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Monday, January 4, 2010

All Ready For 1st Day of School

Some of Ian's school text and activities books

All geared up for school

At the assembly hall before going into the classroom
Happy to be in the classroom

Again, getting ready for assembly before recess dismissal

My talkative boy busy making new friends

Eating the canteen catered food

Today is Ian's official 1st day in primary one and since primary one and two are in the afternoon sessions, there will not be any morning rushes at least for the first two years. Ian woke up quite late at 9am and I made pancakes for breakfast which he didn't favour much. He still prefers his chicken and egg burger after having it for breakfast everyday for weeks! Arghhh!! Who can I blame when I am not adventurous in experimenting different dishes myself. One of my new year resolutions would be to add more varieties of dishes to my cooking. em hem..

We had minced pork and salted egg porridge for lunch and after Ian had a quick shower, off we drove to the school which was 5 minutes' drive from our place. I dropped off Ian at the school front gate while I went to find parking. The traffic was heavy as the dismissal and starting time between morning classes and afternoon classes clashed, some of the vehicles were there to pick up pupils while others dropping off.

I made Ian sit in the first row in his classroom but being the tallest in class, I doubt if he could secure his seat for long. LOL... Some of the mothers in Ian's class suggested that we exchanged email addresses and updated each other on the kids' daily homework through emails which I thought was a brilliant idea to ensure not missing out on any assigned homework.

I signed Ian up for the catered food at the school canteen during recess time and paid RM40 per month for the service. As Ian has been a big eater recently and the food portion served was small, I am still undecided if I should make a light lunch box for him to top up with the catered food. He attacked the coffee bun that I brought for him today soon after finishing off the catered food of a bowl of soup noodles and a glass of orange cordial! Oh my, he will soon become a fatty bum bum in no time!

As daddy was not home for dinner, we had simple dishes consisted of ABC soup and steamed minced pork and egg for dinner and again, Ian wiped off a full plate of rice and a big bowl of soup and as though that wasn't enough, before calling it a day, he had his supper of a cup of cereal and a big coffee bun!! My, my... I think I would have to start watching his diet seriously from now on.



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