have been toying with the idea of giving our master bedroom furniture a new facelift.  I personally like modern bedroom as opposed to hubby who favours traditional bedroom furniture more. I always feel that traditional bedroom gives a gloomy look but we do have options to choose a brighter colour tone.  We have to come to an agreement first before we can get our plan executed.

The next facelift will of course be our son's bedroom.  Cheap bedroom furniture within a budget is set to prevent overspending.  We have no intention to spend arms and legs for a child's room, afterall children grow up without us realising and in no time another bedroom renovation in preparation for his wedding will be underway.  It is alway harmless to be optimistic and dream a little, anyway.


Iron Man 2 At TGV Or GSC?

We went to watch Iron Man 2 at TGV One Utama two Saturdays ago.  As it was a last minute decision, I did not book the tickets in advance.  I logged on Cinema Online in the morning only to find out that it was fully booked.  Well, I know if I were to get it over the counter now, it would still be available from past experience. But not wanting to take the hassle but at the same time determined not to disappoint my boy, I did a quick google search and hopped over to TGV Online

Tadaaa..  I managed to get 3 tickets with seat selection online some more for the 8pm show from TGV Online which I prepaid with my credit card plus RM2 service charge.  This arrangement suited us just nice as we had something to deal with  the whole afternoon and might run slightly late for the show.  With the prepaid service, you can collect your tickets anytime but of course do not run too late larr, otherwise you will miss the 1st part of the show.;)

My boy and I had a hard time following the characters and understanding how the plot was unfolding as we did not watch Iron Man 1 and neither were we the superhero fancee.   It was kind of boring during the beginning part of the show as there was a lot of talking involved but as the show moved on, at the mid-way point and finale in particular,  the audience finally got to enjoy some action and special effects.  A movie worth watching for its action and special effects but nothing spectacular though.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

School Holidays Are Almost Here!

I can't wait for my boy to finish his exam this Thurday and it follows by Wesak holiday the next day.  Yippeeeeee!!!!

I know my boy feels the same too as he is getting bored with his daily routine that consists mainly of revision, revision and REVISION......  It has been a stressful month for both of us though I cannot recall if I had worked this hard when I was in standard 1 many decades ago!!  Gosh! Malaysia Education System... *speechless*

But, boy, no worries... you will be pampered with lotsa fun activities lying ahead of you this coming 2 weeks' school holidays.;)    At first, I was quite tempted to make a trip back to my "kampung" in Sabah but hey, our last visit was a mere 2 months ago, this December perhaps as I just checked Malaysia Airlines and they have pretty good deal.   I love going back simply because  I am a pampered "Queen" back home, you know with everything being well taken care of.  I can go out all day alone with peace of mind to meet up with old friends and still come home to a warm and delicious homecooked meal and knowing that my boy is in good hands.  YES, I love homecooked meals. But here, I am a work round-the-clock "slave" and have to settle with take aways, eating outs or delivery service should I be lazy or just too ill to cook. *sigh*  I should have married a chef!!

Now that my plan of going back hometown is dropped, I must come out with some holiday plans to keep my boy occupied than to rot in front of the idiot box.

  1. Start my boy with his swimming lessons (YES, this has been postponed since last year).
  2. Visit to National Science Centre / Bird Park / Butterfly Farm and any interesting places.
  3. Watch as many movies (of course, selected ones) as possible!
  4. Do some baking with my boy.  My boy has never got to taste my homebaked cheesecake and it was like 7 years ago since I last baked!
  5. Do some artcraft together.
  6. Go online less often to make more time for my boy.;)
  7. Last but not least, again, spare an hour or two for revision on weekdays.;)


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Sleeping Baby

My boy had always been an easy and sleeping baby when he was an infant.  He would sleep through most nights without fuss until the next morning after his last feed at 11pm.  I took care of him until he was 6 months old before I went back to work and left him with his grandparents.  The above pic used to be a typical scene when I was busy with household chores in the kitchen while he dozed off in his baby chair at the living hall.


Soon, he entered his toddler years, things took a sharp turn.  He was no longer the easy boy that we once knew.   He was (and still is) a curious boy and would lay his hands on everything and anything that he sets his eyes on.  Looking after  him had become a chore, like what my mom in-law once said, Tending him is like tending  a cow.  Hahaha...  But yet, he was a sleeping toddler.

