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Monday, November 28, 2011

Master Toast @The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road, KL

I am still holding quite a few of coupons purchased online and decided to pay a visit to The Scott Garden in Old Klang road last Sunday to utilise one of the coupons at Master Toast. 

It was our first time there and being unfamiliar with the shopping mall layout, we felt like we were stuck in a maze though the place wasn't so big! LOL... Apparently, Master Toast was just across the entrance to Tesco foodcourt.. Aiyo..

The interior was cosy and nicely decorated

My cheeky boy making his order

Roselle drinks for daddy and Mango Fizz for the boy

Lemon Grass drink for myself - so refreshing!

Add-on order: Chee cheong fun RM4.20 (promotional price)

The sauce that goes with chee cheong fun

The boy's and daddy's order: Egg & Ham Croissant

My order: Cheese & Ham Croissant

We, the boy especially gave a big thumbs up as the croissant was so fluffy and fresh and the vegetables that came with it were oh so fresh!  RM6 for a croissant with filling of your choice and a glass of drinks.  Not bad huh...  We could see competition was fierce as Subway located next to Tesco foodcourt was having breakfast promotion too and the place was so packed with patrons compared to where we dined where only 2 tables were occupied when we left about 11am.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giveaway Contest Winners!

Th result is out!  I have a winner for my Giveaway Contest!

The winner is *drumroll.........*









Thanks Agnes for your strong support throughout the 12 days marathon challenge and not forgetting the rest of you too!  Please email your full address and contact number to  I am picking up the box of macarons this Sunday and hopefully the parcel can be sent out by Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday here.

As a token of appreciatian for all your active participation, I am pleased to announce that I am giving away two more small prizes to the 1st and 2nd runner-up!  Mery and Cynthia

I will get the souvenir for both of you during our family trip next week.  Keep you posted when I am back, okay.

Thanks again everyone and have a nice day ahead!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 12 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge * Like A Hard-Boiled Egg! - Finale*

This morning, I have the privilege to interview this little VIP in my life over breakfast on what he thinks about my amazing result using Skin Food Egg White Pore Line products over the past 12 days. 

This little VIP has been with me not only from Day 1 of my challenge but ever since the day he was born, and for sure he will be the best spokesperson ever on my behalf..  Lets hear what he's got to say....

Here presenting to you....

Enjoy the video clip and a big thank you again to everyone of you who have followed my daily updates throughout the challenge!

Have A Nice Wednesday! :)


Last Day Of Free Giveaway Contest!

Hi, dear all my blog readers,

Time flew by.  Today will be the LAST DAY to participate in my free giveaway contest and the cut-off time will be at 11.59pm tonight!  If you had missed the posting on the giveaway contest earlier, here it is.  Each comment that you dropped in my comment box throughout the 12 Days Challenge will be counted as one point and you earn an additional 10 points if you shared the word in your blog.   Do make sure to drop a link back in  any of my challenge postings' comment box so that I am aware of it.   

Thank you all for your active participation throughout the challenge and I really appreciate  it from the bottom of my heart!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 11 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge *Q&A [Questions Answered]*

As a way of saying thank you to my loyal readers who have been following my marathon challenge since Day 1,  I have compiled here most, if not all of the questions asked by all of you in my comment box.

[Q] What is Skin Food?

Agnes said... I have never heard about Skin Food, curious to find out more too.

[A] Skin Food is one of the fastest growing comestic brands in the Korean Skin care market since 1957 and it is very popular in Malaysia as well.  You can visit Skin Food Malaysia's website to check out their other range of products or drop them questions at their FB fan page which are usually answered promptly. Better still, pay a visit to one of their stores nearest to your house today!

**  **  **  **

[Q] Your nearest Skin Food outlet:

yvonne said... I know egg white is good for tighten pores :D Hear of Skin Food but we can't get the brand here...

Agnes said... Don't think we have skin Food outlet here in KK..none that I know of so far..the packaging is not bad at all.

reanaclaire said... hey, the prices are reasonable.. if i m not mistaken, there is an outlet here in Jaya Jusco.. Anyway, looking forward to a new face You! :)

Cynthia said... aiyo... the posts over the last 10 days is making me having the 'rush' to get the Skin Food for trial... where again? LOl!

[A] Click on the link and it shall take you to a location list of all Skin Food outlets.

** ** ** **

[Q] The Price & When's it launched?

yvonne said... The result is real good. And you would tell us the prices for all products by end of the day, right?

