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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Archery Shooting@ Stars Archery, Sunway Pyramid

One of the activities planned for the school holidays was archery shooting.  The boy was so excited as this was his first time ever holding a bow, a sport he now loves so much he rated it first favourite sport for now!  He has not stopped bugging me to get a set of bow and arrows for him right after the shooting session.  The archery shooting range that we went to do have bows and arrows for sale, albeit not cheap at more than RM200 for the bow alone, with cost of arrows and hand gears not factored in yet! 

I searched on the internet on the possibilities of getting one on ebay.  The cost for the set alone was so much more cheaper than buying locally but then the exorbitant delivery charges incurred was a set back until I stumbled upon This delivery auction site saves me a lot of time looking for the best delivery rate.  So boy, your wish of owning a set of bow and arrows looks promising and is one step closer. Heh. :)

Back to our trip to the archery shooting range, I bought a discount coupon online earlier for RM18, walk-in price was RM40. It entitles us to play two rounds at 39 arrows each round.  Mommy chipped in thinking that the boy would never had the energy to finish two rounds.  Wrong!  My arms started to get sored after merely 5 shots and not a single arrow hit the colours on the target board, only white! Bleh..  I then decided to transfer the remaining arrows back to the boy. LOL...

It was fun nevertheless seeing the boy enjoying it so much and will surely grab more such coupons in the future.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Skills Your Child Needs To Learn

I actually showed this article to my boy.  He checked all but one, point number 4 which he thinks he still needs more time to perfect his typing skills.  :) He later said, "Mom, you have taught me all these before I hit 10 (his birthday is in June), High 5! LOL... *syiok sendiri mode ON*
Do read on if you are interested to know what this article is about: 

Being 10 years old is a big thing. It is often described as a rite of passage from early childhood to the tween years. Amidst the huge focus on academic achievements, there’s a different set of skills you may want to equip your kids with before he or she turns 10. These skills may be simple but necessary:

1) Packing bags
Before your child enters primary school, he should already know how to pack his schoolbag and not rely on you to do it for him. Help him by buy a bag with compartments to organise items. For a start, it is good to have a packing list or a timetable for your child to refer to. Teach him to plan ahead and pack heavy items such as textbooks first, to avoid crushing smaller items in the bag.

2) Tying shoelaces
Many parents buy shoelace-free school shoes for their children. This is fine if time is a concern but training your child to tie laces has its benefits. It enhances his motor skills and trains him to be patient and disciplined. Engage your child’s interest by telling a story on tying shoelaces. You can check out some videos on YouTube for more ideas.

3) Riding a bicycle
Once children learn to ride a bike, they never forget it. One of the first things a child should learn is how to balance on a two-wheeler. Search for an appropriate place to conduct the training – it should be free of traffic and have wide, flat ground. It is also an excellent parent-child bonding opportunity.

4) Typing
Today’s media take up such a substantial part of our children’s lives. Not only should we pay attention to what they’re doing online, we should teach them healthy habits, including proper keyboarding. Believe me, it’s way harder to teach a child to break bad keyboarding habits later on, which is why teaching your kids to type is more important than you think. In today’s digital world, the new alphabet song should go something like this: A S D F G H J K L.

5) Swimming
The most important part of learning to swim is to ensure water safety. While knowing how to swim does not guarantee against drowning, it makes such mishaps less likely to happen. Knowing that your children can swim will make you feel better when they are in a pool. But, this does not mean you should ever leave them unattended while they are in a swimming pool. Learning to swim helps them build confidence, develop discipline and, best of all, get a good workout.

6) Household chores
Assign age-appropriate tasks. Right from when they are toddlers, we teach them to keep their toys; when they grow up, they will learn to clear up after themselves. Slowly expand their responsibilities as they grow older, such as washing their own school shoes. Make household chores fun by creating a game that offers your kids options with different reward levels. High Score House ( is an example of such a game. Reward your children with treats or cheery stickers for their effort, and when they have done well.

7) Managing money
When your child is in early primary, he may only know how to manage daily expenses. When he gets older, you may want to start him on weekly allowances to teach him to manage and track his expenses. Help him set saving goals on a large and colourful calendar, and reward him when he reaches those goals. Being money-savvy teaches your child responsibility and self-discipline. Put a fun spin on financial planning with virtual bank application.

8) Planning schedules
Create a fun project with your kid by making a planner out of an unused exercise book. Make it a point to sit down with your child on Sunday to reflect on the past week, and plan for the upcoming one.

9) Politely saying no
Try roleplaying different situations with your child. Pretend to be a bully at school or someone urging him to steal money from a classmate. Show him how to be assertive and decline to participate. However, make sure to clarify with your child that you are merely pretending to be a bad influence, and not advocating such behaviours.

10) Cooking meals
Equipping your child with basic skills in the kitchen ensures that he will have more options beyond instant noodles apart from teaching him to be self-reliant. Starting with egg dishes is fun and easy. You can have them in a variety of ways: Hard-boiled, half-boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, omelette, etc. They are nutritious and yummy. When the kids are ready, proceed to one-dish meals like fried rice, sandwiches and noodle soup.