Now that he is in primary school, I kind of miss those days when we got to catch a nap in the afternoon together.  With his school homeworks and revisions packed on weekdays and other activities on weekends,  afternoon naps have become a luxury  BUT YET, he is a sleeping kid as he can sleep through the nights from 10.30pm till the next morning 8.30am without fail.;)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Benefits Of Reading

Ian started picking up reading when he was 5.  According to his kindy teacher, if he wasn't playing with his peers, he would be seen sitting at the kindy's reading corner with a book in his hands while waiting to be picked up after school dissolved.  She told me she was amazed at how focus and quiet he could be when reading a book in contrary to his usual active and noisy self.  That's how much he loves reading.;)

The magazines that I subscribed for him earlier arrived in our mailbox with latest issues last week.  He was so excited when I handed the parcel to him with his name printed on the envelope.  He yelled in excitement,"Mommy, I have got letter, I have got letter!" Hahaha!!  As we have no TV rule on weekdays and being the only kid with virtually no one to play with at home, other than playing with his toys, he does a lot or reading.

One day, after he poo-ed, he called on me to see his poo and started asking me, Mommy, you know why the poo poo also have bubbles?  Before I could answer, he revealed,"That's because those bubbles are protein from our body.  He told me he read this from Young Scientist.  He has picked up the word "defecate" and when he goes to do his business, he will say, Mommy, I go toilet to defecate, ok. LOL. There were quite a few more science related questions that he had asked me but I cannot recall now.

In conclusion, instead of having the "Idiot Box" babysits him, I have this ........

While I attend to this....

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mechanical Pencil = Good Handwriting??

The "Magical" Mechanical Pencils

Equal The Award......

My boy has been pestering us to get him a mechanical pencil as the normal pencils he is using tend to break easily.  This is true as he will be seen sharpening his pencils all the time and this drives me up the wall on many occasions when I try to finish doing revision with him before I attend to the household chores.

He always tells me one of the smart boys in his class writes like thunder but still have very good handwriting simply because of the "magical" mechanical pencil he owns.  He even goes into details of who owns what diameter of pencil leads and the larger number of diameter gives the best writing.  Everytime when I complain about his bad writing, the blame will be on the normal wooden pencils that he uses.  His Yeh Yeh always jokes that his only grandson will surely thrive in the sales/marketing profession should he chooses the path when he grows up.  He is a Master of Persuasion, I tell ya!

But, my boy who is forever curious and would ask why, who, what, how.... all the time since he was 2, also likes to dismantle the parts of his mechanical pencils and in the process loses one or two small parts and the pencils will end up spoilt.  Hubby bought him quite a few mechanical pencils with Ben 10 characters printed on them but none "survived". 

I wanted to buy him one, but at the same time I also want him to learn to earn it.  I hope he will value it more when he earns it than when he gets it effortlessly.  Well, a bad mama he has here.;)  So, I struck a deal with him. He agreed to behave and obey  to instructions given by me throughout the revision sessions. 

Well, was the bribe/strategy effective?  Not perfect, I would say, he still daydreams, sharpens his pencils in between the session when he starts to get bored but what the heck, he is only 7.  Anyway, I managed to stuff quite a bit of Bahasa vocabulary into his brain.  Hahaha....

Here you go... boy, your brand new mechanical pencil with 0.7mm leads.  The thickest leads among his classmates.  He yelled in excitement, Yeah, now I can write very fast and can still have good handwriting!! Does writing with one really makes good handwriting?  I wonder!!*roll eyes*

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!

I got Ian some Teacher's Day cards from Tesco yesterday.  To be exact, I got him 5 cards in 3 different languages, i.e. Chinese, English and Bahasa for his respective language teachers and other subjects teachers as well. 

I bought a metal bookmark with turquoise gemstones and butterfly charm dangles  from Popular Bookstore.  Being a Popular member, I get to enjoy 15% off.  This one I got it for his class teacher, a pleasant lady who also teaches Chinese, Moral, Maths and Art. I initially wanted to get other teachers a stalk of rose each but dropped the idea as it was a bit of a hassle having to make another trip back to collect the fresh flower in the morning. So, we ended up with only a greeting card each except for his class teacher.

My boy had fun writing messages and decorating those greeting cards with his blink blink colouring pens and cutie stamps last night.  As the actual Teacher's Day in Malaysia falls on 16 May, which is a Sunday, my boy will have to give the cards out today.

Happy Teacher's Day


All Teachers Out There!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maggi Mee, Anyone?

