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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

World Tour @Bukit Jalil Park

World Tour starts here...
 1st stop ~ Holland
 Next ~ Japan

And finally.... back to Malaysia....Phew! *wiping sweat*

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iron Man Wannabe..

Iron Man mask, a red jacket and a yellow T-shirt with an arc reactor (led light) fixed
on chest level
The boy won himself 4th place (consolation prize) in  the talent performance he participated at his school in conjunction with Children's Day yesterday.  His classmates now call him "Iron Man" and he seems to enjoy his new-found fame in contrary to being called a "ban zhang" (class monitor) which he hated the most.  He told me he doesn't want to be class monitor after this year even if he gets chosen again. He dislikes people calling him "ban zhang" as if he has no name of his own.  He doesn't mind being called "Iron Man" though. *roll eyes*
He said the audience cheered for him, "Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man" as he walked up the stage and he had "fans" thronging him for autographs right after the performance. Sounds like a star is born! *laugh die me*  
DIY Iron Man gloves with led lights ~ took me a bit of time and a blistered finger to screw the lights onto the gloves
I did not go and watch his performance.  I didn't want him to have the pressure of winning and told him to go and have fun but he insisted he wanted to win!  I only watched the Iron Man DVD with him few days before the performance and he came out with the moves himself and practised them diligently on his own will. Bravo, boy! Mommy hopes one day you will do the same when exams approach.. *dream on*
Here are the three moves he did on stage....
1st pose
2nd one
and ends his performance with this pose... twice (jumps up, makes a turning and comes down with this pose) *cool* ;-)
He got so carried away by his new-found fame that he aspires to be Iron Man again next year with add-on pose such as this!!
Up..Up.. And... Away!!!
Son: Mom, do you think we can make this happen??
Mom: Ermmmm... We'll see..
Just joking, peeps, he knows Iron Man doesn't exist in real life and men can't fly!!
Enjoy your weekends, peeps!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mums Are The Best!!

In the car, on the way to his school this afternoon.... The boy sits at the back when I fetch him to and from school, more room space for his school bag and other stuff.  As usual, we have some small talk on our way to and back from school...

Boy: ........... (at the back seat)

Mum: ............. (drives with full concentration)

Boy: (hand me the piece of paper shown below) Mum, read this... (it reads as "Mum is the Best!!") and plants a kiss on my cheek. Awwww...... (I am floating on cloud 9.....) :-)


I then told him that all mums love their children the way I do but probably in slightly different manner...
Boy: (listens intently while nodding away).. okay, let me change it.. (He then proceeds to put a 's' behind the word "mum" and changed 'is' to "are" instead).  Awww....
Son, You are the best too in our eyes!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Experience Gained..

I have to jot this down as it marks yet another milestone for my 9 year old.
The boy did not win in the his first ever participated English storytelling contest held at his school end of last month.  As expected, he forgot some of the lines and wasn't experienced enough to cover it.  He paused for like "forever" before he regathered his thought and continued on to finish the story.  I am proud he did.  He said he could feel the killing stares coming from the judges for pausing like "forever" (in his own words). LOL..

According to him, he and another girl who participated in the contest did quite well during a rehearsal in the class.  Their English teacher even rewarded them with some biscuits after the rehearsal. 

Boy: Mommy, I know why my brain went blank for a while when on-stage while I could do so well in the class. It's because I had to face only 49 audience in the class but on the stage, HUNDREDS!!!..

Mom: LOL... That's stage fright, boy.  You had butterflies in your tummy.

Boy: No! Not only butterflies.  I felt like my lungs in my mouth!
Mom: Hahaha...(and he laughs along) Something that you really need to experience yourself. 
He then asked me how those winners could win and not skipped a line unlike him.... I am not a good public speaker myself but I tried my best to answer his doubts.
I told the boy "Practice does make perfect" citing some examples:
SZ (the girl in his class) got 4th place (consolation prize)", the boy told me.  SZ's mother is a teacher in the school and is a familiar face in all competitions held by the school.  Practice makes perfect.
The champion, AZ, also a girl, is an all-time champion in the school's storytelling contests.  She told my boy she also forgot some lines, she just skipped and carried on with the rest of the story confidently without a hint of her forgetting the lines. To sum up, in this case, confidence and experience come hand in hand and they can only be achieved through experience.  To experience it yourself by joining as many of competitions as you can.
I think my explanations did make some impact on him as he came home two days ago asking me to make him an Iron Man suit out of recycling materials as he wanted to participate in the coming fashion show held on Children's Day at his school.  He even said he wanted to participate in other contests like singing and dancing too.  This boy really gives me the "WOW" effect.  I still remember he refused when he was chosen to participate in the English storytelling contest last year.  I am proud that he finally did it this year and there'll be more coming!  I thought I had killed his confidence by sending him to a SJKC.  Read here if you missed it.   Lots of love, hugs and kisses, reasoning and encouragement do make wonders on the boy.   
On another note, the boy felt bad for not inviting me to his storytelling contest.  He didn't know parents were allowed until he saw some parents lingering around in front of the stage.  He wrote me this when he got home, an invitation that came 3 hours' late. :)
He is sweet, ain't he?


Monday, October 1, 2012

Thought Of The Day (1)