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Friday, December 31, 2010

He Can Swim!

Killing time at the playground while waiting for his swimming lesson to begin

Yesterday was my boy's ninth swimming lesson and his first time treading water without any floating aids.  He was panic initially and had to struggle to keep himself afloat and that tired him out quickly.  He was more at ease when he got the hang of it after a while.  The instructor still insisted that they have their pair of arm rings on when swimming breaststroke (frogstyle).  He could swim reasonably well with the arm rings on though on and of he still had inconsistent synchronization of breathing with the swim stroke cycle.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid after that and my boy complained of hunger as usual after swimming.  He had earlier a homemade burger and a cup of milo for breakfast.  As I still have some vouchers from Starbuck expiring in two days' time, we decided to have cakes to fill up our tummy or rather my boy's.  :)

We went shopping for CNY clothings at Parkson after our quick bite.  It was Bonuslink card day yesterday and you got RM10 voucher for every RM150 purchase.  I didn't get mine as I didn't have Bonuslink card or I might as well say I'd lost it! Nevermind as I got a cash rebate of 15% from using my AMEX card on top of the 60% discount for certain items.. an extra bonus and more importantly, the good feeling of having spent my money wisely..  LOL...

Blueberry cheesecake, chocolate tuxedo, my cup of coffee and my boy's mango passion

We went down to our condo pool again in the evening and this time I asked him to swim without any floating aids.  And yes, so he did!  He can swim and do water treading for at least a minute! It could have been longer but I asked him to stop knowing his "kiasuness" to prove himself.  I knew he was worn out after a long day swimming, walking, shopping and swimming again.. Anyway, I think he still need to work on his synchronization of breathing with his swim stroke cycle so that he won't get tired out easily..  He has 3 more lessons left from the package that I signed him up and hopefully the remaining lessons would be used to improve and sharpen his newly acquired skills.  Way to go, boy!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Snowing @Pavilion KL!

We walked across to The Pavilion KL from our hotel for a quick dinner at Food Republic before catching the snowing  session at the entrance facing Jalan Bukit Bintang at 8pm.

My boy enjoying his dinner eventhough he had his teatime at 4+pm at the hotel.  I am sure he will turn into a "fei zhai" (fatty boy) in no time if he continues eating non-stop!

The night view of Pavilion KL

Crystal bowl Fountain - The fountain features the bloom of hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia, a symbol of opulence, passion and progression.  The three bowls represent Malaysia's multiracial culture living harmoniously in unity.

It's Snowing!

Like last year, the snowing started at 8pm nightly from 26 Nov to 26 Dec.  The place was so crowded with people trying to get nearer to touch and feel the "snow", my boy being one of them.. ^_^

The rebirth of KL Plaza: Fahrenheit 88

We walked across to Fahrenheit 88, the former KL Plaza and being just officially opened last month, there wasn't much to explore as most of the shoplots were still unoccupied.  The live rock band at the atrium was a saver to the otherwise quiet mall,  putting some christmassy and rock n roll feel in the air with non-stop upbeat music... as what its theme claimed... A Rockin' Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Westin Kuala Lumpur

At the lobby waiting to be checked-in

For three consecutive years, we stayed a night at The Westin KL but this year was special as we spent our night there on Christmas eve.  Does it sound funny to you that being someone whose home is in KL and yet staying a night in a KL hotel? No choice as we have to use up the complimentary stay that comes with the membership before it expires. 

Both father and son enjoyed their stay there and as for me, I would have enjoyed our time together if only Aunty Flo had not come visiting.  Haiz...  Shortly after check-in, the two of them hopped down to the hotel pool and had a good time enjoying their tea time of burgers and fish and chips by the pool.  My boy reported that lemon flavoured iced water, popsicles and apples were being served at no charge by the pool too.  The next morning, two of them woke up to a sunny morning and happily hopped down for a scrumptious and wide spread of American style breakfast while the mother stayed back in the room nursing her tummy pain. Huhuhu.... 

The famous heavenly bed and the day bed doubles up as my boy's bed at night.  Compared to last year, they have since upgraded to LCD TV c/w a DVD player.

The bathroom.. my boy's favourite lie down bathtub which he indulged in twice. :)

Complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee and the tray of tid bits are chargeable.

The first thing he did was to switch on disney channel.  Dino will never be left behind when travelling.  I got the Dino pillowcase from Shireen.

A Christmas basket from the hotel delivered to our room on X'mas eve.

Our hotel room number.

Night view from our room

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year 2011!

Our faithful two tiered mini christmas trees that has served us for 3 years

I am off for a short getaway from blogging.  Before I leave,

I would like to wish everyone......





Thursday, December 23, 2010

Glass Painting Workshop @Pusat Sains Negara

I received a phone call from Cik Kimi of Pusat Sains Negara half an hour before the glass painting workshop started.  She called to remind me of this workshop we had signed up earlier.  Her thoughtfulness and effort was really commendable and I was totally impressed.    