A Silent Protest

Hubby made himself a bowl of instant noodles with extra "liu" of Foo Chou Fish Ball for supper last night.  During weekdays, as usual, my boy finishes his homework or revision by 10pm and it's supper time before he goes to bed.   I have had a butter bun and Milo ready for him but he requested for Maggi Mee seeing the father eating it. 

He started drawing this on his easel board when my answer was still "No" after several attempts hoping I would change my mind. 

So.... Did he get to eat his favourite "Maggi" Mee?  Yes, because the father gave in to his "silent protest" and cooked him another bowl of Maggi Mee with extra "liu" somemore.*Shake head* 

My boy is a big fancee of instant noodles and if given a choice, I think he can have it for every single meal! Really OMG.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stinky Toilet

Ian can't stand even the slightest stinky smell at the public toilets and has puked on few occasions.  Due to the incidents, he tends to hold his bladder and makes a dash to the toilet as soon as he gets home.

His exam is just around the corner and sometimes I feel really sick with him during revision time.  He just loves dilly-dallying in whatever that he has to do.  We had a conversation yesterday and it was about sending him to tuition centre.

Mom: (I asked him seeing him relaxing on his chair at his study corner) Ian, have you finished the revision that I gave you?
Ian: No. (still in relaxed mode playing with his stationeries).
Mom:  (Walks over and sits next to him, then only he digs his pencil albeit slowlyyyy out from the pencil box). Boy, I think I'l have to send you to tuition centre, just like most of your friends.
Ian: No, mommy!! I don't want to go to tuition centre. I DON'T WANT!!
Mom:  Why?  You have friends there where you can play with.  I am getting tired with you not listening to me.
Ian:  No, I want Teacher Mommy only.  I don't want to go to tuition centre.  My friends tell me the toilet there stinks.
Mom: O.O.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's a Mother' Day card.. No??

Then, why words such as "Papa" and "Teacher" pop out on a card supposedly dedicated to mommy?

Wait! Mommy, Open up the card first... Here you go... presented to my beloved mom...





With light & music summore...

Happy Mother's Day


All Mommies Out There!!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Demoted Team Leader?

When I went to pick Ian up from school two evenings ago, it took me a while to spot his gloomy face standing at the back of the line when he usually stand in front, leading his class.  While walking to the car,  as usual, I asked him how his day was and he was like a volcano waiting to explode.  I had a bad, silly day, I hate teacher, I hate those stupid monsters.  His eyes then turned red and tears welled up. 

I gave him a hug when we got into the car and I then proceeded to ask him what had happened.  He told me teacher made him line up at the back during dismissal time because he talked.  He could no longer hold back his tears now and started crying.  He said one of classmates poked his back while another talked to him and his class teacher saw him talking and scolding the boy who poked his back "Stupid monster".  His teacher reprimanded him and made him stand behind everyone and that's why he got so  upset. 

After listening to him, I asked if it was nice calling others names and if he would like to be called as stupid.  He answered no but quickly threw back a question, but when my friend talks to me, wouldn't it be rude if I did not respond or I just brush them off next time?  Hmmm....A question that makes me ponder (Not easy being a mother to a wicked child like mine). I then continued, when the rule says no talking, then you don't talk larr.  Dissatisfied with my answer, he said, But teacher never told me we cannot talk during dismissal mah.  Blek.

To cheer him up a little, I decided to drive to Section 17 to dabau" his favourite "green bean soup" and char kuay teow. Gosh! I shouldn't have made that move as we got stuck in the traffic for more than an hour and as if the traffic wasn't bad enough, it started to drizzle.

He was still the last in the line yesterday but this time it did not bother him a bit as he told me teacher has promised to let him stand in front again when he behaves.  When I asked him if he still hates his teacher, he says not at all as he was the one who did not obey the rules in the first place.0.0. What a big contrast from day before that.  Guess the teacher did a good job by explaining to him.;)

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Simple Homecooked Meals

What's for lunch today? Same meal, leftover tasty rice from yesterday.  Only that I added two pieces of fried chicken drummets and an egg to the rice.  A simple soup made of minced pork as soup stock, celery and pototoes to go with the rice. 

I am happy that my boy still make an effort to finish his rice and soup after having more or less the same dishes two weeks in a row.  Today, he finally declared he gets bored eating rice everyday and requested that I cook noodles.;)

I get very lazy and moody of late and I blame it on the weather.  The sky is getting so dark now with roaring thunderstorms, I can see the rain comes anytime now. Haiz! Sien..

