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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweat It Out!

So happy!

The boy's school dismisses earlier now that it's Ramadan month.  We went for a jog one evening after school, a couple of days before exam started.  That evening, his energy level dropped to zero and it wasn't 9pm yet.  Both his eyes could hardly be kept open to complete his homework for the day.  I told him to continue with the homework the next morning but he insisted so he finally finished everything by 10am and went zzzz..... Poor boy..   No choice, we have to scrap the plan of visiting the park daily during the puasa month, not during the exam week. Haiz..

Today is the 3rd day of exam, 2 more days to go and I promised the boy we will go hit the park again after school this Thursday, the last day of exam.  The boy was excited!

On a side note, we are so looking forward to our next holiday during the coming school holidays!  We need a short island getaway so badly, especially yours truly. ;)   

I shall let the pictures do the talking now.
Can't believe my 9 yo boy has feet as big as mine!

We are lucky to have 2 parks in our gated and guarded taman (Each phase has got its own park)

The sun about to set @6.30pm

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Preordered Homemade Brekkie

Chicken patty, scrambled eggs (2 eggs), sausage and french toast

half boiled eggs, sausage and french toast

We had these for breakfast this morning.  No prize for guessing which portion went to whose stomach though. Hahaha..  We were at the neighbourhood mini market after school yesterday.  My boy spotted those packets of sausages displayed in the freezer and requested me to get a packet.  I don't usually buy sausages but at his request, I grabbed a packet.

He has a habit of preordering the night before, food in particular. If he feels like having egg burger for breakfast the next day, he will tell me before he goes to bed the night before with the quantity as well and yes, he can chomp down two burgers with eggs and patties! *wipes sweat*  He sometimes add in more details to his food order like more shredded cabbage please. Ah boy ah, you really think I am your maid kah? LOL!!

Before going to bed last night, he placed his order for today's breakfast and he got what he wanted this morning. His comment after stuffing his tummy full, Mom, you are the best chef in the whole wide world! Awww.. how not to love a boy like that?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Shorter "ME" Time

The boy came back last week and announced that his school will dismiss early in conjunction with the Ramadan month starting next Monday (today).


Boy: Mommy, so you'll have shorter "ME" time lor.  Too bad..  *evil grins*
Mommy: Ya hor..  *put on pity look*


I always tell him how I long for my "ME" time whenever I am pissed off by his dilly-dally behaviour. Some of the days, when I drop him off at his school entrance, he will say something like this before closing the car door:


Boy: Mom, you can now have your 6 hours' "ME" time! *big grins*
Mommy: ^_^


On occasions when I am under the weather, he will drop words music to my ears before slamming the car door shut...


Boy:  *put his palm on my forehead to check my temperature* Mom, go home now and take a good rest! (angelic smile)
Mommy: Awwww.... (shiok sendiri)

Well, now that we have 40-50 minutes bonus time during school days,  there's  no more excuses for me not to dig out my old pair of Puma running shoes and have a run with the boy at the neighbourhood park before falling back into our daily routine! *yawn*

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Teacher That Humiliates

My boy always comes home with tales and stories from school.  This is one of them.

Boy: Mommy, today Cikgu S (a Malay teacher who teaches them BM) asked one of the girls in our class the 'kata dasar' for 'berakhlak' and the girl answered, 'berak'.  Teacher made a joke of her and she cried.  Everyone in the class laughed.

Mom: Did you laugh too?

Boy: Yuupp (sheepishly), I couldn't stand it as everyone laughed.


On another day and it happened to the same girl too.

Boy: Mom, yesterday Cikgu S pointed out this girl in our class wrote "gugu kelas" instead of "guru kelas".  He said, "apa 'char kuey teow' ini gugu"? The whole class laughed and of course the girl cried.


It might appear to some as a funny and harmless wake-up joke to the otherwise boring session but this BM teacher hor, during normal days when he marks his students' books, he marks with both his eyes closed, hardly bothers to correct any mistakes. But when it comes to marking exam papers, his eyes are widely open and marks will be deducted for every teeny-weeny mistake. I pity the girl who has to endure such humiliations by an undedicated teacher.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Best Pal

I enjoy to go shopping with him.  He is my best advisor when I am indecisive of which one to pick for instance, a pair of sandals or flats and I can always count on him, should I need an opinion for just about anything.

I once thought I would need to have a daughter to enjoy those 'girly moments' together, well, I was wrong.  I am blessed with a boy who is forever grateful and appreciative for what we have done for him. 

I was at the bathroom doing some laundry work when he walked in, throwing his arms around my neck and planting a kiss on my cheek and said, Thank you, mom! when his dad praised him for doing well in the recent exam.  Awww..  my heart melted and I felt like holding a million dollars job.. only that I am paid with lots of love, hugs and kisses.   xxxxxoooooooo

When we eat out, only the two of us, while waiting for food to be served, we would share some silly tales and jokes and laugh ourselves crazy, yes, we truly enjoy each other's company.

There are times when he drives me up the wall when he dilly-dallies time away but I am still thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful boy around.  I know it won't be too long before he has to leave the nest to further his studies and has his own life and I'll have to learn to let go. But what the heck, I am enjoying every single moment with him now for as long as I can.  I FEEL SO BLESSED.... *syiok sendiri mode on*