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Friday, July 22, 2011

Young Kids Should Be Banned From

Thanks Yan for tagging me and my apologies for taking a while to respond to the tag.

Here it goes..

Young kids should be banned from:

1.  Staying up late but instead a bedtime routine must be strictly adhered to.
2.  Babysitting by TVs, computers or any electronic gaming gadgets.
3.  Throwing tantrums and whining to get what they want.
4.  Being disrespectful, especially to elderly and parents.
5.  Talking with their mouths full of food.
6.  Interrupting one's conversations.
7.  Being rude and boastful 
8.  Access to social networking websites such as Facebook.

That's all I can think of for now.  Thanks again Yan for tagging me and it has been quite a long while since I was last tagged. :)


I Talked A Little Only..

A mother called me last night to confirm what her daughter had told her.  The boy told me while on the way home last evening about what they have to do during art lesson today.  The class made a lot of noise during the same lesson last week and the art teacher made a complaint to their class teacher.  The class teacher got so annoyed with the noisy class a couple of days ago during her lesson and made the whole class stand for the whole lesson.  She later decided/to reprimand the class to copy 100 rows of "Sorry, Teacher Cxx" during today's art lesson for.. last week's misbehaves.

The mother asked if we should let our kids copy some first and to continue the balance at school.  Oh, my.. with the exam just around the corner.. next Tuesday to be exact.. and we have been busy revising all subjects and now with all those copying, I would just let the boy copy them at school. ^o^

The mother and I shared the same sentiment as far as talkativeness is concerned as we both have active kids.  I then asked the boy if he had indeed "contributed" to the punishment in one way or another.

Ian:  I talked a little only wor but most of the time I didn't talk.
Mommy: Ha.. *speechless*

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Friday, July 15, 2011

What Matters Most In My Life?

I have been asking myself the same question over and over again for the past month. I was offered a highly paid, flexitime home based job by my ex-colleague who now holds a key position in an international company.  As it is home based, I can practically work from home with my pyjamas on.  Sounds too good to be true, right, don't you think and I am sure any SAHM would sure jump at the chance. 

But then, I had to turn down the job offer mainly because the job scope requires me to travel overseas extensively.  If I were single, I would have taken up the offer without hesitation but now I'll have to give it a miss.  My family especially the boy still matters the most to me.  I hope I would not regret in the later part of my life for letting go such a golden opportunity.

I have seen and witnessed working mothers who still do a good job raising up their children despite having to juggle between work and family but not without supportive spouses who involve themselves actively in parenting their children.  As for my spouse, work keeps him away from home more often than not and he thinks that I can do a better parenting job than him. :( 

*To Be Continued*

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Till The Day I Pass Away

Just to clear the spider web off my blog, here sharing my conversation with the boy last night before light's off:

Ian: Good Night, mommy. * gives me a peck on my cheek*
Mommy: Good Night, boy.  I wonder how long I can still enjoy your kisses. 
Ian:  Don't worry, mom.  You get to enjoy my kisses till the day I pass away. *another peck on my cheek*
Mommy:  Awwww... *sweet*

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