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Monday, April 25, 2016

Class Change

The boy is recently placed in KRK. He is the only Chinese in the class. On the morning of class change, his friend from previous class was so kind to introduce him to a Sikh from the same class. They became good friends instantly. The night before the class change, he was still reluctant to leave his friends from the old class (mostly friends from primary school and newly made friends) but he now says his present class is better after just 3 days. Boys... Glad that he is adapting well.
Boy: Mom, Dhiraj has got green and brown eyes (pupils). He has fair skin too. He looks like your idol, Aamir Khan.
Mom:Wah! Really?!! I really want to meet up with him one day la....
Boy: the skin colour only lo.. Nyek.. Nyek...
Mom: Ceh! but I am still envious leh. Never had I got a Sikh as my friend during secondary days!
Boy: Dhiraj and I are the exotic races in class. Arrr.. Josephine too. I think she is a Kadazan...
Mom: good what. You get to learn other people's culture more.
Boy: *nods head in agreement
Boy: They hor, always like to say babi and bodoh when scolding people. I overheard at the canteen some even refer Chinese as Cina Babi.
Mom: not scolding you right? Then just act blur lor... Or if you have to say something, then Melayu nasi lemak, India tosai, errr.. What else? Not wrong right as these are the food we usually eat.
Boy& mom: LOL!!
Boy: *shows me the messages in his class WhatsApp group..
One Malay boy asked: Are you Cantonese or Chinese since you say doh cheh is Cantonese?
The boy answered: Cina dan Kantonis Cina jugak maaa.
Then the Malay boy responded: ohh, aku tak tau maaa... Then lol...The rest followed suit. LOL..
Really, we must encourage our kids to mix with kids of other races to learn, understand and respect each others' races, culture and religion better from young. Only then we can see hope of racial unity at the end of the tunnel, hopefully the day will come...


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