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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homemade Penang Assam Laksa

We drove to Teluk Intan with mom in-law (her hometown) last Monday to deal with some business issues.  We stopped at Yi Ma's (mom in-law's elder sister) house. We started our journey from house around 6.10am and reached Yi Ma's house at 8.10am.  Yi Ma was going to cook us Assam Laksa for lunch and I got to peep on how it was made.  The taste was simply yummilicious but as Yi Ma preferred clearer stock, the fish was not flaked to thicken the stock.  You can see lots of big chunks of fish meat from the picture below.

My bowl of Yi Ma's homemade Assam Laksa with
undiluted prawn paste

I craved for assam laksa with thicker stock and wanted to try my own version.  I headed to the nearby wet market this morning to get necessary ingredients and started my cooking project after dropping off my son at school.

Dried Laksa Noodles

The dried laksa rice noodles need to soak in water for at least 4 hours before boiling  for another 20 minutes or until it cooks thoroughly.

Ikan Kembung (Indian Mackerel)

Bring a pot of water to boil and put in the ikan kembung.  Remove the fish after 15 minutes.  Do not overcook them as it would make it harder for deboning.  

Daun Kesom/Laksa (Polygonum leaves) - (A)

Bunga Kantan (ginger buds), serai (lemon grass),
lengkuas (galangal) (B)

Add (A) and (B) into the boiling stock and lower the heat and let it simmer.

Belacan, sliced serai (lemon grass), tomatoes, shallots,
kunyit (tumeric roots) (a)

Dried chillies, fresh chillies, shallots (b)

Put ingredients (a) and (b) into a blender and blend until it turns into paste form.

saute the blended spice paste with cooking oil

Transfer the sauteed spice paste to the stock and let it simmer

My bowl of homemade Assam Laksa

And tadaa... I have my bowl of self made Assam laksa topped with generous garnishing of lettuce, sliced bunga kantan, onions, mint leaves and cucumber and of course prawn paste (har gou) I can't go without.  I flaked all the fish meat to make the soup thicker.. and the result, it's way too thick!.. should have keep some bigger chunks of fish for garnishing..

Overall, the taste was good but aroma wise, it was somewhat lacking.  I remember passing by the Assam Laksa corner at Jusco Mid Valley and the strong aroma is something that you won't miss and never fail to pull me in to sit down and order a bowl. 

Any assam laksa experts here, mind sharing with me on the lacking of aroma part?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nothing Is Perfect & Everything Is Perfect

We went for an evening walk at our favourite park again last Saturday, this time with daddy tagged along.  We took a leisure stroll alongside the park to enjoy the fresh air while admiring the beauty of nature.  My son wore his RM10 fake Crocs that daddy bought from SS2 morning market and he told me it's comfortable.  I am not a fan of Crocs and that explains why till now I don't own any, fake or ori... :)

Looking at this photo, how time flies and my son has grown so much without us realising.  I still remember vividly that I had to make a tough decision to quit my job 8 years ago under the doctor's advice.  I had difficulty to conceive after more than 5 years trying and after a couple rounds of fertility treatment, I was advised to take a break from work.  I was a perfectionist at work back then and could be unrealistic at times which usually got myself stressed and tangled up with more unnecessary work. 

My blogger friends and some of my personal friends have commented that I am such a wonderful mother but little did you know that my boy had to endure his mother's kiasuness attitude (afraid to lose) when he first started nursery at three.  I would yell and threaten him whenever his homework was not up to my expectations (my sister always says I set unreachable ones, knowing me well as I was her tuition teacher before.. Hahaha).  I even caned him until his whole body shivered out of shock.. Poor boy..  I cried myself to sleep everytime I did that to him as I knew I was doing more harm than good with my overacted actions but I just could not help it...

Along the way, I learned from my mistakes and read a lot of books about good parenting.  I realised my forceful way of coaching just would not work on my son.  His mind shuts down totally whenever he is under stress.. and year after year, my perfectionism and kiasuness attitudes are wearing off bit by bit.  I guess.. all because of my LOVE for my son.  I have learned to become more patient.. not so successful yet as I still lose my head over his dilly-dallying kind of attitude.

My son makes me realise one thing...