As our progeny transit to the double digit in age, the above life skills will stand them in good stead as they launch into the next chapter of their lives. Treasure the years with your teens and unders. Their first 10 years will be over before we know it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lending Money To School Friends

The boy's school had cross country run last Saturday which was a school day in replacement of one of the CNY holidays. 
At the canteen after the run, his ex-classmate (now in different class) came up to him and asked for a ringgit so that he could get a drink from the canteen.  This boy told my boy his father forgot to give him pocket money for the day.  This was the same boy who always borrowed money from my boy when they were in the same class to buy some cute stationeries and what-nots from the school bookshop.
My boy, on the other hand is very careful with his spending.  I give him pocket money of RM10 every week, used to be given RM2 on a daily basis but I want to see how he manages his money.  On days when I make him lunch boxes, he will not bring any money to school. On days when I don't pack him anything, he will put RM1 into his wallet. 
Sometimes I do feel there's only a fine line between thrifty and stingy.  I don't want him to grow up a person with no compassion for others.  I have been drumming into his head the importance of money management skills since he was very young and I hope my hardwork won't backfire. LOL...
So, here our conversation goes...
Mom: You should have lent him the money.  I feel bad thinking the boy had to go without any water after the run.  Imagine yourself in his shoes...
Son: Errr. But then, mom, didn't you tell me not to lend him money as he will spend them all at the bookshop? I am confused la..
Mom: You may want to buy a bottle of water from the canteen and give it to him to avoid the problem?
Son: But then, what if he says he wouldn't  drink water and only wanted sweet drinks?
Mom: The problem is no longer yours then.  It's his and you can keep the water to yourself.  You have tried your best to help him, right?
Son: Yes, right! But then hor, what if he doesn't return my money?
Mom: It's okay.  Take it as a lesson learned lor, you can afford to lose the RM1, right?
Son: Yes, but then hor, my money would have wasted lo..
Mom: -_-
Do you allow your kids to lend money to his school mates?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's School Holidays Again!!

Ok, well, not yet.... Another two more days before the week long school holidays start! Yay!!

I have purchased some online discount coupons and here's what we are going to do:

a)  Hop On Hop Off City Tour
     Visit to:
  • Muzium Negara (National Museum)
  • Istana Negara (National Palace)
  • KL Tower
  • Planetarium Negara (National Planetarium)
  • Tugu Negara (National Monument)
b) Archery

c) Roller-skating

d) National Science Centre
  • Sports & Spinach Carnival
  • Star Trek Exhibition
e) Visit to Shah Alam Public Library

f) Badminton

g) Aikido classes

g) Art and Home Science Projects

And of course not forgetting to chip in an hour or two of revision daily in between those planned activities.  Second term exam in 6 weeks' time! *sweat*

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak

We went to Gua Tempurung over the long CNY holidays while heading to Felda Hot Springs after two nights in Ipoh, a place I had always wanted to go after my visit to Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
The cave has five gigantic domes with ceilings resembling coconut shell (tempurung), hence its name Gua Tempurung. The five domes form the showcase galleries:
  • Golden Flowstone Cavern : Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it.
  • Gergasi (Giant) Cavern : It holds a huge column that looks like a space ship. Measuring about 15 metres high and 17 metres long, the column seems to hang precariously.
  • Tin Mine Cavern : Here, you will see the remnants of mining activities in the old days.
  • Alam (Universe) Cavern : Measuring more than 130 metres in width and towers 72 metres high, the cavern has a slender stalactite called Tongkat (Walking Stick or Cane).
  • Fallen Warrior and Battlefield Cavern : See many amazing formations with one looking like fallen warrior in a battlefield.
     There are 4 tour packages to choose from: 
  • For a short tour, you have an option to choose either Tour 1 or Tour 2 under the Dry Catwalk Tour:  
    Tour 1 (Dry Tour)
    Golden Flowstone
    (from entrance to Golden Flowstone at platform 3 and return)
  • Tour 2 (Dry Tour)
    Top Of The World
     (from entrance to Top of the World at platform 5 and return)
    We chose the easiest and shortest tour, Tour 1 as we were already running late when we reached Gua Tempurung and we aimed to get checked-in to Felda Hot Springs before 4pm to hit the pools before they closed at 7pm.  Ok, I lied.  We are a bunch of lazy and unfit people so we chosed Tour 1 of the 4 packages offered. Ha!
    For Tour 3 & 4, be prepared to get wet as the return journey will be through the underground river. Whoo.. sounds so excited.  You can do more like going through the tunnels and getting wet and all but that's just not for us, at least not for now but I do harbour hope that one day we would attempt Tour 4 when our body and mind are fit to do that.. Yes, one day....
    Tour 3 (Wet Tour)
    Top of the World & Short River Adventure
    (a journey of about 2.4km from the entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top of the World and return through the underground river)
    Tour 4 (Wet Tour)
    Grand Tour
    (a complete journey of about 3.8km from the entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top of the World and to the end of the cave (East) and return through the underground river)
     Types of Tour offered and fees charged
    I "plucked" the above 2 pics from the internet.  My camera could never captured such amazing shots. The view was really breathtaking and it looked exactly in real life if not better. The beauty of nature is simply awesome!
    Route Map 
    On our way out.. there is a lake just opposite the entrance to the cave.
    It's a very beautiful and magnificient cave with walkway but climbing stairs up and down can be tiring, not to mention the weather is rather humid inside. There was no guide in sight so basically ours was a self guided tour, sort of. It could have been better it there was more signs done for self guided tour and certain areas could have been better maintained but overall it's ok and for such a low price, what more can you ask for, right?
    For the shortest trip you don't need to have a torch.  The father and son did bring one in though.  For wet tours - take clothes for change and shoes which are difficult to lose (we saw guides collecting things lost by visitors, including shoes).


