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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Aloha!!!   *blowing away spiderwebs.....*. It has been more than two years since I last posted any entries here.  Some blogger mummies dropped me PMs and comments somewhere in my old post entries and asked when I would start blogging again. I had a gathering with fellow cousins the other day and one of my cousins asked the same. My boy too.  He says, mom, your blog is dead! When will you start writing again? I miss reading your blog!  Me too, son.

I spent some time reading my own blog a couple of days ago and ha, those old entries brings back old memories, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, all rolls into one.  ok ok, I exaggerated a bit la... Let me jot this down before it flies out the window again.. Be warned, this is yet another *syiok sendiri" post of yours truly. Lol....

On the way back after his badminton session today, we had this conversation in the car....

Son: Mom, I think we have the closest bond compared to my buddies with their moms.
Mom: .......
Son: Such as K hor, that day I hitch a ride home in his mom's car, the mom asks him questions, he's like very reluctant to answer wor. SH also acts the same.
Mom: Oh, yakah? You are different mah. Your mom is a weirdo, don't like shopping, only go online shopping, prefers to stay home. That's why you get more chance to stick to me lor... But now hor... You are a teen and you like to argue....
Son: Healthy debate is good mah, you did say that before...



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