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect..
Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways..
And they are still beautiful..

- Alice Walker -

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pre Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner

Braised Chinese mushroom w/ fish maw
& shredded dried scallop

Mom in-law called last Saturday and told me that we would have dinner last Sunday to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.  She initially wanted to celebrate it on the actual day which falls on this Wednesday but changed her mind. 

As usual, she cooked up a storm in the kitchen, not as many dishes as she used to cook when she was younger but still need a lot of preparation.  This is the first time I managed to snap some photos to show-off her culinary skills.  Hehehe.. Her daughter in-law aka yours truly is hopeless in this field, I can cook simple dishes but definitely cannot live up to her expectations lo.. So, all these years, I still hold firm to my job title.. kitchen helper as always.  Don't know should be happy or sad.. :P

I could not help her much in the kitchen this time as my boy had his Yamaha JMC Graduation Concert yesterday (on the same day) too (will blog in separate post), we were practically rushing like headless chickens, sending my boy off for last minute rehearsal, attending the concert, rushing back to our Puchong house to sort out some urgent stuff and then headed back home for quick shower and by the time we reached the in-law's house, it was time for dinner..  Phew!

Braised fish head

Eight treasure kampung chicken

Poached prawns with sauce

Stir fried mixed veggie

Pork ribs herbal soup

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Of Hari Raya And Mid-Autumn Festival Decor

Paddy field decor at Atrium of 1U (New Wing)

My boy with the scarecrow

My boy was so excited that  he finally got the chance to take a photo with a "real" scarecrow and not just reading it from the books. :P

Munching on his rotiboy bun amidst the paddy field

Mid-Autumn Dance Performance at atrium (Old Wing)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Donut + Sushi = Donashi

Bored looking boy

Mini donuts dressed like sushi

We paid RM6 for a box of 9 pcs.  Not too bad huh and they look pretty cute, don't they?  Hubby said he read somewhere Donashis are only available till 7 pm.

Taste wise, it's just Big Apple donuts (mini version) of different shapes and patterns.  Will I come back for more donashis? Hmm... maybe but I personally felt they were too sweet to my liking though my two boys enjoyed eating them so much!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visit To Pusat Sains Negara

We went for a visit to National Science Center after our early lunch at home during last school holidays.  We reached there 15 minutes before 12 noon and I slowed down my car when approaching the ticketing counter thinking I had to get the entrance tickets but the guard on duty just waved and signalled me to drive on.  Guess entrance fees were exempted during the Ramadhan month.

We proceeded to the information counter to enquire about the activities for the day and one of the friendly staff told me that there would be a rocket launcher experiment starting anytime soon and handed me a flyer of the programme highlights.

The experiment was held at the open area in front of the side entrance.  Both my boy and myself got to experience it hands-on and we had so much fun!  Mommy went first followed by my boy who was so eagerly wanted to try his hands on the experiment too.  We were asked to fill up a pet bottle to a quarter full and fasten it to the hand operated air pump and pump the air into the bottle until it shot up to the sky!  Up.. Up.. and AWAY!!

Rocket Launcher

Sinking Ship

Pedal Power

Random Shots

The Playland

I thought of snapping some photos of the aquarium at the entrance on the way out but the battery of my camera went flat.  We spent a good 3 hours there, not that there was so much to see and explore but we were set to catch the 2.30pm show.  It lasted for only 15 minutes but we enjoyed it totally.

Energy Show

Last but not least, some souvenirs to bring home.. How sweet..

Location Map
Pusat Sains Negara
Pesiaran Bukit Kiara, Bukit Kiara
50662 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2092 1150
Fax: 03-2092 1250

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mommy, Pay.. Pay.. Pay!!

My boy came back from school last evening and pestered me to write a cheque to be given to the canteen operator. I remember giving him cash to pay last month end for this month's fee. He comes back with a brown envelope every month end and I will either give him cash or write a cheque for him. Although he still remembers handing the brown envelope with RM40 cash to the aunty at the canteen, he insists that I must pay "again" for fear of losing his reserved seat more than not getting his catered food. The aunty has told him that he must pay by tomorrow (today). O.0.