Annie Q said...!! So this is the new products? Egg White Pore Line? I should check that out soon.

Small Kucing said... ooo not launched yet ah? I thought launched already. Based on your post so far i think people will flock and buy LOL

reanaclaire said... Yes, I can see some improvement on the right cheek ... your left cheek has lesser pores even before u used the skin food so now they are more closed up ... only one week, can see difference, hor? not bad... are the products expensive?

Mummy Gwen said... Wow..amazing. The pores are visibly smaller now and your skin looks firmer too. Yeah..wanna know how much is the products too.

Small Kucing said... oh ya...when will it be available ya?

Small Kucing said... I have panda eyes too...I need that. Once the product is in I sure go queue up and buy hahaha

MeRy said... I can't wait to read for ur next post.........Roughly when this product will be launched in the market?

[A] I got the most questions for this.. Well, it was launched on 18.11.11 and the stock are now available at all their store outlets!  Please click here for the pricing list.

** ** ** **

[Q] Anything About Eggs

yvonne said.. Em, does the eggs included in your trial pack? Just kidding.

Mommy to Chumsy said... wow, lovely trial pack. the 2 eggs were not included? hahahahahaha. can't wait for your next post.

yvonne said...Btw, what is the purpose for the green, red, purple and yellow mini balls?

[A] yvonne & Mommy to Chumsy, Well, the 2 hard boiled eggs were actually my supper and they went into my tummy right after the photo taking. Hahaha... true to Skin Food's motto.. 'Food for health is also good for the skin'!  As for the green, red, purple and yellow mini 'eggs'?  They are solely for decorative purposes and not meant to be eaten! ;)

**  **  **  **

[Q] Smaller pores & lifted skin?

yvonne said...Wait... this product isn't tightening our pores but help to combat sagging skin? 2-in-1, I like it! Especially the latter one ;)

Yvonne said... Your right cheek seems to be 'lifted' up. No more sagging skin, right? And the pores are significantly smaller :O

Agnes said... if can combat sagging skin..I want to try also..

Sheoh Yan said... I really can't wait for all your posts. It sound so interesting. Don't worry about pores, who don't have pores? Big pores can be concealed, not an issue.

[A] I can feel my skin becoming firmer after few uses and in a way, my face too, being 'lifted' up!   From my experience, I would say it's good to combat sagging skin too..  Still don't believe me.. Try it to believe it!

**  **  **  **

[Q] T-zone & U-zone Serum

yvonne said... Do you need to rinse off after applying the T- and U-zone cream (step #2) or leave it there for the rest of the day?

lena said... now i'm wondering why skin food has 2 different products , t zone and u t zone serum meant for oilier skins?and u zone more on firming?

[A] Yvonne, no rinse-off needed, you can feel the fast absorption into the skin, leaving a smooth and supple surface after applying.

Lena, most of us have oily T-zone and dry U-zone areas.  This is where the T-zone serum comes in to help regulate excessive sebum production and tighten enlarged pores on the forehead and nose. As for how U-Zone serum should works, it actually helps tighten enlarged pores and lift up sagging skin too (from experience) and provides ample moisturization to skin on the cheeks.

**  **  **  **

[Q] Is Skin Food products harmful to use during pregnancy?

Cynthia said... wow.. let me know if your white and blackheads actually gone after using.. if it's good, I think I will want to try too! Anyway, trying with egg white should be no harm right.

[A] from Skin Food Malaysia
You can use Skinfood during your pregnancy. But do remember, that your body does go through some changes during a pregnancy, sometimes, your skin can change for example from oily to dry. It can be temporary though at times. So, do pay attention to carrying out a good skin care regime to suit your skin during your pregnancy and it will pay dividends in the long run. If ever you are in doubt, do consult your Doctor.

**  **  **  **

[Q] Stinky, egg smell, allergy to eggs?

mNhL said...I've heard about this egg white are good for the skin but I've never used that before. Scare of the smell.

Sheoh Yan said... I also always envy my two girls poreless and silky smooth skin. But, I know some people is allergy to egg white, not too sure what will be the side effect for those people who try this U-Zone serum.

Agnes said... With all the egg white extract as the main ingredient, I wonder how the products smell like..:DD, do they have any eggy smell??

[A] mNhL & Agnes: no eggy and stinky smell like what we get directly from the eggs.  Hmmm.. the products are scented and it smells more like Dove soap.. smells refreshing & clean.

