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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid, PJ

Another food session using my discount coupon purchased earlier. :)

A set of giant fried platter that consists of prawns, calamari, mushrooms and fish served on a bed of garlic herb rice and chips with broccoli and carrot, all for RM32.40

A treat for hubby for selling off my apartment at a fairly good price and without having to pay agent's commission literally means a fatter profit to pocket.  Thanks honey and this is the commission you deserve. Wuakakaka.....   

We had brunch quite late at a coffeehop nearby our house.  It was a Sunday, we strolled the shopping mall for a while before deciding to have early lunch.  It was noon time then and the expected crowd hadn't started to form.  The service was slow, instead of serving the new customers who walked in, the crew were kept busy clearing empty plates off tables eventhough the place was not even half full at the time.

Hubby ordered an add-on from the menu: a piece of mud pie that came with two cups of coffee.  The coffee was served lukewarm which I'd have preferred it hot.  He wanted to order drinks for the boy too but I was quick enough to stop him.  We were supposed to be there for a bargain, no.. it would defeat my purpose of getting the discount coupon if we failed to play along that line.  Instead I ordered 3 of us each a glass of sky juice, free of charge. :) Call me cheapskate or whatever you wish but I like to think of myself as a thrifty person. ;)

Hubby almost had to finish the whole platter by himself with the boy and myself taking one or two pieces sparingly off the platter.  I am not a fried food person myself but I enjoyed munching on the juicy mushrooms fried to the colour of golden brown and fried fish fillet.  It went extremely well with the accompanied tartar sauce. 

As contrary to me, hubby loved and enjoyed eating everything served in the platter especially the garlic rice but not for the boy and me though.  We each had few spoonfuls and were somewhat put off by the strong aroma of garlic in the rice.
My cup of lukewarm coffee

The boy tried to finish his mud pie which he didn't.  I took a bite and it was hard and like biting on melting ice giving me the impression that it was "fresh" from the freezer.. The leftover ended up in hubby's tummy.. our official "bandaraya" in the family. ^_^

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tracfone Can Be Everywhere

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Children's Day!

My little bookworm racing against time to finish reading his new book collections. ^_^

The boy's school is celebrating Children's Day today and I prepared some chicken fingers and cocktail sausages for him to share with his classmates.  I forgot to snap photos of the food and hence no photos to share in this post. 

While in the car on the way to school just now, we had this conversation:

Ian: Mommy, I am like a delivery boy sending pizzas to school. *grins* (He was referring to the bag of nicely packed finger food he's holding in his hand).
Mommy: But those are not pizzas, boy..
Ian: Almost the same larr.

When I was about to drop him off at the school entrance, he let out a scream:

Ian: Nicole, Nicole!! *Excited*
Mommy: What.. Nicole? Your classmate eh? Where?? (Eyes searching for the girl)
Ian: Not Nicole la.. It's Vico!! (He then pointed to the direction of a Vico Truck parked inside the school compound.
Mommy : Hahaha... Have fun, boy..
Ian: You too, mom (Gives a quick peck on my cheek and runs to join his friends at the school gate)


I must jot this down too before it slips off my mind.

Ian: How I wished I had a brother to play with.. *sighs*
Mommy: Hmmm.. but then horr. you have to share all your toys and stuff with him.
Ian: It's okay..  I will be happy to have someone play with me at home.
Mommy: But then again horr.. Mommy cannot afford to give you all my love then..
Ian: Why??
Mommy: I have no choice.. one mommy but two boys.. must split my love into 2..
Ian:  Huh, then I don't want a brother. *case closed* 
Mommy: ^_^

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

He Deserves It..

Guess what's this??  Scroll down for the answer!!




















A hat or was it a cap or sun visor!! ;)

The boy scored full marks in two of his test papers (BM Penulisan & Moral) with the rest of the papers scoring above 90% in his final exam.  To reward him for doing well in his exam, we took him to Popular Bookstore last afternoon and he got to choose his favourite books.  He ended up coming home with 6 Geronimo Stilton books!

He started reading those books the moment he got into the car, stopped a while for dinner and continued reading until it was bedtime! He'd have still been reading if only I'd allowed him to.. Gosh..

Despite the change of school environment and lack of information of the exam scope, he was still able to pull himself together and maintain his own grades.  I am so proud of you, my son and for that, I must give myself a good pat on the shoulder. :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Restoran Zeven Recipe, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong

*Photos taken from source

We went to this place called Restoran Zeven Recipe, a family-run restaurant for dinner after coming back from Port Klang.  It was already way past 8pm when we reached this place and boy were we famished!  Again, I used  another discount coupon I bought from  It was a set meal of 3 dishes with complimentary refillable soup, tea and rice, all for RM19.90. 

