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Friday, April 6, 2012

White Pearl Collection

A sneek peek of my Pearl Collection

And No, I am not that super rich to the extent I collect pearls to past time!  LOL...

Scroll down for the answer!















A collection of my boy's baby teeth throughout the years ever since he was 4... a collection so precious that money can't buy..

My boy lost his first baby tooth when he was slightly over 4 years old.  I wrote about it in my previous post titled Tooth Fairy.  I read somewhere that each kid should have 20 baby teeth.  So far, I have collected 12, some of which, 2 if I remember correctly, was swallowed by accident when they came off, according to my boy.  He knows I treasure those pearls of his so much, one day he came back from kindy few years ago with a blood stained tooth wrapped with a piece of tissue and presented it to me the moment he saw me.  He lost one more tooth (included in the pic) this morning and coolly passed it to me when it happened. I will certainly continue with my pearl collecting project PROVIDED he doesn't swallow them anymore! LOL....

Do you collect your kids' teeth too?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sakae Sushi @IOI Mall Puchong

My boy's school declared a special holiday for Cheng Beng Festival yesterday and being a weekday, it was the best day to go shopping!  We hardly visit any shopping malls during weekends and public holidays as usually these places will be overcrowded not only with people but heavy traffic jams particularly everywhere!

I had to tag my boy along as he desperately needed to update his wardrobe having outgrown most if not all of the existing ones!  I am one lazy mama when it comes to shopping, I'd rather shop online. *yawns*  I get most of my clothing from a wholesaler online if you don't know that already but I have yet to come across any online shops that sell kids' wear my boy's age.  Do let me know if you know of any website ya!

Back to our outing, finding a parking proves a breeze on a weekday!   We went for an early lunch at Sakae Sushi knowing that the place would get packed during lunch time later.  

We ordered green tea, were given a cup with a sachet of green tea each. Hot water was within reach from where we were seated.  I like this self-service concept, so so so convenient.

The arrays of sushis and side dishes on the  moving conveyor belt

They have dual tier conveyor belt, the second tier stores a limited choice but cute designs of sushis.  By the way, can you spot the boy's reflection in the mirror?  He was saying, mommy, quick, quick.. take photo.. the sushis are moving away! LOL.. That's my jakun boy.. That was our first visit to Sakae Sushi, we hardly dine in a Japanese restaurant as no one in the family fancies the food. It's also quite costly but once in a blue moon, ok la. Teehehe..

Mochi.. My boy chose this..

Seasoned baby squids.. I likey.. Yumzz..

My boy's teriyaki chicken with rice.  

He didn't quite like the chicken and only managed to finish 3/4 of the rice. No prize for guessing which tummy those chicken meat went into.  He complained too little gravy was given and thus the rice leftover. :(

My bowl of grilled eel with rice. Yumzz

We ordered through this screen,  a mouse and a monitor are available at the side of each table, just browse through the menu and click on the dishes and your order is sent to the kitchen.  How efficient!

The boy decided he wanted something sweet to end his meal so he went click click on the mouse and voila.. he got this... dragon fruit ice cream. Ouch! Mommy's purse screamed in pain! ;)  This scoop of ice cream set me back RM5.99, excluding service charge and tax)

A happy customer enjoying his single scoop of ice cream.  

The bill came to RM60++.  Though my boy didn't enjoy his main meal so much but it was nevertheless a pleasant experience.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Arrived, Finally!!!

The book was sent all the way from Belgium..  Now I can see the reason to the slight delay of the book arrival

I pre-ordered a copy of the latest title of Geronimo Stilton's via The Book Depository sometime in February and it finally arrived today!  Woohoo!!  

Winding back time to February, I didn't know this title was yet to hit the bookstores worldwide when my boy asked me to get a copy for him when  I told him I would be going to Popular Bookstore after dropping him off at school.   He got to know about the title from the next book release page published in one of his Geronimo Stilton's.  I did not manage to get the book back for him, of course and there's when I started googling for the title and stumbled upon The Book Depository website.  I only paid USD5.25 which's equivalent to about RM16 with free postage! I usually pay RM18 each after a 10% member discount at Popular Bookstore.

This book would be released in April, so I was told when I placed my pre-ordered copy.  I received an email from the The Book Depository on 19 March 2012 informing me that my book was on its way here.  My boy was pretty excited about it and kept asking me if the book has arrived and starting to get worried when it didn't after 10 days.  He even bugged me to write to them to enquire about the whereabout of the book.   Hahaha...

Now that the book has arrived, I can almost hear the voice of my boy screaming in excitement when he finds his favourite copy sitting on the car seat waiting for him when he gets into the car after school later! LOL... 

I highly recommend this site to all book lovers.  And NO, this is not a sponsored post, neither would I get any reward for writing this post entry.   I am merely a very satisfied customer wanting to share my positive experience with all book lovers.  

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