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Be Grateful For What You Have..

It's exam week.  Three more days to go. 
The boy expressed his wish to have char siew pau for breakfast the night before. So, this filial mother broke her routine of preparing breakfast and went to get the boy some paus at the nearby coffeeshop this morning.  While waiting to be attended at the coffeeshop, I looked around and saw a girl the age of my boy looking up at me.  She was eating her bowl of soup noodles in ultra slow motion with a sleepy and gloomy face, already in her school uniform.  Sitting beside her was her dad and a younger sister, also in school uniform. From the school badge, I know they go to the same school as the boy's.   I stole a glance where they were seated before driving away and the girl was getting into a car, looking at my direction or was she staring blankly into thin air, I have no idea.
It was only 7.40am and their days have started and it doesn't end till God knows what time into the night as it's the exam season now.  When I got home, I related the episode to the boy who had just crawled out of his bed and was in the shower humming a song before he came down for breakfast: 2 char siew paus, 1 lor mei kai and a big mug of banana and blueberries smoothie for breakfast.  Yes, he has real big appetite! *sweat*
Son: Mom, I am lucky to have you to stay home with me so that I don't have to go to tuition centre.
Mom: No, not that, you should be grateful for what you have.  The girl's daddy drives a better car than daddy and mommy.  They can afford that because both daddy and mommy work and probably go for overseas trips.  We can only afford trips in the country.  You always long to go to USA.  If mommy works, we can all go to USA.  How about that?
Son: NO WAY!  I still want you to stay home with me to teach me and be my advisor.  We are not rich but we are not poor either, right? That's fine to me.

We can't have the best of both worlds, can we? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hang Sung Sot (Sung Sot Cave), Halong Bay, Vietnam

We visited Gua Tempurung located in Gopeng, Perak over the CNY long holidays and I will blog about it after this post.  It was an interesting and educational trip for both the boy and the parents.  I always try my best to 'squeeze in' something educational when we go holidaying and hopefully the boy picks up some knowledge and values here and there and not purely to enjoy himself! Okay, talk about a kiasu mother here.. hehehe...
What prompted me to visit Gua Tempurung was my amazing experience visiting Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam 6 years ago.  The view, both inside and outside the cave was simply spectacular and I am still in awe of the calm, serenity and beauty of nature God has created.
This post is not about Gua Tempurung, instead it's a post to pen down my visit to Sung Sot Cave located in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
View of Bo Hon Bay, photo taken from a platform when exiting Sung Sot Cave.
Simply breathtaking!
Sung Sot Cave, which means Cave of Surprises, is the biggest and finest cave in Halong Bay.  It is located on Bo Hon Island, near the centre of Halong Bay. There is a small pier where boats dock to allow visitors down. From the pier, a flight of 50 stone steps takes one to the entrance of the cave. The inside of Sung Sot Cave is simply cavernous. At many places the ceiling is low, and takes on a wavy appearance. A profusion of stalactites and stalagmites cover the walls.

To ensure the safety of visitors, a path is built to zigzag through Sung Sot Cave. Guide ropes help to keep visitors on the path Multi-coloured lights are also installed to beautify the cave and bring out its grandeur. Coming out of the cave, visitors get a panoramic view of Bo Hon Bay below. It is one of those iconic view of Halong Bay that has appeared in many postcards.
Top photo: Panoramic view of Bo Hon Bay from the viewing platform
Bottom left photo: Viewing platform at the cave exit
Bottom right photo: Our friendly tour guide (a very nice local young chap) walking mom in-law to our waiting junk.  She did not join us for the cave tour due to her osteoarthritis condition.
Simply lovely though I remember a truly tiring adventure zigzagging the path through the cave with my fellow tour mates.  There's no turning back once you step foot on the cave entrance as the junk that took us there would wait for us at the exit point which was at the other end of the cave.
These two photos are taken from the internet.  My camera couldn't capture such amazing God's creation.  Trust me, the interior of the cave looks exactly like that if not better.  Simply spectacular!  I would love to visit Sung Sot cave again and this time with my boy tagging along!
Next will be on our visit to Gua Tempurung.

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