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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Westin, Kuala Lumpur

This is a backdated post.

The Westin KL is located on the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang with the lobby right opposite Pavilion KL which makes it a hotel of choice for lots of tourists. If you are driving, the parking can be a little difficult to get to from Jalan Bukit Bintang and it will be advisable to access it through the Ritz Carlton KL.

The Westin KL hotel lobby isn’t very big and is set in a stylish and contemporary design. They always have two pitchers of Orange & Mint and Peach & Strawberry elixirs at the entrance for their guests to refresh themselves in the hot and humid KL weather. Because of the small lobby, it can sometimes be a little crowded especially if there are a high number of guests around.

There are 4 speed lifts servicing the rooms and rooms can only be accessed when you slot your hotel card to select the floor where you stay. The room was quite spacious with a little day bed by the window (who doubles up as Ian's bed for the night) and a writing desk. I was a bit surprised to see that their TV was not a flat screen TV.

We arrived at Westin Hotel around 3pm for checking into the hotel room for a night's stay on Christmas night. We had to wait for an hour for the room key to be ready and given to us. There was a play corner to entertain the guests' kids while waiting to be checked in and a hotel attendant watching over them. Ian played the big brother role as most of the kids were younger than him and he willingly made swords out of blocks when requested by them. He named his sword creation "Dragon Sword". The kids there were all crazy over his creation and fighting for the sword. )O.O

At the hotel play corner while waiting to be checked in

The famous heavenly bed
The signature Heavenly Bed... I think it would cost you RM10k should you wish to take one home. It's plush but firm feel and isolates movement which is ideal for light sleepers, pillow-top and these usually down filled layers add a plush softness to the underlying firm mattresses. You usually love the feeling or hate it. I don't favour hard mattresses so I like it to the brim! It feels like it's coddling your body! We liked the smaller pillow they included in their many pillows which doubled up as a really comfortable bolster for us!
The day bed doubled up as Ian's bed for the night.:)
The bathroom

The shower screen


Let's unwind after the hectic days..

My boy lazing around with legs "berkangkang" *shakes head*

The view from our hotel room was just spectacular overlooking Twin Tower, KL Tower and the Pavilion Residences which could cost up to a staggering sum of RM1.5 million to own a standard unit of RM1300sq ft. Hubby said he would buy a unit there should he strike lottery. Dream.. dream .. dream... lol. But who knows, a dream can one day turn into reality.

KLCC Twin Towers

KL Tower
Pavilion Residences
Prince Hotel & Residence

The typical KL city scenario.. Jams... and endless jams. Pavilion just across the street

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