The workshop was held on the top floor of the centre.  We got to choose a glass among glasses printed with different species of dinosaurs.  My boy chose one with T-Rex design and started his project right away.  He was given a brush, a cup of water to wash the brush and glass paints of different colours.

 Work in progress

Some of the kids' finished work and my boy's on the right

He finished his glass painting work in 30 minutes and shortly after, started with DIY keychain. 

How to make DIY keychain:
1. Put the shrinkable inkjet plastic sheet over your chosen picture image and trace the image with a permanent marker pen.
2.  Colour the picture image
3.  Cut out the picture image
4.  Punch a hole into the top of the finished sheet and put into a preheated oven at 200 degrees
5. Powder the oven tray with talcum powder so that it won't stick
6. Watch your dinosaur shrinks in the oven to the desired size
7.  Allow the shrunken picture to cool
8.  Attach it to a key ring and it's done!

Compared to the workshop we attended the day before that required lots of complicated steps and skills, help from mommy was inevitable  This one required less effort and the steps were literally simpler that my boy could finish his task without much problems.  Mommy had most of the time mingling with other parents while the children kept busy with their works.

As we had finished our works, we decided to leave early as the room was getting cramped with more participants coming in.  I didn't know there was another certificate of attendance issued to my boy until Cik Kimi called yet again for my home address so that she could mail it to me. Really paiseh. Hehehe..

My fried meehoon Malay style and my boy's roti telur and dhal.  We both had air limau ais.

While on our way back home, my boy complained of hunger so we dropped by at our nearby mamak restaurant.

Before and and after the haircut

Before heading home, I took my boy for a haircut at the nearby barber shop and guess how much I was charged.  RM10 for a child hair cut!  I remember it was only RM8 not long ago at the same place and there's one within the vicinity that charges RM9 with a lollipop given FOC and it's even cheaper at RM5 only at our old house area.  Looks like RM10 can't really buy much these days, huh..

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Juicing The Creativity Workshop @Pusat Sains Negara

We went happily for the workshop yesterday afternoon at Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Centre) with no knowledge that it had ended by noon. :(  This "big head prawn" mommy had mistaken this one for the other one which she had also registered his son and that the class was in the afternoon. Luckily the officer in-charge, Cik Kimi was so helpful that she took down my mobile number and promised to call early this morning should anyone did not turn up and so she did.  They had the second and last session of the same workshop this morning.  Thank you so much, Cik Kimi!

Never mind that we landed there on a wrong date and time, we nevertheless enjoyed our time there doing colouring while waiting for the 2.30pm science show that we missed the other day.  There were two science experiments being carried out on that day. 

1st Experiment: Chemical reaction -- Add in hydrogen peroxide (acid) in a tall cylinder, add a squirt of dish dishwashing liquid, add a tablespoon of potassium iodide (chemical salt) and stand back.  A foam of oxygen bubbles and soap rises quickly up the cylinder and out the top, like toothpaste squirting out of a tube (see below picture)

2nd Experiment:  Freezes a small balloon filled with water in liquid nitrogen (similar to dry ice block but even lower temperature of -196 degrees Fahrenheit) in less than 30 seconds.  Cold=shrink, hot=expand were also demonstrated where an inflated balloon were placed in a box filled with liquid nitrogen, it shrunk but when it was let free in room temperature, it's back to its normal shape in a mere few seconds. Amazing! At least for me and my boy la..

We arrived at the science centre this morning at 9.35am and had two and a half hours creative and fun time with Mr Nakano, a volunteer from JICA (Japan International  Cooperation Agency) who spoke fluent English.  He announced that he was to share with us something that he learned whilst in Jakarta -- The making of a propeller and a kite.  Here it goes...

A propeller made out of a bamboo stick, cardboard, plastic bottles and rubber punched from sandals.

A lucky number was found on the plastic propeller.  Must go and try my luck.. Lady luck seems to start shining on me lately *wink* 

The kite was made mainly from straws for its frames, the propeller from plastic bottle cut outs attached with rubber bands through the hole of the straw to provide power to the kite. 

How to fly:
1. Wind the rubber band by twisting the front propeller. 
2. Hold the kite pointed in the direction you want it to fly and slightly upward. 
3. Hold the propeller in place so the rubber band will not unwind. 
4. Release your kite with a light toss and here you go.. wheeee...

Wheeee... mommy, my "threadless" kite can really fly, no more pulling threads. :)

All participants were presented with an attendance certificate and a group photo together before leaving.  Can you spot Ian in the photo?  He's just next to the right of Mr Nakano with only his head visible. :)

We are looking forward to tomorrow's workshop: Glass Painting.  Stay tuned for the updates.

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Last but not least, wishing everyone here A Happy Winter Solstice!  I am enjoying a bowl of chilled, soft yet bouncy tong yuen now, made by my mom in-law.  It's the yummiest tong yuen I have ever tasted..

