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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Transformers Toys

Optimus Prime (Truck Mode)
Larger model bought by hubby's cousin sis.
Optimus Prime (autobot mode) - Larger model
This larger model of Optimus Prime was Ian's Christmas present from hubby's cousin sister. He does not play with it much simply because he cannot keep his butt still in one place and finds carrying the toy around a chore. He requests a pocket model instead so that he can slip his toy into his pocket and play whenever and wherever he feels like it! Both hubby and I are more than happy to "give in" to his request. The pocket models cost RM20+ each while the larger one RM100++! *evil grins*
Optimus Prime (in truck mode), Megatron (in fusion tank mode),
both pocket model - his fav size
Optimus Prime (autobot mode), Megatron (decepticon mode)
I bought this pocket model of Optimus Prime from Toys'R'us One Utama after having searched high and low for it on my recent trip to Bangkok. Ha! I had earlier promised to get him this in Bangkok and ended up buying it in Malaysia. My sister bought Megatron for him as she knew my boy had been bugging me for a decepticon as he had all autobots (good guys) in his collection but not one decepticon (bad guy). How would my good guys launch a fight without any bad guys, mommy? He can always find one thousand and one excuses to convince you into getting what he wants.

Bumble Bee - car mode, Rachet - tanker mode
Springer - airplane mode (All pocket size)
Rachet, Bumble Bee & Springer in Autobot mode

The middle one, Bumble Bee was his Christmas present from us while the other two was from "Santa Claus". I encouraged him to write a letter to Santa Claus just before Christmas with a wish list and this is what he got! *wink*

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