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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Bad Wolf's Preview Passes


Big Bad Wolf's Preview Pass 2012 (front and back)

Big Bad Wolf's Preview Pass 2011 (front and back)
Spot the difference??  The preview pass that I received last year was printed with a serial number thus better crowd control but this year's are without one.   Guess they give out more preview passes this time than previous years.  I expect a larger crowd this coming sale preview happening in a week's time.  I hope it would be yet another pleasant shopping experience like the year before.  Can't wait for the day to come!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last Day Of School!

Today is the boy's last day of school.  There's no Parent-Teacher's Day this time, we had it once in June this year.  Apparently, it's a once a year event.  The boy brought back his report card last Tuesday.  He managed to retain his first position in class and  positioned 17/294 in the whole standard of 6 classes.  Well done, boy! Daddy and mommy are so proud of you.  You not only survive in a chinese school environment, you thrive!
His school starts streaming from standard 4 onwards and he is going to the top class next year.  I know, more hair pulling moments await but what the heck, school is out after today and we are going for a shopping spree this evening after school. 
Prior to that, he had a drop in his Chinese papers during the 2nd and 3rd term of exams.  We had a talk with him on the possibility of sending him for tuition, for Chinese subject alone.  He was so upset that he cried his lungs out insisting that mommy to remain his Teacher Mommy. I know he was extremely upset when he cried as he hardly shed a tear ever since starting primary 1. :(  He promised to work harder to improve his marks in the final term and he did.  So, a note to mommy, better buck up and work harder to improve your Chinese knowledge in preparation for tougher mission ahead next year. Amen..*keeping fingers crossed*