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Monday, February 22, 2010

Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL

Essence which is located on the 1st floor of Sheraton Imperial KL (formerly Hotel Imperial Kuala Lumpur) is an all day dining funky restaurant with dim lightings and comfortable couches.

Having undergone a period of extensive renovation and refurbishment, the 38-storey hotel is transformed into Sheraton Imperial KL, The Luxury Collection today. The brand new look continues at the lobby and restaurants, one of them being Essence.

The different areas of the restaurant are theme coded. The sleek modern section with red and white striped couches serves salads and international and Asian food while the chinese oriental section serves dim sum and noodles.

The Entrance

The modern sleek design section

The Chinese oriental design at the noodle & dim sum counter

Appetisers & satays

Winter Melon soup.. cooling & yummy!

Veges, mushroom and what tastes like curry soup with lots of spices

The array of desserts

More desserts
Oyster & Sushi Counter
Oysters - tastes rubbery and unfresh

Pubs around the hotel

View of KL Tower from the Hotel

The Japanese selection was limited and I only made do with two oysters, which wasn't too fresh and it tasted rubbery and salty. I was still nursing a nasty cold and flu and that explained why I did not attack sashimi and sushi this time. It was a thumb down as they did not serve teppanyaki like Le Meridien where they cooked for you on the spot... fish, cuttlefish, chicken, beef, scallops (only on weekends).

Many places serve roast beef that is so tough. At Essence, the roast beef was succulent and paired well with some mustard and mushroom gravy.

Pastas are prepared on the spot, and you can choose between carbonara, Bolognese and one more sauce which I cannot recall now. Hubby got himself a spaghetti carbonara with ham and mushrooms, I think. He said it was good.

We skip the noodles and dim sum station as from past experience, these sort of counter at the hotels are usually disappointing.
They make pretty good coffee -- I ordered cappuccino that came with some basic coffee art, which I thought was a very nice touch. Sorry, no pictures to show.

In conclusion, I would still prefer Latest Recipe to Essence for their wider spread of food and their Japanese counter or could it be that I wasn't in the mood to enjoy the buffet this time around due to the stubborn cold and flu bugs that would not go away for like ages. Arrgh.....

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

7th Day of Chinese New Year (Ren Ri)

Here's our toss of yee sang on the 7th day of Chinese New Year. I got this from Jusco 1 Utama in a ready-to-eat pack for RM45.88. This is the first time I got the ready pack from the supermarket as my mother in-law would always got the ingredients individually from the wet market. She has been suffering from osteoarthritis all these years and it gets worsen due to her active lifestyle that she can hardly walk just before Chinese New Year till now.

The seventh day, traditionally known as renri 人日, the common man's birthday, the day when everyone grows one year older. It is the day when tossed raw fish salad, yee sang is eaten. This is a custom primarily among the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore. People get together to toss the colourful salad and make wishes for continued wealth and prosperity.

For many Chinese Buddhists, this is another day to avoid meat, the seventh day commemorating the birth of Sakra Devanam Indra.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading Time

Reading his newly purchased Ben 10 Book

So engrossed in his book

No photos, mommy...

Ian has the habit of asking me to buy him books and I would always obliged his request to encourage him to read more.

While waiting for hubby to pay at the cashier checkout, Ian and myself went to the nearby magazine stall. Ian asked if he could get himself a book and I said yes. He chose yet another Ben10 book series and couldn't wait to get home and read. He removed the plastic wrapper of the book, found himself a seat at the credit card counter which was closed for the CNY holidays and started reading his new Ben 10 book added to his collection.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Birthday cum Valentine's Dinner

Yum.. Yum..
Dressing to go with Cajun Salad
Boneless Wings

Cajun Salad

Clam Chowder

Friday's Cheese Burger - hubby's

Complimentary Kid's Meal

Mini Desserts (Left to Right)
Strawberry Parfait, Tropical Delight, Oreo & Snickers Treat

As the whole family was down with cold and flu just before Chinese New Year and persisted till now, we did not actually dine out until it was my birthday when we celebrated at Friday's.

I had not got much appetite so I ordered salad and only did I know the portion was simply huge when they arrived! Of course I did not manage to finish the meal and whatever that left went to hubby's tummy instead.

The food at Friday's was yummy and value for money especially the clam chowder but the only thumbs down was their mini desserts, shot glasses filled with mousse-like fillings. I think I would have enjoyed eating ice cream more.

