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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bedroom Facelift

The last time we had our condo furnished was more than a decade ago and it was intended to be rented out at that time.  We had 2 Japanese and a German tenant throughout the tenure.  We only did some touching up on the wall painting before we moved in with only our briefcases last year as the condo is fully furnished though the furniture are a bit dated. 

We have been toying with the idea of giving our master bedroom furniture a new facelift.  I personally like modern bedroom as opposed to hubby who favours traditional bedroom furniture more. I always feel that traditional bedroom gives a gloomy look but we do have options to choose a brighter colour tone.  We have to come to an agreement first before we can get our plan executed.

The next facelift will of course be our son's bedroom.  Cheap bedroom furniture within a budget is set to prevent overspending.  We have no intention to spend arms and legs for a child's room, afterall children grow up without us realising and in no time another bedroom renovation in preparation for his wedding will be underway.  It is alway harmless to be optimistic and dream a little, anyway.



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