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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Demoted Team Leader?

When I went to pick Ian up from school two evenings ago, it took me a while to spot his gloomy face standing at the back of the line when he usually stand in front, leading his class.  While walking to the car,  as usual, I asked him how his day was and he was like a volcano waiting to explode.  I had a bad, silly day, I hate teacher, I hate those stupid monsters.  His eyes then turned red and tears welled up. 

I gave him a hug when we got into the car and I then proceeded to ask him what had happened.  He told me teacher made him line up at the back during dismissal time because he talked.  He could no longer hold back his tears now and started crying.  He said one of classmates poked his back while another talked to him and his class teacher saw him talking and scolding the boy who poked his back "Stupid monster".  His teacher reprimanded him and made him stand behind everyone and that's why he got so  upset. 

After listening to him, I asked if it was nice calling others names and if he would like to be called as stupid.  He answered no but quickly threw back a question, but when my friend talks to me, wouldn't it be rude if I did not respond or I just brush them off next time?  Hmmm....A question that makes me ponder (Not easy being a mother to a wicked child like mine). I then continued, when the rule says no talking, then you don't talk larr.  Dissatisfied with my answer, he said, But teacher never told me we cannot talk during dismissal mah.  Blek.

To cheer him up a little, I decided to drive to Section 17 to dabau" his favourite "green bean soup" and char kuay teow. Gosh! I shouldn't have made that move as we got stuck in the traffic for more than an hour and as if the traffic wasn't bad enough, it started to drizzle.

He was still the last in the line yesterday but this time it did not bother him a bit as he told me teacher has promised to let him stand in front again when he behaves.  When I asked him if he still hates his teacher, he says not at all as he was the one who did not obey the rules in the first place.0.0. What a big contrast from day before that.  Guess the teacher did a good job by explaining to him.;)

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Blogger Sasha said...

alamak kesian him but this also taught him a good lesson about calling names and also talking.

May 10, 2010 at 6:40 PM  
Blogger Inspired Momx1 said...

This chatter box of mine...*shakes head*

May 11, 2010 at 5:56 PM  

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