[A] from Skin Food Malaysia
Yan, there are people who are allergic to prawns, flowers even dust. If someone is allergic to eggs, then perhaps the product will not be suitable for them. They can however try a small patch test in an insignificant area of their skin to see if they have a reaction to it first if they want to try it and are still unsure.

**  **  **  **

[Q] How frequent to use the products?
Agnes said... how often do you need to use it to clean the pores? daily? or weekly?

Yvonne said... Do you include this in your daily regime?

[A] I used it fives times throughout my 12 days challenge to get optimum result with what I have in hand.  But for economical reasons and depending on your needs, you can actually use it once or twice weekly.

[A] Yvonne, I only use my regular cleanser alongside with the Egg White Pore Line products throughout the challenge to get the most benefits from the products itself.

**  **  **  **

[Q] Pore Clean Pad

Sheoh Yan said... Amazing result on your nose. I am just wondering whether it will remove those very stubborn blackheads just by wiping. Normally I need to squeeze with extractor to get it removed.

Agnes said... Can the clean pore pad be placed in the fridge first before used?? That will give a cool and refreshing sensation and feeling when wipe of the T zone..:D

yvonne said... Are you for real? Just apply gentle circular wipe and the heads are removed? No airbrushing on the after-photo? Man, the result is amazing~ Now I really can't wait to grab one!

Agnes said... Does the Foam cleanser contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate or in short SLS?? a type of foaming agent, just curious...

[A] Sheoh Yan, Yvonne,  That's the amazing part! I start to see some results after using the pore clean pad twice.  No more squeezing and pinching on the nose!  No airbrushing on the after-photo! This one I can assure you 'cos I don't know how!  You see all the photo senget senget one.. and talk about professional..  Hahaha. Rest assured.. all the photos are originally taken from my camera.. no touch up, no photoshop..

[A] Agnes, I will get back to you on whether there's a presence of SLS in the foaming agent.  I tried to get the answer from the product label and they are all written in Korean, I can hardly find a word that I know. Bleh..

The End
**  **  **  **  **  **  **

Do Look out for my final challenge post tomorrow.  I am going to upload a video clip on my recent interview with a VIP where we talked about the amazing result of Skin Food Egg White Pore Line products on my skin.  *excited* Stay tuned!!


More Books!!

Hubby, my loyal silent reader has been complaining about my blog being flooded with my challenge postings only and hardly any updates on what the boy and I are up to. 

Okay, okay.. a short one here.  We went to the Immigration Department nearby our neighbourhood today to renew my passport and at the same time apply a new passport for the boy, his first time owning a passport..  Gotta go back at 2pm.  I have been down with fever then followed by flu and cough.  Today I woke up to a healthier and energetic me, so I quickly rushed myself to do the priorities.  Tomorrow, I gotta go  to my apartment's management office to sort out some issues, a "gift" left behind by my tenant from hell! *sighs*

There are other personal stuff I need to sort out before our trip this month end.  Argghhh!! The sick bugs better stay far far away from me.. The last thing I want is to fall sick again.. *touch wood*

Below are the books I got from Popular Warehouse Sale the other day.

I got these books at 20% discount. 

Not too bad la, I got at least 15% more discounts for Geronimo Stilton books at the sale.  I am now waiting for The Big Bad Wolf Aftemath Sale happening in 2 days' time, on 24.11.2011!  By the way, who's going??

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 10 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge *My Skin Is Addicted To Food*

My regular cleanser is finishing soon and so I thought oh well since I have got such marvelous experience using T-zone and U-sone serum and pore clean pads, why not get a complete set of Egg White Pore Line products to pamper my skin with more food therapy?

Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng... Here's my purchases:

Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam

A pore-refnining cleanser with egg white extract that deep-cleanses pores with a white foam.

How to use: Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and lather.  Rub face thoroughly in gentle massaging motions and then wash off with lukewarm water.  Splash on cold water for astringent effects.

How often: Twice daily (Morning & evening)

Egg White Pore Mask

A pore refining cleanser with egg white extract that penetrates deeply into pores to remove pore-clogging oil.

How to use: After cleansing, apply to the face except the eye and mouth area.  Wash off with lukewarm water in 10-15 minutes

How often: Twice weekly 

The promoter threw in some samples for me too when she discovered I had a pair of dark circles hanging around my eyes.   Just like her....

