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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderland Food Store, Kuah Town, Pulau Langkawi

We visited Langkawi island again during the last school holidays. It was daddy's 4th, the boy's 2nd and my 3rd. It was fun still as we did something different this time. It was like so MUCH MORE FUN this time we were there! :)

It was closed to midnight when our plane touched down at Langkawi Airport, so after getting two bottles of drinking water from a convenient store a stone's throw away from where we stayed, we called it a day. YES, we stayed along Pantai Cenang street this time.  Though it was almost into the midnight but the street was still so much alive bursting with tourists. 
Coming back to food which is what I am going to write in this post, I read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant and so we were on the second night for dinner.
Wonderland Food Store
Eggs for the boy
Japanese beancurd with vege
Can't remember what's this. Chicken, daddy??
Mantis Prawn kung po style
Seafood tomyam
Steamed fish
Self helping of rice
For drinks, we ordered iced longan for the boy, beer for hubby and a glass of hot tea for myself.  The bill came to around RM70.  Cheap?  Taste wise, though hubby commented that the sauce of those dishes tasted somewhat different to him, overall it was a good and satisfying dinner.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Warming Up...

This boy of mine is a person who takes time to warm up to new situations. He used to be bold and dared to speak his mind before starting primary school. I am sad to say, attending a Chinese school has sort of killed this bold characters in him. He got reprimanded the most when he was in primary 1 and 2 and that didn't help much with very strict teachers he had at his previous school. He was either brushed off or got reprimanded for asking questions, for pointing out the teachers' mistakes, sad huh?

But still, I have no regrets sending him to a SJKC as this is part and parcel of life.  I believe every type of school has got their pros and cons. My role as his mother is to help him strike a balance and to keep encouraging and motivating him in whatever he does.  :)

Back to my post, it was a public holiday here in Selangor yesterday so we decided to go for karaoke. Hubby didn't get to join us at the eleventh hour as he had to work so yours truly started the ball rolling the moment we checked into the karaoke room. I used to be a karaoke queen okay (Ahem) during my heydays. LOL... I picked up most of my Chinese characters from K-ing and that was eons ago when I was part of Marketing team.

We spent 3 hours there and I snapped a picture of the boy every hour to measure the degree my boy has warmed up to by hour.

First hour there... slowly warming up after my almost 1-hr "solo" concert

2nd hour.... singing with emotions.. slowly but surely
3rd hour... Singing like a pro towards the end of our 3-hr singing stint. 
He likes singing Justin Bieber's Never Say Never.... Pick me up up up....