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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today's chitter-chatter with the boy:

The boy will be participating in his school's English story-telling competition tomorrow and has been practising since last week at home.  This morning, after his rehearsal with mommy as his only audience, I praised him and gave him a boost of confidence for putting in his best effort. 
Knowing the boy well and it's his first school competition,  he can get a bit forgetful when he is nervous and I'll not be surprised if he comes home tomorrow and tells me his mind suddenly goes blank on stage. Muahahaha....  So, to prepare him not to get overly upset should he loses, here goes our conversation...
Mom: It's okay if you don't get a prize tomorrow.  You have already won yourself a bravery medal for your courage to perform on stage. 
Boy: Mom, even if I lost, you'll give me something?
Mom: Yes, I promise but I'll not reveal what the little something is until tomorrow. *suspense*
Boy:  But I really want to win wor..
Mom: You want to win it for yourself?
Boy: Ya lar.. of course I want to win it for myself lor... If not for myself, for you meh, mommy?
Mom: *wide grin* *What he has just said: "I Want.To.Win.It.For.Myself." sounds like music to my ears!*
He used to ask me when he obtained full marks in his test papers: "Mom, I got full marks in my test papers, are you happy?"  He might have said that innocently but to my ears, it sounded like: "Are you satisfied now that I got full marks huh, tiger mom?!!" *ROAR* AHaHaHa...  ya, ya ya, have to remind myself every now and then not to get too overly  K.I.A.S.U.!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knight's Helmet

Got this book for RM10 or was it RM12 (can't remember) from MPH Distributors' Warehouse Sale recently.  The boy chose knight's helmet as the first art project to start with and did I mention that this book is super cool!  We started the project last Sunday afternoon and completed it in 1-1/2 hours.
We headed to the nearby Carrefour and paid RM3+ for the metallic cardboard which I felt was a bit expensive but the end result was so good that it's money well spent.

Step-by-step instructions
Visor up
Visor down
Happy face of the new knight's helmet owner

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

His Souvenirs From Pulau Langkawi

He paid RM8 for the shell whistle which he bought from Pulau Dayang Bunting during our island hopping trip. Daddy bought him the sunglasses for RM5 at a shop near our hotel
RM2 for the bamboo whistle he bought from a souvenir shop in Oriental Village.  He sure has a thing about whistles. Hahaha.

With the belief that the WANTS and NEEDS being successfully drilled into his head (we hope!) since young and his past track record of managing money, we entrusted him with some money at his disposal recently.  He made two purchases on our recent trip to Pulau Langkawi and spent a total of RM10, one-third of the money he brought with him.  Something more expensive caught his eyes when we were there but after some serious thoughts and consideration, he decided to let go, reason... I don't want to empty my pocket.  We are so proud of you, boy!

Next step will be to encourage him to invest some of his savings instead of putting all eggs in one basket, in his case, the bank.   Hmm...  Time to do some research on penny stocks seriously. 


Printer Cartridges

I bought a generic ink cartridge a few months ago.  I paid only a fraction of the original one, unfortunately it wouldn't work on my printer.  I called the supplier to highlight the problem and the response I got was to keep removing and inserting it into my printer.  I did as advised but finally decided to forget about it after trying the thousandth time. Okay, I was pissed.
When I got myself a new desktop computer not long ago, I grabbed the purchase with purchase deal that entitled me to purchase a printer at much lower price. My old printer still works fine but with the deal, I only had to pay a price equivalent to two original ink cartridges of my old printer. What's more, it also comes ready with an original Canon MP250 ink!  What a steal!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sending Postcard From The Sky

Smile and pose for mommy's camera before dropping the postcard into the mailbox.
Paid RM5 for the postcard (with stamp included) at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang.

Encouraged the boy to send a postcard to his grandparents.  Hopefully it gets instilled into his mind and he will never forget to drop daddy and mommy a few lines wherever he goes when he leaves the nest.  Hehehe..


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Penny Stock Investment

I think I need to consult penny stock guru like timothy skyes on tips of investing my money on penny stock.  Some says penny stocks are cheap for a good reason.  
Investing money on penny stock can be risky as they usually have a short operating history and not much value in net tangible assets.  I am browsing for tips and advices before placing a bet on penny stocks with my my hard earned money.  As I am typing this, I envision what my next big purchase will be when my share value multiplies. A brand new MPV to replace my old one! :D

Filing Of Income Tax

I used to be very hands-on in filing my personal taxes during my single days.  I worked in the Human Resources Division then and my colleagues would come to me for help.  I would be the busiest person around when tax filing deadline approached.  Some of them asked me how to file a tax extension and I would have to check the guide to taxes for accurate information.
When I was still working after getting married, I passed the work to my other half and he had been doing a good job since until the day I quit and decided to become a full-time mother.  I do miss earning my own income at times as being a housewife, I am not eligible to declare my income  simply because I have none! Bleh..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Restoran Wan Thai, Kuah Town, Pulau Langkawi

The table deco
Restoran Wan Thai, a Thai restaurant located in Kuah town is apparently very popular among the local folks and tourists in Langkawi. We only got to eat there the third time we went! Imagine that!  It could also due to the long holidays when we were there.  It was closed for Hari Raya the second night we were there, so we had our dinner at Wonderland Food Store instead. The next day we went, it was a quarter to three in the afternoon. The waitress politely rejected us explaining that they were closing at 3pm. The restaurant was brimmed with customers even it was near closing time.   
 Table setting
On our last night in Langkawi, we procastinated if it would be worthwhile to drive 20 minutes or was it 30 minutes there from Pantai Cenang to Kuah town just to have dinner.  The sky started to drizzle on our second day there and started to pour later of the day until the day we left. :(  We decided to go after much procastination and it was almost 8.30pm when we left Pantai Cenang.  The road to the town was dark and winding and I was praying silently that the car would not break down along the way.  We paid a jacked up price for the rented car and yet its condition was less than desirable.  Fortunately it somehow pulled through albeit annoying glitches here and there. Hahaha..  A lesson learnt for not booking a car in advance. Oh well...
It was slightly over 9pm when we reached there and there was already a crowd forming at the restaurant entrance.  As expected, we were asked to come back again the next day! I told the staff off politely that we would be flying back tomorrow!  She then took all the trouble trying to accomodate us and voila.. we finally got to eat there. Phew!  Thumbs up to the staff there who appeared so polite and professional.  We were ushered to the supervisor, a very elegant looking lady who spoke Thai to her staff.  She took our order and at the same time recommended their specialty dishes.  She explained that she could not open the 1st floor to customers as they were understaff at that time.  By then, they had a table for us.  Food wise, very good, authentic Thai dishes, the seafood otak-otak in particular (no idea what it is called in Thai) that came with a whole coconut filled with prawns, fish fillets and squids.  Highly recommended though I must advise those who are eager to dine there, try to go there at least one hour before their closing time or chances of getting rejected is super high!  
The busy restaurant.. the empty table in the foreground was filled up with customers (who called in for reservation beforehand) soon after this picture was taken.
Mango kerabu fish
Seafood tom yum
Rice served with a sprinkle of brown rice
Again, eggs for the boy as he can't take the spiciness of Thai food.
Prawn fritters
Seafood otak-otak...
Don't know what exactly this is called but the supervisor highly recommended this dish... something seafood otak-otak.  No regret ordering this.  In fact, it's a must have!  We even scooped the coconut flesh out.. tasted so heavenly having absorbed all the goodness of the dish!
The bill of food and 3 drinks came to slightly over RM90.  We will surely pay this restaurant a visit on our next visit to Langkawi.  Food wise, very good and food presentation too, superb I must say.