Now, my panda eyes get to savour Omega-rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido, Japan. Yummy!

Salmon Brightening Eye Serum

And Gold Kiwi Sun Cream SPF36 too.
Skin Food Loyalty Program

They have a loyalty program for their loyal customers too!  You can actually take your time collecting your Skin Food stamps as the card bears no expiry!  How cool is that, right?

For RM89.90 purchases, I received 4 Skin Food stamps, 1 stamp for every RM20 purchase of Skin Food products at the participating store and a fully stamped card entitles me for redemption of gifts!

Korean popular actress and singer Sung Yu Ri

Who wouldn't want a beautiful complexion with clear and smooth skin just like her?  Now that I am using the complete range of Egg White Pore Line products, I am another step closer to achieving Sung Yu Ri's skin! Hahaha...

Look out for my Day 11 Challenge tomorrow where I will compile the questions asked by my readers and form a Q & A page.  Stay tuned.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 9 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge *Before & After - Clean Pore Pad (1 & 2)*

The time has come for me to review : Egg White Pore Clean Pad [Step 1] & [Step 2].

First, clean your face with regular cleansing product

After cleansing, use the embossed side to wipe blackheads and whiteheads in gentle circular motions. Wipe where? 

Wipe on the nose, forehead and chin (T-Zone) as these areas are more prone to whitehead and blackheads.   The pad feels a bit too oily on my fingers though it works out just fine when use alongside with Pore Clean Pad Step 2.

After using Black & Whitehead Cleansing Pad [Step 1],
gently wipe areas with pore-refining pad [Step 2].  Oh, I so love the touch of this wet and cooling pad, my skin looks and feels refreshed and rejuvenated after wiping.

This is how the cleansing pads look like

How frequent do I use Pore Clean Pad? 
This is one of the questions my readers posed to me

As you can see from the above chart, I used the pads on 1st, 4th and 7th day so far throughout the challenge as I received 5 sets and I want to make full use of it to achieve optimum result in 12 days.  I don't think it's necessary to be used on a daily basis, once a week should be sufficient depending on your needs and for economical reasons.

Day 9: The result after using 3 times of Clean Pore Pad [Step 1] & [Step 2] as per above chart



See the difference? Amazing! 
Now my nose can breathe.. Oops, I mean the skin on my nose can now breathe freely.. heheheh..

Gotta hit the sack, I am still under the weather.. blame it on the weather..  Stay tuned for my Day 10 Challenge tomorrow, ya. :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 8 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge *Before - Pore Clean Pad (1 & 2)

Wow, I am already in my Day 8 post, 4 more days to go before we wrap things up!  It felt like yesterday when I took up the Skin Food 12 days Challenge.  Time flies by when you are having fun and I indeed have whole lot of fun experimenting the new product line and enjoying the amazing result achieved thus far.  The complete Egg White Pore Line products are now available at their stores nationwide.  What are you waiting for?  Go grab them now and start pampering your skin with food therapy. :)

Okay, now lets take a closer look at the 'before' photos of my forehead, nose and chin.


My forehead looks clear only. Ahem.. Hahaha.. but lets scroll down and have a closer peek at my nose...


This photo gives better glimpse on where the problem lies: blackheads and whiteheads surrounding the nose tip and side of my nose

Chin - not as problematic as the nose either

To remove blackhead and whiteheads on the affected area, presenting to you.....

Each packing size comes with 5 sets each of Step 1 & Step 2 Egg White Pore Clean Pads, individually packed:

Step 1 ~ Black & Whitehead Cleansing Pad
Helps remove blackheads and whiteheads on the nose, forehead and chin just by wiping.

Step 2 ~ Pore-Refining Pad
Helps refine pores after removing blackheads.

I am going to share the after result tomorrow.  Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend and have fun! :)


Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 7 - Skin Food 12 Day Challenge *Price Revealed*

    D1        D2        D3        D4        D5        D6        D7        D8        D9        D10        D11        D12

What does the above line indicate, you may ask.  Just click on the red boiled eggs, oopss.. I mean '0' and it shall take you to where my before & after photos are.  I am still overwhelmed by the excellent result achieved thus far and so eager to share with you here.    Warning!  DO NOT click on the smaller black raw eggs or clean up your own mess! It really stinks, you know.. Ueuwww....

I was supposed to blog about Egg White Pore Clean Pad today but have to give way for a good reason.

