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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He Got Me An Express Ticket

Today is the boy's report card day at his school.  I went there during recess time and met up with the boy at the school canteen.  Poor boy, he looked so lethargic as he developed fever since last Sunday and it persisted till today. :(  I took him to see doctor last evening after school, got him MC but still he insisted of going to school today. Haiz..  He only took a few bites on the egg sandwich I prepared for him and off we walked back to his classroom which is now on the 3rd floor.  The new classroom is equipped with a smart TV, cool..

The smart TV at the centre of the wall

This boy of mine got his mom an express ticket (the first) to see his class teacher.  Each parents are only allocated 5 minutes, well.. I didn't ask much about his academic performance as it was all printed in his report card.. Anyway, his result still qualifies him to be in the top class.  I had a casual chat with his teacher and as usual since he started kindergarten and now in a primary school,  the teacher's comment about him has always revolved around his talkativeness.. *slaps forehead*  She said he can mix well with literally everyone, anyone.. boys or girls.  I then said, oh yes.. aunties, uncles, popo, gung gung, he too can make friends with effortlessly and we then had a hearty laugh.  She commended that though he is talkative but he's one good boy who is willing to admit his mistakes and would come forward to "surrender" himself and that included when he spotted mistakes on his test papers *oh, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my heart when she mentioned that, remember the 3 marks that has gone with the wind?* Aiyaya...

After seeing his teacher, we went down to the hall where some booths selling books and uniforms were set up.  The boy got himself a book before heading back home.  He is taking a nap now and I hope he will be all well again when he wakes up later.. no more sleepless nights for mommy..  the flu and fever bugs are going merry-go-round.. first daddy.. now the boy and I am the next.. starting to develop flu and fever..  Aaaa... Chooooooo.....

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Grandson "In-Law"

While in the car yesterday, the boy asked:

Ian: Mommy, what is father in-law?
Mommy: It means not your real father but a father by marriage, like your yeh yeh.. He's my father in-law.
Ian: Oh, ya.. so I am yeh yeh's grandson in-law lor..?
Mommy: *chuckles* You are not yeh yeh's real grandson arr? In-law simply means not real one worr.
Ian:  *giggles*
Mommy: LOLz...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neck Stabilizer

Found these two photos in my laptop harddisk taken 7+ years ago.  My boy, a baby then, being carried by my "yi lou" (second elder brother) kept turning his head and there's no way he would look at the camerawoman aka yours truly..

Ended up..  my yi lou had to use his hand as "neck stabilizer" to keep his head still for the camera.  Wuakaka..


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aikido 8th Kyu Grading

Waiting for the grading test to start.. look at my boy's nervous face. Haha..

Test about to begin.. graded by the chief instructor, Sonny Loke Sensei (6th dan black belt)

And yeah.. he made it to the rank of 8th kyu (the lowest rank of Aikido).. Way to go, boy!

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Happy 8th Birthday To Our Boy!

We didn't dine out to celebrate the boy's birthday this year due to Yeh Yeh's condition.  He suffered from a mild stroke few days before school holidays started.  He can walk with supervision without a walking stick but needs to work on balancing as his left limbs are still weak. 

Suk Suk (hubby's younger brother) bought five pcs of cheesecakes of different flavours from Secret Recipe.  Last Sunday, a day before his actual birthday, we had a simple candle blowing session for the boy after dinner.

The boy's "girlfriend" from school bought him his favourite book, Wimpy Kid as birthday gift and hand delivered  it to our condo on his actual birthday with her mommy.  My boy once casually asked the girl if she had Wimpy Kid - The Ugly Truth, she didn't have but she remembered and got him one instead.  How sweet! :) Thanks so much, LM.  Suk Suk gave Ang pau, yeh yeh mah mah bought Wimpy Kid (in a box set of 4) via mommy (The whole class is into Wimpy Kid lately so I suggested buying these for the birthday boy), daddy and mommy got him toys, a remote control car and boat. (no photos)

A card and book from his "girlfriend" 

From Yeh Yeh Mah Mah

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How We Spent Our School Holidays

First week going in and out the hospital and the week after staying home looking after my dad in-law..  He suffered from a mild stroke two days before mid-term school holidays started.  There's a blood clot on the right side of his brain and thus affected his left body movement.  The parents in-law stay with us now as I will have to take dad in-law for occupational and physiotherapy sessions at the hospital once a week.  Apart from that, he also goes for accupuncture and home massage.   That explains why the long hiatus in updating my blog.

At the hospital

I only managed to take the boy out for "Kungfu Panda 2" movie throughout the two weeks' holidays.  The school reopens tomorrow and we parents will have to go back to our usual busy routine after today.   I don't look forward to the homework and revision part.. especially with the next term test coming in two months' time.. Argghhh..   

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