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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Short Trip To Genting Highlands

Climbing up the long and tiring flights of stairs

Clear view taken from the staircase

It was "mountain people mountain sea" in Genting Highlands.  All car parks were full to the brim and we had to resort to parking at the parking lots located further down the hill and walked up the long and seemingly never ending flights of stairs before we reached the hotel lobby. Phew!

Again, my Ben 10 fanatic in his fav t-shirt

This Ben 10 shirt that I bought for him from Tesco had showed its appearance many many times on my blog.  Hahaha.. 

We did not go to the theme parks this time but headed to the amusement park instead.  It was already 3+pm when we came up from Strawberry Farm so it's not worth the money spent for the tickets to play for only a couple of hours. 

At the Bakery for some desserts

See, everywhere was packed with people. 

While waiting for desserts to be served by no other than daddy, my boy killed his boredom by playing.....

Cupcake - sliced mango shaped into a rose

Green Tea cupcake


Iced Milk Tea

Last but not least, he got an ice-cream treat by daddy from Baskin Robbins before heading home.. Looked like my boy had never  got enough of strawberries after our trip to the Strawberry Farm earlier. ;)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Strawberry Farm, Genting Highlands

The entrance

This is a backdated post.

We went to Strawberry Farm in Genting Highlands over the last school holidays.  It was a public holiday and also my boy's birthday eve.  As we still had cash balance in our Holiday Card from our last Genting trip which was near expiry,  we decided to go up to Genting again after dropping at the Strawberry farm.

The strawberry & chocolate fondue themed fountain

We were greeted by this gigantic fountain at the entrance and the admission to the strawbery farm was free.

The rows and rows of strawberry plants

We decided to join in the fun to hand pick some strawberries and were given a plastic tray and a pair of scissors.  The hand picked strawberries would then be weighed and charged at RM12 per 200gm (if my memory serves me correctly) which was a bit on the high side, guess they had to factor in the wastage.  I saw some kids simply threw the previously selected ones on the ground when they found larger and more juicier looking ones.;(

These two look good though a bit too small

 Definitely not the one on the far right, boy

My boy busy "harvesting" the red and juicy looking strawberries 

It's fun!

They have a cafe selling all kinds of strawberries made desserts but we tried neither.

They have a mini zoo too and the public are allowed to take pictures with them at a price, I think they charge RM10 per photo.  I saw a Malay girl posing with a big, long snake.. for the camera. Isssh..  No.. not even if they offer to pay me double and asked me to pose with those "aliens".. yucks!  I managed to snap this photo before they stopped me. ;)

Next, going  up Genting Highlands.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Is He So Fascinated With?

Reading on my lappie

And still reading

He was reading the story plot of Toy Story 3 from wikipedia's website.  He spent at least 15 minutes to finish reading all the tiny words and in between lines, pointed his finger at the end line to make sure his eyes catched the following line precisely. 

We went to watch the movie during the recent school holidays with his grandparents.  Since then, he had been bugging me to google the story so that he could read it as he insisted he did not quite get the full picture of the story.  I did the same for him after watching Shrek Forever After too, well, just to stop him from asking so many why, why and why questions and it had worked wonderfully well.  No more questions asked after that. Phew! ;)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Power Of Antioxidants

Everybody wants to maintain a youthful look despite aging.  What causes aging?  Free radicals play an important role in both aging and diseases. Luckily, we have antioxidants to fight free radicals.  Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione.

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS) is the premiere provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide.

OXIS develops and plans to sell Nutraceutical and Cosmecuetical products featuring natural ingredients believed to have beneficial effects on human health. OXIS’ first products will include L-Ergothioneine (ERGO) as a key component. ERGO is a very powerful, multifaceted antioxidant.



Thursday, June 24, 2010

What We Did On Father's Day..

Lets kick start our picnic (coffeeshop style) by the beach

Yup, completed with a table and stools to sit on, just like in a coffeeshop. ;)

Bidding Farewell to the beach..


Sepang Beach

I love to play at Sepang Beach

We had fun..

On Father's Day last Sunday, our initial plan was to get Ian enrolled to the Sunday School at Maha Vihara in Brickfields before picking up the in-laws and headed to Sepang Beach for a picnic and thereafter to have seafood in Tanjung Sepat.

I got all necessary ingredients ready with help from hubby the night before.  What I had to do the next morning was to fry the mee hoon, fry some eggs, hashbrowns and nuggets.  We prepared puddings, steamed corn on the cobs the night before.  It was almost 9am the moment we were done packing and left the condo.

We spent a good 2 hours at Maha Vihara in Brickfields to get Ian enrolled which obviously wasn't expected.  Why 2 hours?  This will be in another post entry.

By the time we reached the beach, it was already 1 pm.  While on the way to the beach, dad in-law had started hinting about dropping by somewhere to eat but we had packed homecooked food.  I knew the old man was starving and the moment we hit the beach,  I hurriedly unloaded our food while hubby assembled the folding table.  Yup, we had our picnic lunch in style, coffeeshop style armed with a table and stools, that's it by the beach.  ;)    I laid all the food on the table and we had our food while enjoying the sea breeze and ocean view.