The bill came to slightly less than RM100 which I think it's really value for our money spent.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wishing everyone A Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi! Gong Xi!
All couples
A Very Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Conversations

Me: Mommy is sick, boy.
Ian: No, mommy cannot get sick.
Me: Why cannot get sick? But mommy is sick.
Ian: (Touches my forehead with his hand and concludes) Mommy, you are not sick larrr. No temperature.
Me: No, boy, mommy is sick.
Ian: (Runs to the kitchen and get me a cup of water, then to the bathroom, wet the towel, fold it and put on my forehead). Mommy, do you feel any better now?

Ian: (Walks over to me, complaining) Mommy, daddy beat me.
Me: (Reading a book and ignores him)
Ian: Mommy! daddy beat me!!!
Me: Ok, I go and beat daddy back now.
Ian: No, don't want.
Me: You told me daddy beat you and I thought you wanted me to beat him back.
Ian: No larrr. Not so painful la. Never mind larr.
Me: *grins*

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Under The Weather

Our Lunch

Both Ian and myself are under the weather with flu, blocked nose and chesty cough. I did not cook today but instead ordered Domino's as our lunch. Ian wiped off half of the regular aloha chicken pizza and some garlic twists I ordered! I am glad he still maintains his usual appetite.

I did not take him to the doctor as most doctors would only prescribe antibiotics even for viral infections. We went to the nearby pharmacy and the pharmacist prescribed Cetrizine for flu and Carbocisteine, both liquid and flavoured, to loosen up pleghm. I did not get myself any medications though as I believe what I needed was to drink lots and lots of water and a good rest without my laptop!


Monday, February 8, 2010

If Only He Could Write Neater

Ting Xe

His handwriting can be very neat and nice when he is in the right mood to write.

He adapts well since started primary one last month. He has no problems following what teachers teach. He still likes going to school as he has friends there. He has no problems doing his ejaan, spelling and ting xe. He finishes his homecooked lunch most of the time before going to school. He still tells me everything that happens to him, including reprimanded by teacher for being a chatter box in class.

But... if only he could write neater and nicer all the time, I will be the happiest and stress free mommy in the world!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

JMC Book 3 - Little Blue Bird

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Transformers Toys

Optimus Prime (Truck Mode)
Larger model bought by hubby's cousin sis.
Optimus Prime (autobot mode) - Larger model
This larger model of Optimus Prime was Ian's Christmas present from hubby's cousin sister. He does not play with it much simply because he cannot keep his butt still in one place and finds carrying the toy around a chore. He requests a pocket model instead so that he can slip his toy into his pocket and play whenever and wherever he feels like it! Both hubby and I are more than happy to "give in" to his request. The pocket models cost RM20+ each while the larger one RM100++! *evil grins*
Optimus Prime (in truck mode), Megatron (in fusion tank mode),
both pocket model - his fav size
Optimus Prime (autobot mode), Megatron (decepticon mode)
I bought this pocket model of Optimus Prime from Toys'R'us One Utama after having searched high and low for it on my recent trip to Bangkok. Ha! I had earlier promised to get him this in Bangkok and ended up buying it in Malaysia. My sister bought Megatron for him as she knew my boy had been bugging me for a decepticon as he had all autobots (good guys) in his collection but not one decepticon (bad guy). How would my good guys launch a fight without any bad guys, mommy? He can always find one thousand and one excuses to convince you into getting what he wants.

Bumble Bee - car mode, Rachet - tanker mode
Springer - airplane mode (All pocket size)
Rachet, Bumble Bee & Springer in Autobot mode

The middle one, Bumble Bee was his Christmas present from us while the other two was from "Santa Claus". I encouraged him to write a letter to Santa Claus just before Christmas with a wish list and this is what he got! *wink*

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Can I Not Go To School Today?

Can I Not Go To School?

Ian: Mommy, can I not go to school today?
Me: What do you think, boy?
Ian: (Switches to deep thinking mode... for about a minute)
Ian: Cannot wor. Then I will have more homework tomorrow when I go to school.
Me: I am so proud of you, boy.
Ian: Why, mommy? Why are you so proud of me?
Me: Simply because you know how to think, boy.
Ian: (Satisfies with my answer, he walks over and give me a big smile and hug).

