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Friday, January 15, 2010

How Long Can The New Set Last?

His old set of coloured pencils

The brand new 24's jumbo size hexagonal coloured pencils

The Faber Castell that I bought for him just before the school started had worn out and in dire condition after just two weeks. He didn't actually do much colouring until yesterday when they had their first art lesson in school. He kept bugging me for a new set of colouring pencils when I went to pick him up. He dug his colour pencils out and pleaded how bad he needed a new set and blablabla. He can be very persistent when he is determined to have things his way. *shakes head*

We got the Stabilo 24's Jumbo hexagonal colored pencils from Tesco for slightly over RM20. The pencil body and lead are larger than the regular sized pencils and hopefully it sharpens well and doesn't break easily like the previous set. My boy says it's easy and fun to grip and it won't roll away because of its shape. Hmm.. Lets see..

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Dog Treat At Ikea

Mommy, how I wished I could have these every single day!

Cheeky look when posing for my camera

The all time favourite RM2 hotdog bun

It costs you only RM3 per set for a hot dog bun with any toppings of tomato sauce, chilli sauce, mustard, pickles and onions to your liking and also a cup of soft drinks, refillable. Where else can we get a hearty bite at this price nowadays?

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Monday, January 11, 2010

His Way Of Playing PSP;)

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

On his knees and back bent
On his back... and slowly rolls over... to the edge

And... showing off his balancing stunt! Phew...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mental Arithmetic Classes

I have always wanted to sign Ian up for additional maths classes but was indecisive which one to go for: Kumon or Mental Arithmetic. I personally favour the concept Mental Arithmetic adopted for the reason here.

Ian brought home a form from school for enrolment to the mental arithmetic classes and it will be held at his primary school on every Saturday. As all additional classes in his school was organized by the PIBG of the school, the fee was a fraction of the cost from sending him to a tuition center.

The class starts next Saturday and as I also intend to sign Ian up for the "Hanyu Pin Yin" (phonetic notations for standard Chinese) classes, that simply means that Ian will have his Saturdays packed with activities with morning spent at the school while afternoons, Yamaha Music School. :(

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Snowing @The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Night scene at The Street, The Curve

It's snowing!

With his JC friend, Ethan

e@Curve formerly Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara

This is another backdated post.

I had promised to take Ian to see the artificial snow @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara but was always held back by the heavy traffic in front of Bandar Utama. One day, while I was blog hopping, I read from a blog that it only takes 5 minutes' drive to The Curve from Taman Tun using the Sprint Highway, toll free.

And true enough, it only took us 5 minutes to reach there and we were just in time to see the 7.30pm snowing session, the next would be 8:30pm. Well, nothing unusual, just some bubble foams but that was enough to spur the kids' excitement and my boy was jumping up and down and wanted to make a snowman out of the bubble foams. O.O. He actually bumped into his friend from kindy who was doing the same act as him... jumping in excitement when snow started to fall. Hahaha... Can't blame them as that was their first time watching some "white stuff" falling down from the sky, my boy wasn't as excited when we watched another "snow" session at Pavilion on Christmas night.


Friday, January 8, 2010

A Dip At The Hotel Pool

The hotel pool

Helping himself with a glass of cold water flavoured w/ sliced lemon

Wow, daddy, It's so refreshing!


Having breakfast by the pool

Turkey ham & scrambled egg on Toast

Posing in front of the gigantic X'mas tree @hotel lobby

Hubby and Ian went for a dip in the hotel pool the next morning before checking out while I lazed around in the hotel room catching up on "Yes Man" starred by Jim Carrey on Vision 4.

Ian ordered egg and sausage and a glass of banana smoothie while hubby's turkey ham & scrambled egg on toast which he gave a thumbs up. The bill came to RM48 after discounts of 20% on beverages and 50% on food for members. It wasn't too bad considering dining in at a hotel.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur

This is a backdated post.

The Westin KL is located on the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang with the lobby right opposite Pavilion KL which makes it a hotel of choice for lots of tourists. If you are driving, the parking can be a little difficult to get to from Jalan Bukit Bintang and it will be advisable to access it through the Ritz Carlton KL.

The Westin KL hotel lobby isn’t very big and is set in a stylish and contemporary design. They always have two pitchers of Orange & Mint and Peach & Strawberry elixirs at the entrance for their guests to refresh themselves in the hot and humid KL weather. Because of the small lobby, it can sometimes be a little crowded especially if there are a high number of guests around.

There are 4 speed lifts servicing the rooms and rooms can only be accessed when you slot your hotel card to select the floor where you stay. The room was quite spacious with a little day bed by the window (who doubles up as Ian's bed for the night) and a writing desk. I was a bit surprised to see that their TV was not a flat screen TV.

We arrived at Westin Hotel around 3pm for checking into the hotel room for a night's stay on Christmas night. We had to wait for an hour for the room key to be ready and given to us. There was a play corner to entertain the guests' kids while waiting to be checked in and a hotel attendant watching over them. Ian played the big brother role as most of the kids were younger than him and he willingly made swords out of blocks when requested by them. He named his sword creation "Dragon Sword". The kids there were all crazy over his creation and fighting for the sword. )O.O

At the hotel play corner while waiting to be checked in

The famous heavenly bed
The signature Heavenly Bed... I think it would cost you RM10k should you wish to take one home. It's plush but firm feel and isolates movement which is ideal for light sleepers, pillow-top and these usually down filled layers add a plush softness to the underlying firm mattresses. You usually love the feeling or hate it. I don't favour hard mattresses so I like it to the brim! It feels like it's coddling your body! We liked the smaller pillow they included in their many pillows which doubled up as a really comfortable bolster for us!
The day bed doubled up as Ian's bed for the night.:)
The bathroom

The shower screen


Let's unwind after the hectic days..