I tell him I can always pack him lunch box which is much healthier but he still insists to have his catered food so that he can have his reserved seat and he gets to hang around with his bunch of friends during recess time at the canteen. *slap head* He does not really enjoy the food there as he says they are always the same with new items added once in a bluemoon. 

He is still not convinced when I promise to talk to the aunty this Saturday as he is scared of being "punished" for not "paying up" by today.

Ian: Mommiy, what if aunty punished me for not paying her?
Mommy: How is aunty going to punish you? Ear-squats? (teasing him)
Ian: By not giving me food la.. *sounds worried*
Mommy: How could she?  I have already paid her plus another month of deposit.
Ian: But she checked her book and no "tick" there (tick means paid) wo.
Mommy: Aunty may have messed up.. Let mommy talk to her this Saturday.
Ian: Make sure you bring the cheque, ok? But no food for me today, how?
Mommy: You have RM2 pocket money right, you can buy yourself some food with the money or you want a lunch box or not?
Ian: *Seems convinced but suddenly blurts out*  Just write a cheque and give aunty today cannot meh?
Mommy: *fainted* 

This boy of mine, to avoid trouble, he is more than willing to pay others (at his parents' expense of course) even if it means paying double.. But to mommy, a lesson learnt.. To always write a cheque for this kind of payment and not paying by cash out of convenience. The end.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Acquiring The Taste Slowly..

My boy's order will always be the same: a glass of air limau ais and roti telur potong with dhal and sugar whenever we patron the mamak restaurant.  One afternoon during the last school holidays, right after coming out from the library, we went to our favourite mamak spot for a drink.  As usual, I ordered his favourite minus the sugar dip this time while I had roti bakar and a glass of teh halia.  He finished his plate of roti telur and dhal and emptied two glasses of air limau ais to quench the flame from the spiciness. Hahaha...

We went for supper at the mamak restaurant (another one near where we live) last night and with the same order for my boy, he managed to finish his favourite food with only a glass of air limau ais and sipping on his daddy's teh tarik every now and then after finishing his.. Way to go, boy.. Hahaha...

My previous post on his little adventure to acquiring the taste of spiciness

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of Foo Chow and Traditional Mooncakes

Packets of Foo Chow Mooncakes

Closer look of the Foo Chow mooncakes

Someone brought us 2 packets of Foo Chow mooncakes all the way from Yong Peng, Johor.  I tried 2 pieces and it was simply delicious.  This is the first time I have this biscuit-like mooncakes and I personally prefer them to the traditional ones which I find too sweet to my palate.

Traditional Mooncakes

This kind lady also brought us some guavas and my brother in-law too, gave me a box of traditional mooncakes and that leaves me no reason to utilise my US Coupons to grab some online.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special Promotion..

Daddy is away on a working trip and my boy offers his "service" to sleep with me in our master bedroom.  He still enjoys sleeping in his own room though as he gets to switch on his air-cond for as long as he wants.  I hardly have the air-cond switched on in the master bedroom as I have allergic nose (Rhinitis).  For me, turning on the fan and with the windows open will suffice as it's very cooling at night.

Ian: Mommy, do you want me to sleep with you tonight?
Mommy: Ok, but do I have to pay you for sleeping with me?
Ian:  I have special promotion now, no need to pay... you have to pay me RM1 when no promotion.
Mommy:  Wow! That sounds cool.. How long is your promotion?
Ian:  One week. *follows by a big smile*
Mommy: But cannot turn on the air-cond wor.. Okay or not?
Ian: Okay la.. Hehehe..
Mommy: :P

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Friday, September 3, 2010

It's School Holiday!

Both my boy and myself are so excited that school's finally out!  We just love school holidays! :P  That also means I will spend less time online blog hopping and updating my blog.

Hopefully I would be able to carry out with some of my holiday plans drawn up but not executed during the last school holidays. :) 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing By The Stream

We headed to TTDI Park (Taman Rimba Kiara) again after school dismissal yesterday.  This was our third time there since the start of Ramadhan month.  My boy enjoys playing by the small and shallow stream catching "longkang" fish with his fish net and small bucket while the mommy sits under the shady trees with a good book in her hands.

I'll let the pictures do the talking :

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