Skin Food Malaysia has today announced on their facebook page the stock availability of their Egg White Pore Line products in Malaysia and stock is now readily available on the shelves of their stores although some stores in Sabah & Sarawak may take a little longer.  

To my blog readers who have earlier enquired about the pricing, the price list is now available for Egg White Pore Line:

Egg White Pore Line

1. Egg White Serum - RM 42.90 (contains U-zone serum 20ml + T-zone serum 20ml)

2. Egg White Pore Mask 100g - RM 44.00

3. Egg White Pore Clean Pads (10 pcs) - RM 28.80
    (5pcs each - Step 1 & Step 2)
4. Egg White Pore Foam 150ml - RM 45.90

What do you think of the pricing, dudes?  I personally reckon the price to be so affordable even for a Stay At Home Mom like myself!  Having such pleasant experience with Skin Food T-zone & U-zone Serum and Clean Pads, I will definitely go grab the mask and cleansing foam tomorrow..  
Till then, look out for my haul and Day 8 challenge tomorrow..  :)


A Lovely Friday!

Updating my daily challenge post aside, here's some update on what we have been up to.  School is out, Yeah!  I am still not fully recovered from my flu and fever.   The boy, though no more fever, is running a flu and doesn't have much appetite. 

Anyway, we are going to Popular Warehouse Sale Book Clearance at The Summit, Subang USJ today.  Today is Popular Card Preview Day, anything to do with discounted books, die die also must go. Hahaha..  Here's the details if you are a bookworm like me. ;)

Date: 18.11.11 to 28.11.11
Time: 10am to 10pm
Location: Concourse Area, The Summit, USJ Subang.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 6 - Skin Food 12 Days Challenge *Before & After - U-Zone*

Time flies...  with a blink of an eye, I am writing Day 6 post already and I really can't wait to reveal what my skin has achieved with the Egg White Pore Line products in just 6 days!. *gasp with excitement*  As I am a first time Skin Food user, I was quite skeptical initially about seeing any significant results in just 12 days but hey, I am reaping the fruit of my labour after just 6 days!  You have got to try it to believe it!

On a separate note, I received quite a fair bit of questions from my readers in my comment box.  I will try to answer all your queries to the best of my knowledge.   The questions asked will be compiled into Q & A and publish on my Day 11 posting for the benefits of my readers and my way of saying thank you for being so supportive. :)

Back to the posting, I would like to guide you through on how to use Egg White U-Zone Serum before revealing my before & after photos.. No.. this time no fooling with pictures. Hehehe...

Step 1: Clean my face with usual cleansing product.

Step 2: Apply ample amount to the U-Zone
Just squeeze and apply.. and sniff sniff.. no worries of stinkiness from egg whites as the products are scented.. it smells pleasant and so cooling to the skin
No more stinkiness and messiness directly from the eggs!

How frequent: Morning & before bedtime (Twice daily)

Enough said, lets move on to the before & after result.. Shall we?  *Drumroll.........
See for yourself!

Result after 6 Days..

Before - U-Zone

After - U-Zone

Can you spot the difference on my U-Zone?  Smaller pores and firmer skin, Cool!

Before & After (Right Cheek)

Very obvious, the pores are closing up, right?

(Before & After (Left cheek)
I love the after result of my left cheek the most!

As Claire had commented, my left cheek was brighter.  You have sharp eyes, Claire!  We have not met in person and yet you're able to spot that, that's why I like to show people my left cheek more than my right.  Hahaha...

Result~photos: The enlarged pores on my right cheek start closing up or smaller, a lot of hard work still, the best result is on my left cheek!

Result~How my skin feels: My skin feels softer and firmer and I wake up in the morning to a refreshed face.

The motto of Skin Food ~ 'good food for health is also good for the skin'.  How true.. my family is an "egg" family, everyone simply loves eggs, any method you cook with eggs... from poaching, frying, boiling, you name it.. and they'll sure love it!  And it's good for the skin too.. I am now convinced..

Who doesn't long for skin like a hard-boiled egg without the shell, right?  Yeah, yeah... I am a step closer to it though needs a little bit of hard work here and there.

I don't use only Egg White T-zone and U-zone Serum alone throughout my trial, instead I use  along with their same line~Pore Clean Pad (Step 1 & Step 2), not daily as I only have 5 sets.  For easy understanding, lets the below chart does its talking:

Look out for my Day 7 tomorrow for my review on Egg White Pore Clean Pad.  Stay tuned. :)