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things He Does To De-Stress

I had my mind all set up the moment I decided to send my boy to a chinese primary school. I knew I would have to quit my full-time job before he went to primary one. My parents in-law had been helping a lot in taking care of my boy's daily needs since the day he was born. They cooked nutritious meals for him, be his personal chaffeur, guided him on his homework and the list goes on. I couldn't have thanked them enough for what they have done for us.

My dad in-law is slowly showing symptoms of an incurable disease though not diagnosed and confirmed by the specialist yet as he refused to go see one! I have tears rolling down my face everytime I think of him.

10 years ago, I took things for granted that my two sets of parents would always be in their tip top health condition and never had once it crossed my mind that they would one day become weak and ill as they aged. I will blog more about their present condition after clearing my backlogs of blog entries.

It has been 9 months now since I quit my job and I am glad to say that I enjoy every single day of it! Though he drives me up the wall most times when he has his writing homework, be it English, Bahasa and Chinese being the worst which he usually takes more than an hour to complete two pages. My sister says I set my standard to0 high.. yeah.. yeah. I must admit that I am a perfectionist but I must correct his sequence and position of strokes before the bad habit sets in!

To De-Stress and take a breather from his never ending homework,

Snacks while doing his business


Does silly things
Sings and dances

Sleeps like a baby..


Indulges in something sweet! Hooray!!!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Iron Chef

The Iron Chef

He found a blue cloth bag stuffed with a rolled towel at the store room at parents inlaw's house last Sunday. He dug the towel out and put the cloth bag on his head. And here it goes... The Iron Chef..
He walked to me and asked:
Ian: Madam, what do you want to eat today?
Me: What do you have?
Ian: I have chicken, carrots, veges and I have everything...
Me: Ok, I would like chicken with carrots.
Ian : What do you want to drink? I have Ribena, Milo, 100 Plus and I have everything.
Me : Ribena, please.
Ian :(Pretend to take my order down in a mini note book) Wait a minute.
Ian : Here is your food. (served in a toy plate with some mini toys in it) RM15.
Me: Wah! So expensive kah? Can give discount?
Ian : Sure. RM10. Thank you.
Me : You're welcome.
Ian : Mommy, you din pay money yet.
Me : O.O

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All-In-A-Pot Dish

My own version of All-In-A-Pot dish

Today we had All-In-A-Pot for lunch. I named this dish. I cook this dish whenever I get lazy cooking. I just dumped in cut potatoes, black fungus, cubed lean pork and onions into a pot, all sure win ingredients for my boy especially the black fungus and he could wipe his plate of rice (double portion) clean. Ngek..Ngek...Ngek..


Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakfast at Ikea

My RM0.99 Beehoon Siam. Yummy!

Egg tart, cinnammon roll and Chicken wings (all time fav)

Fried Popiah

And... my cup of coffee with unlimited flow

Another backdated post.:)

It was a Saturday morning and Ian's first Han Yu Pin Yin lesson at his primary school. He actually wanted me to sign him up for taekwando classes but the timing of both classes coincided. I assured him that he would be enrolled into one when he's in standard 3. Most of the activities are held on weekdays afternoon and pupils of standard 1 and 2 could only take up selected activities on Saturday mornings.

We saw him off to the classroom with his teacher and the rest of his classmates and after mingling with some parents, we drove to the nearby Ikea, hubby's favourite brekkie place for breakfast. He always ordered the fried chicken wings which tasted heavenly everytime we were there.

As I am an Ikea Friends Credit Card holder, I got to enjoy my free cup of coffee with unlimited flow of either cofee or cappucino. Those without the card do enjoy the same privilege between 9am to 9.30am daily only.

We went to pickup Ian only to see him nowhere in sight at the place where I had asked him to wait and we were 5 mins late after the class dismissed. I bumped into another mother whose daughter was Ian's classmate and she too, was looking for her elder daughter. These two women then went all around the school scouting for their "babies". We went back to the classroom where the lesson was held and the teacher was still there. She told us all pupils had been escorted down to the canteen. We then walked quickly to the canteen and it's so crowded that I didn't see my son sitting there playing with his classmate's transformers toys at that time. I then ran back to the place where he was initially asked to wait hoping he was there by now but NO.... I was so freaking frightened that my mind started flashing through bad incidents that could have happened to him. I again ran back to the canteen and this time I saw my boy there. I was so fuming mad with him that I screamed at him the moment I saw him until he cried.

Everytime when something like this happens, I have to make a big hoo-haa so that the episode could be etched into his mind and would not get repeated.

That's my boy.

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