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

School Immunization Programme


Ian got his DT (Double Antigen), OPV (Oral Polio) and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) booster vaccination at his school yesterday. The service was provided free of charge under the School Immunization Programme by the Ministry of Health.

Before sending him off to school yesterday, I got him mentally prepared and reassured him that the level of pain would just be as mild as getting bitten by ants when the jab is administered. Not that he was worried or freak out about it, just that I thought he should be made clear what lied ahead of him.

He shared his jab experience with me soon after. He told me the feeling was slightly more painful than gotten bitten by ants. Mommy, you know, it was more like my two arms (yes, a jab each on both arms) got stung by bees!! But never mind larrr. I can take it (take the pain). Hahaha.... What a brave little young man I have here.O.O.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ian's Sports Day

Assembly before the event starts
See the wet and muddy field after the persistent rain

My boy's race number: 105

Look how disappointed he is

Another backdated post.;)

Ian's school Sport's Day was held on Saturday, 10 April. I wrote in my previous post on how much he looked forward to this event as he would get to participate in the 100m Sprint. He had been bugging me to jog with him every morning.

Unfortunately, it started drizzling early in the morning and we woke up to a dark and gloomy sky on the big day. I did not go as I was still nursing a bad flu so hubby went with him. I was worried as the drizzles did not stop until late morning. I was concerned that he would catch a flu of somewhat.

He ended up 4th and of course did not get any medals. He was so disappointed the moment he pushed open the house door, he declared,"Mom, I am a loser today, I didn't win anything." in a sad tone and his head down in defeat. His expression looked damn funny, I tell ya. I quickly gave him a hug and comforted him. I told him it's just a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. He later came up with his own theory; if only I had run a bit faster and mommy was there to cheer for me, I could have secured at least 3rd place. O.O. Look at this boy of mine, cannot afford to lose wan.*slaps head*

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

SEO Services

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Cosmetic Surgery

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Buying Perfume Online

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Krit Thai Mansion, Rama I Road, Bangkok

Krit Thai Mansion, facing one of the main roads, Rama I Road

It has been 3 months since I came back from my Bangkok trip with my dad and sister and I have yet to document my trip in my blog! To get the engine started, I will start with the hotel we stayed whilst there from 21 Jan to 25 Jan.;p

Krit Thai Mansion... the name of the hotel does sound eerie, don't you think so? Mansion... sounds like some haunted mansions. Lol...

Escalator to National Stadium Skytrain station
just a stone throw from our hotel

Nothing beats the hotel location which is nearby National Stadium Skytrain station, to be exact, the stairway to the station is just in front of the hotel. You can take sky trip wherever you want without walking too far. MBK shopping mall is just further down across the road and a 7-11 store is located nearby

The bathroom

A King size bed and a super single bed

It's a no frill budget hotel and dated deco can be seen at the hotel lobby, the facilities are somewhat basic but that's good enough for us as we only want a clean and safe place and that just fits our bill.

Our room are spacious and comes with wood flooring. The bathroom is clean and the beds are comfortable.

24 Hours Room Service!
Two bottles of "Singha" mineral water are provided daily.

Yes, the hotel offers 24 hours room service. We used the service once when dad decided to stay in the hotel room and not to follow us to another round of shopping spree after coming back from Chatuchak.

View of Skytrain station from our hotel room
Another view : On-going construction

Our room is neighbour to a construction site and National Stadium skytrain station (End of Silom line). By viewing the above photo, can you imagine how near the site is from our room? That did not bother us a bit though as we were always out during the daytime and the site had already stopped work by the time we were back to our room.

Dad has always been a light sleeper and from some of the negative reviews I read online, I was a bit concerned about the noise generated by passing trains as the hotel and skytrain run parallel. Fortunately, during our four nights' stay there, neither of us encountered sleepless nights but instead we fell asleep before our head hit the pillow throughout our stay there.;p

Breakfast Coupon

Our room number: 404

The coffehouse where we had our breakfast

We paid THB1280 per night for a triple room. You have to pay additional THB100 (if not mistaken) per person for breakfast to be included. We had our breakfast at the hotel for the first two mornings but decided to hunt for food elsewhere thereafter as choice of breakfast at the hotel was somewhat limited.

Room reservation has to be made by email, fax or telephone directly to the hotel and no deposits are required until the day you arrive. I made my reservation via email and the hotel response had been prompt and efficient.

I will stay in this hotel again the next time I visit Bangkok.

Complimentary mineral water

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