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Friday, June 9, 2017

Recent Updates

Now that the boy is 14, he has his own friends.  On his birthday,  we ate out all day long and the foodie boy was the happiest! lol... We had big breakfast at a nice cafe. Mommy got 2 discount vouchers from fave. At only RM11.90 each, we had quality big breakfast and a drink. So really worth it.   Lunch we had the boy's favourite Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee and dinner we went to Leong Ah for dinner.  Mommy also bought a vanilla mille crepe cake for supper.

Mommy can take a breather for now after having completed all assignments.  We went watching Wonder Woman at TGV D'Pulze on a Thursday to grab the RM10 promo.  Ya, mommy is a cheapskate, always hunts for best buys.  Why D'Pulze? We both love the no crowd shopping mall.  There were only 5 of us in the theatre.  Nice!!  We love the female lead.  Gal Godot is such a stunning beauty.

Today, he has badminton date with his buddies. Mommy ordered Domino's online and arranged delivery to the sports centre they were at.  Simple.  A birthday treat for his buddies.  The boy's birthday always falls on school holidays.  Most of the time his buddies are away on holidays.  School holidays are almost over and everyone is now back.  He's happy, his buddies are happy and mommy is the happiest!


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