My bowl of chilled tong yuen. Yumz!

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Big Bad Wolf Chose Me!


It was not so long ago that we met at South City Plaza, surrounded by thousands of books and very hungry book lovers :)

Do you remember leaving your business card or contact information to participate in a lucky draw?

You will remember now because you are one of the lucky winners! Your name was chosen out of thousands who have participated - we're fated to meet at the Big Bad Book Sale after all <3
You've just won yourself a book voucher worth RM20, courtesy of BookXcess (run by the same people who brought you Big Bad Wolf Books and the Big Bad Book Sale).


Just received an email from Big Bad Wolf a.k.a. BookXcess telling me that my "christmas" gift is there waiting for me at BookXcess in Amcorp Mall. 

More reasons for me to grab more books for the boy and myself. :)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lou Kong!

We went for another round of buffet hi-tea yesterday, this time at Halia Cafe, Sime Darby Convention Centre located in Bukit Kiara, KL in celebration of hubby's birthday.  His actual birthday is today.  Lou Kong, Sang Yat Fai Lok!  As he will be working today, we will only have a candle blowing session tonight when he comes back from work. 

Meanwhile, I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

My boy with yeh yeh the mickey mouse :)...
Keep himself busy reading Archie comics...
My little Aladdin with his long sword

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Of Ikea and Ikano Power Centre

We had a meet up with some friends at Ikea restaurant last Monday.  Believe it or not, I had not viewed x'mas decors at Ikano Power Centre and The Curve though we lived within the proximity.  After hopping from mall to mall viewing x'mas decors, I still favour 1U's the most.  

I left my boy at Ikea's Smaland and basically had an hour to catch up on each other's lives with my friends before it's time to pick up my boy again.  Ikea is one of  the best places for someone like me who drags my boy wherever I go. 

Other than Smaland to entertain kids, there's also a TV area at the centre of the restaurant where kids get to watch cartoon movies. My boy was famished the moment he was "claimed" from the playland and I ordered for him a cup of soft drinks and a pair of chicken wings. He wiped the plate clean in no time and helped himself to two more rounds of refillable soft drinks. Ikea's chicken wings has always been our family favourite and the swedish meatballs being daddy's and our boy's favourite, not for me though.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dinos Alive! @ Pusat Sains Negara (Part II)

We reached National Science Centre around 11am last Tuesday after having breakfast at McD SS2.  A friendly staff approached us at the counter and explained to me the activities of the day while handing me the flyer.  He further asked if I was interested to register my boy for their free workshops.  I of course said yes and promised to fill up the form before leaving.  As for the entry to the Dino exhibition, family package tickets at RM25 for 2 adults and 2 children are available while for single ticket, it's priced at RM10 for adults and RM5 for children. 

Upon walking into the atrium where two live sized moving but not walking dinosaurs were exhibited, my boy was taken aback by the sound emitted by the "dinasours" and refused to go any nearer for photo taking.  He was so unhappy when I insisted and thus the sour face and forceful smile.  LOL... 

Look at him in the photo.  LOL... The T-Rex was giving out a deafening roar when I snapped this photo.  He later told me it (the roar) almost scared him to death. (hak sei ngor) Wuakaka... 

Some dancing and singing animal figures displayed in front of the kids discovery place

The fossil sand pit was the place where my boy spent the most time there.  Boots are provided but neither of them fit my big baby's feet he ended up barefooted.  I don't recommend the provided boots though as the pair that my son tried on emitted "foot smells".  

"Animals" dancing to the music..

Some species of dinosaurs on exhibit

Yay! mommy.. I overcome the fear (of the eerie sound) of dinosaurs finally.  Look at the victory sign and smile. The Iguanadon (the one to the bottom left) danced to the beat of the music, funny and entertaining indeed. 

We watched a short dinosaur documentary movie before moving on to other activities.

My boy made several attempts to break his own records and his best record registered was
15.86 km/hr, slightly better than a cock. hehehe..

Making of Dino button badge

Conveying belt system, puzzle solving and pushing up

Plasma and balancing act

My boy playing the stringless harp and it produces music even without the string! Stringray and some fishes at the tunnel aquarium

Love the tropical fish and the touch pond.. I didn't realise there was one after so many visits till I saw a crowd and a gentleman gave a demo and encouraged me to do the same.  I felt so "geli" with those fishes nibbling on my fingers.  My boy was scared to try this.  Maybe next time.  He just needs time to overcome his fear of the unknown. :)

It was 2pm when we finally ended our tour.  Not forgetting the workshops, I registered my son for two different sessions before leaving and that simply means we will be there again next Tuesday and Thursday.   I only managed to register the boy for the remaining two available workshops though.

How much we wanted to hang around till the 2.30pm science show but our growling tummy wouldn't allow that.  There were stalls outside the back entrance of the centre selling burgers, oh, no.. not burgers again.. not a burger person myself and furthermore we just had it for breakfast this morning. :)

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