Sweet and sour chicken - more bones than meat!

Stir fried Yau Mak

Vege & homemade tofu

Additional dish we ordered - Tung Po Pork RM18
This one, hubby gave two thumbs up..

Complimentary soup

Can you spot the difference of how the dishes were being presented/displayed, the ones that come with the set meal and the additional dish that we ordered?  We couldn't help but chuckle at how big the difference was between a chain/manager run restaurant and a Chinese family run one!  The later would try to shortchange you in anyway they can and ensure that the discount given are compensated..  ;)

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

MV Logos Hope, The World's Largest Floating Book Fair

It was already 5pm when we reached Port Klang Cruise Centre, far behind our schedule.  After having lunch at La Teh Cafe, Mah mah wanted to go shopping at Giant.  We headed to Giant in Kelana Jaya and spent more than 2 hours there and that explained the delay.

His signature pose

Logos Hope from far

A mobile van selling Kenny Roger's roasters

Photo taken from the start of the queue

The queue to the ship was horrendous and it took us almost 2 hours before our turn to board the ship.

Look at the 'Q'!!

After 1 1/2 hours in the queue, a crew finally showed up to entertain the kids with......

Fire painting, as requested by the boy..

Onboard the ship and this was what first came into sight

Look at the crowd!!

The 2 hours' standing and my nursing of a bad tummy ache literally killed my enthusiasm and desire to shop for more books.  Furthermore, the book pricing was nowhere near that of Big Bad Wolf Sale to which I had contributed RM400 sales.   However, hubby and the boy managed to get themselves each a book and a toy despite only less than 10 minutes onboard the ship.

Hubby reckoned the concerned party should have organized some activities/booths selling food and drinks along the long queue during peak periods such as weekends to entertain the crowd and to make the long wait more bearable to all and I couldn't have agreed with him more!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Restoran La Teh, Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut, KL

I purchased quite a few of discount coupons online recently and decided to use some of them last Sunday.   We went to this restaurant called La Teh Cafe for lunch.   La Teh Cafe blends Nanyang recipes, Malanese flavours and Indochinese cuisines in its menu and both myself and hubby love the food so much that we don't mind making another trip there soon.


The interior

The boy with yeh yeh and mah mah

Nasi Ketuk with rendang ayam RM16.95

Mango & Sago with cream RM8.95

Lemongrass drumstick RM8.95

Dipping sauce for lemon grass drumstick

Singapore Fried Mee Hoon RM9.95

Kuew Teow soup w/ frank beef RM9.95

Vietnamese bread with roasted chicken slice c/w a glass of ice lemon juice

Green curry with rice RM10.95

We only paid RM39.20 for the above food.  I regret now not buying more coupons now. *pardon me for my kiasu-ness* Lol..

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Monday, October 17, 2011

I Went Wolf Hunting, Again!!

I went for the second time, first time was on their preview sale, to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last Wednesday, parked my car and jumped on board a tram

Enjoying a short tram ride to the book sale..

Almost there...

The entrance to BBW Book Sale

Pardon me for not taking any pics whilst inside the hall as I was too busy struggling to keep myself afloat in the sea of books!!! :))

My second haul after almost 4 hours there:

My haul!

Another pic at the carpark

For hubby

This one for dad in-law

I bought some of these comics for the boy at the preview sale and he loved it so much!  When I was there this time, I grabbed all titles available and a sudoku book for kids.  Only RM5 each!

For boy boy and Tao Tao

More novels for myself!!  At the rate I am going, at the speed of a snail, that's it.. those books can last me until the next BBW Sale, no doubt  about it..

Sudoku to destress!!!

They provide free stamping service too!  Didn't bother to get stamped on all my books, wanted to collect all designs but the girl at the counter gave me two similar ones instead.. Nevermind, there's always next time..  This time, I spent slightly more than RM200 for 32 items, worth every penny spent! 

I regret not going for the third time to BBW Sale though, they had their last day of sale yesterday but instead we headed to Logos Hope in Port Klang.   The queue was horrendous and it took us almost 2 hours to reach the other end of the queue.  My legs turned wobbly and my head spinning by the time we boarded the ship.  Stay tuned for my next coming up post.

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