My boy lazing around with legs "berkangkang" *shakes head*

The view from our hotel room was just spectacular overlooking Twin Tower, KL Tower and the Pavilion Residences which could cost up to a staggering sum of RM1.5 million to own a standard unit of RM1300sq ft. Hubby said he would buy a unit there should he strike lottery. Dream.. dream .. dream... lol. But who knows, a dream can one day turn into reality.

KLCC Twin Towers

KL Tower
Pavilion Residences
Prince Hotel & Residence

The typical KL city scenario.. Jams... and endless jams. Pavilion just across the street

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates - Yamaha JMC Book 3

Good Morning
March Of The Little Bears
London Bridge

It has been quite a while since I last posted updates of Ian's progress in his Yamaha JMC lesson. He started Book 3 three months ago and another three months' time , he would be in his final book 4 of JMC.
Ian had never stopped pestering about wanting to pursue musical instruments like flute, guitar and drums upon completion of JMC and obviously piano would have to be his last option and to my dismay, he likes listening to rock music! *rolls eyes*

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Morning!

His cup of spirulina cereal and all time favourite burger

A squeeze of tomato sauce completes the yummy burger

A Very Happy Morning everyone!

Today back to the same breakfast menu and he happily wiped the plate clean. *rolls eyes* We woke up at 8am to get Ian back to the routine though there wasn't any homework assigned yet being the 1st day of school yesterday.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

All Ready For 1st Day of School

Some of Ian's school text and activities books

All geared up for school

At the assembly hall before going into the classroom
Happy to be in the classroom

Again, getting ready for assembly before recess dismissal

My talkative boy busy making new friends

Eating the canteen catered food

Today is Ian's official 1st day in primary one and since primary one and two are in the afternoon sessions, there will not be any morning rushes at least for the first two years. Ian woke up quite late at 9am and I made pancakes for breakfast which he didn't favour much. He still prefers his chicken and egg burger after having it for breakfast everyday for weeks! Arghhh!! Who can I blame when I am not adventurous in experimenting different dishes myself. One of my new year resolutions would be to add more varieties of dishes to my cooking. em hem..

We had minced pork and salted egg porridge for lunch and after Ian had a quick shower, off we drove to the school which was 5 minutes' drive from our place. I dropped off Ian at the school front gate while I went to find parking. The traffic was heavy as the dismissal and starting time between morning classes and afternoon classes clashed, some of the vehicles were there to pick up pupils while others dropping off.

I made Ian sit in the first row in his classroom but being the tallest in class, I doubt if he could secure his seat for long. LOL... Some of the mothers in Ian's class suggested that we exchanged email addresses and updated each other on the kids' daily homework through emails which I thought was a brilliant idea to ensure not missing out on any assigned homework.

I signed Ian up for the catered food at the school canteen during recess time and paid RM40 per month for the service. As Ian has been a big eater recently and the food portion served was small, I am still undecided if I should make a light lunch box for him to top up with the catered food. He attacked the coffee bun that I brought for him today soon after finishing off the catered food of a bowl of soup noodles and a glass of orange cordial! Oh my, he will soon become a fatty bum bum in no time!

As daddy was not home for dinner, we had simple dishes consisted of ABC soup and steamed minced pork and egg for dinner and again, Ian wiped off a full plate of rice and a big bowl of soup and as though that wasn't enough, before calling it a day, he had his supper of a cup of cereal and a big coffee bun!! My, my... I think I would have to start watching his diet seriously from now on.


It's Snowing @ The Pavilion, KL

Christmas decor at the main entrance

The Atrium

My boy with Santa's sleigh

Ian and daddy

Ice-cream at Gelato Fruitty, yummy but pricey

"Snow falling from the "Sky"

It's Christmas... L@@k at the crowd!

This is a backdated post.

As hubby is a Starwood Privilege member, we get to stay in their selected group of hotels for free once a year and at a discounted rate thereafter. We booked a hotel room for a night's stay at Westin Hotel during last year's Christmas. The post entry of the hotel is here. We stayed at Le Meridien Hotel in Sentral last year but we still preferred Westin Hotel after our stay there two years ago, not to mention their heavenly beds!
The Pavilion KL was just across the street from Westin Hotel. After having freshen up ourselves and a lazy nap at the hotel room, we walked across to The Pavilion for a photograph session with Santa Claus at 5pm. Patrons interested to take photos with Santa were to pay RM10 for the photo processing but as the organizer was EON bank, hubby, being their credit card holder got it FOC.
After meeting up with Santa, we went to kill time window shopping in the mall while waiting for the photo to be ready. As it was Christmas day, the mall was packed with people from all walks of life. We went to Food Republic for dinner after collecting our complimentary photo. Food Republic is a food court at Pavilion. You will be spoilt for choice here with all the food that you can think of and each stall has its own design. It's self service, pay at the respective stalls and bring the food to your own table. It is indeed a very nice place to dine in. We ordered sets of Thai, Korean and local food from different stalls. I forgot to take pictures of the food that we ordered as everyone was so busy eating.:)
We finished our dinner slightly before 8pm and walked to where the snowing session was. The place was already packed with people waiting to see snow. At 8pm sharp, it started to fall what looked like soap foam. Ian got so excited when the snow started to fall though this was not the 1st time he had seen "snow", his first being at The Curve.

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