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Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Conversations

Me: Mommy is sick, boy.
Ian: No, mommy cannot get sick.
Me: Why cannot get sick? But mommy is sick.
Ian: (Touches my forehead with his hand and concludes) Mommy, you are not sick larrr. No temperature.
Me: No, boy, mommy is sick.
Ian: (Runs to the kitchen and get me a cup of water, then to the bathroom, wet the towel, fold it and put on my forehead). Mommy, do you feel any better now?

Ian: (Walks over to me, complaining) Mommy, daddy beat me.
Me: (Reading a book and ignores him)
Ian: Mommy! daddy beat me!!!
Me: Ok, I go and beat daddy back now.
Ian: No, don't want.
Me: You told me daddy beat you and I thought you wanted me to beat him back.
Ian: No larrr. Not so painful la. Never mind larr.
Me: *grins*

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