I changed my boy into his swimming suit so that he could have a dip in the sea water.  He made some friends and was reluctant to leave when the scorching heat got unbearable.  With a heavy heart, he wrote his farewell "speech" on the sand with a stick.

It was slightly over 3pm when we decided to leave the beach.  We ended up at KLIA instead of following our plan to go to Tanjung Sepat for seafood.  This again, will be saved for another post.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When He Is Ready..

Light Off

Light On

When He Is Ready...... He Starts To Walk

He started to walk on his 1st birthday.  He didn't give us the slightest hint that he was ready to walk before that.  He could stand up with minimal support by holding things like furniture around him but that's all.  We had not seen him making any attempts to walk even for a few steps and he would fuss whenever we tried to encourage him to do so.  It was on his first birthday and my cousins were teasing him and passing the birthday presents they brought him around.  He crawled at first BUT suddenly he stood up.. firmly and then started walking (almost running) towards the presents where they were passed.. haha.. walking round and round like merry go round.  Damn funny I tell ya...

When He Is Ready..... He Starts To Spell And Read Bahasa

He was first introduced to Ejaan when he was 5 and was yet to master sukukata which was the key to spelling and reading Bahasa.  I was too busy with my fulltime job then and he had to spend most of his weekdays at Yeh Yeh's house. *guilty*  He got zero in his Ejaan test on most occasions though he did well in the rest of the subjects.  I even received sarcarstic comments from his class teacher.  She even went on and said my son was at a "lower level" compared to some of her students which appeared "brighter" to her or maybe easier to teach.. Come on, he was only 5 then.  I cried buckets over her negative remarks.  I self made sukukata flash cards and practised with him.  One year later, my son was awarded "Best Reader in Bahasa Malaysia" on his kindy Graduation Night.  Kudos to Teacher Sukie (my boy's 6 yrs old Class Teacher). To sum it up, it's the quality of the teacher that really matters, not the school..

When He Is Ready.... He Starts To Read Story Books

Most of the kids in my in-laws social circle are mostly "brilliant", reason being they were sent to enrichment and more enrichment classes when they were a toddler.  I sent my boy to none.  Some of them started reading at the age of 2!  At that age, my boy still baby talked.  I did not rush him into reading but surround him with books at home and read with him during bedtime.  Gradually, he showed interest in reading and by 5, he could read a book with simple story all on his own.  During weekdays when he doesn't get to watch TV, his pastime would always be reading.. perhaps out of no choice. Hahaha...  Anyway, I am proud of him.

When He Is Ready... He Starts To Sleep In His Own Room

Since the day his daddy brought back this Avatar Night Lamp (the above pics), I had been teasing him that since now that he had Avatar, nothing to be scared of anymore even if it means sleeping alone.  One night, during the school holidays, I repeated the teasing and this time he said yes!  True to his words, he still sleeps in his room with daddy or mommy co-sleeps with him once a while.  Well done, Son!

This Spoka Night Lamp from Ikea is sweet and glows in the dark like Casper The Friendly Ghost.  It is rechargeable, cordless,  rubberized and what more.. by a press on its "head" it gives out warm, Avatar like light.. ;) 

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Back To Blogging

Yes, I am back to the blogging world now that school holidays are officially over... and we (my boy and I) are now back to our usual routine.;) 

We had done lots of activities and enjoyed every bonding moments together.  Please bear with me with all the backdated post entries that i am going to post up very soon. hehehe..

Some of the activities / work accomplished during the 2 weeks' holidays:

  • Built a toy solar house
  • Ian's 2nd visit to dentist at Klinik Pergigian Bangsar
  • Accompanied dad in-law for a visit to neurologist at UMSC
  • Picnic at Sepang Beach, Bagan Lalang (On Father's Day)
  • Visits to TTDI Library
  • A visit to TTDI Park (yep, only once throughout the holidays though it's so near to our place) ;(
  • Daily revision with my boy
  • Visits to Smaland, Ikea
  • Visits to Popular Bookshop
  • Phase I: Weeded the garden at our Puchong house (vacanted now) Phase II: Grass replanting (can only start when time allows) ;(
  • Watched 3 movies, the last movie with parents in-law tagged along : a) Shrek Forever After b) Karate Kids c) Toy Story 3
  • A visit to Genting Highlands and Strawberry Farm at GohTong Jaya (On Ian's Birthday eve)
  • Got my boy registered to BISDS (Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School at Maha Vihara, Brickfields.
  • Last but not least, quality bonding time spent with my boy!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Son

I will come back for updates on what we had done over the weekend.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

School Is Out!

Jelly mould from Daiso

Jelly mould from Tesco
Orange flavoured

Lychee flavoured

Today is the last day of school before mid term holidays begin and my boy is having a school party at his school this afternoon in conjunction with Teacher's Day Celebration.  The kids, in particularly boys are allowed to gel their hair up for this whole week and today there will be no classes which means no heavy school bag to drag along.  Hooray!! 

I made him some Konnyaku jellies to share with his classmates.  He helped me to put the cut fruits into the mould cubicles.  I wanted to make him some fish ball sticks too but dropped the plan knowing that it would be a chore to carry those stuff all by himself to the classroom. 

I can't wait for the school holidays to begin, ya, I know I sound more excited than my boy is.  I just can't wait to execute my holiday plans! ;)

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