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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things He Does To De-Stress

I had my mind all set up the moment I decided to send my boy to a chinese primary school. I knew I would have to quit my full-time job before he went to primary one. My parents in-law had been helping a lot in taking care of my boy's daily needs since the day he was born. They cooked nutritious meals for him, be his personal chaffeur, guided him on his homework and the list goes on. I couldn't have thanked them enough for what they have done for us.

My dad in-law is slowly showing symptoms of an incurable disease though not diagnosed and confirmed by the specialist yet as he refused to go see one! I have tears rolling down my face everytime I think of him.

10 years ago, I took things for granted that my two sets of parents would always be in their tip top health condition and never had once it crossed my mind that they would one day become weak and ill as they aged. I will blog more about their present condition after clearing my backlogs of blog entries.

It has been 9 months now since I quit my job and I am glad to say that I enjoy every single day of it! Though he drives me up the wall most times when he has his writing homework, be it English, Bahasa and Chinese being the worst which he usually takes more than an hour to complete two pages. My sister says I set my standard to0 high.. yeah.. yeah. I must admit that I am a perfectionist but I must correct his sequence and position of strokes before the bad habit sets in!

To De-Stress and take a breather from his never ending homework,

Snacks while doing his business


Does silly things
Sings and dances

Sleeps like a baby..


Indulges in something sweet! Hooray!!!

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Blogger Irene said...

hi, here's a perfectionist to another perfectionist mom... a pastor once told me that the most noble job in life is to sacrifice our jobs (and of course somewhat our freedom and social life) to be a SAHM. enjoy your ian... time really flies.

February 8, 2010 at 9:33 AM  

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