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Friday, December 31, 2010

He Can Swim!

Killing time at the playground while waiting for his swimming lesson to begin

Yesterday was my boy's ninth swimming lesson and his first time treading water without any floating aids.  He was panic initially and had to struggle to keep himself afloat and that tired him out quickly.  He was more at ease when he got the hang of it after a while.  The instructor still insisted that they have their pair of arm rings on when swimming breaststroke (frogstyle).  He could swim reasonably well with the arm rings on though on and of he still had inconsistent synchronization of breathing with the swim stroke cycle.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid after that and my boy complained of hunger as usual after swimming.  He had earlier a homemade burger and a cup of milo for breakfast.  As I still have some vouchers from Starbuck expiring in two days' time, we decided to have cakes to fill up our tummy or rather my boy's.  :)

We went shopping for CNY clothings at Parkson after our quick bite.  It was Bonuslink card day yesterday and you got RM10 voucher for every RM150 purchase.  I didn't get mine as I didn't have Bonuslink card or I might as well say I'd lost it! Nevermind as I got a cash rebate of 15% from using my AMEX card on top of the 60% discount for certain items.. an extra bonus and more importantly, the good feeling of having spent my money wisely..  LOL...

Blueberry cheesecake, chocolate tuxedo, my cup of coffee and my boy's mango passion

We went down to our condo pool again in the evening and this time I asked him to swim without any floating aids.  And yes, so he did!  He can swim and do water treading for at least a minute! It could have been longer but I asked him to stop knowing his "kiasuness" to prove himself.  I knew he was worn out after a long day swimming, walking, shopping and swimming again.. Anyway, I think he still need to work on his synchronization of breathing with his swim stroke cycle so that he won't get tired out easily..  ´╗┐He has 3 more lessons left from the package that I signed him up and hopefully the remaining lessons would be used to improve and sharpen his newly acquired skills.  Way to go, boy!

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Blogger Hayley said...

Swimming is a good exercise! I love swimming too!
Here wishing you and family, Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2010 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger Mommy to Chumsy said...

Well done :) I bet he loves swimming now :) Happy New Year to you and your family.

December 31, 2010 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Annie Q said...

Remind myself, end of next year should sent my boys for swimming class. Doctor did said swimming is good for lung, since Fearles cough a lot, i think he need swimming as his exercise.

Wah, so fast do chinese new year shopping already? I remember i just finish doing christmas shopping last week only. hahhahahahhaha

Here wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and maybe year 2011 will be a better year for all of us.

December 31, 2010 at 10:24 AM  
Blogger yvonne said...

Not bad for an amateur, Ian! I enjoyed my shopping at Parkson last two weekends, too :) Nothing beats retail therapy, kekeke!

Happy new year and all the best to you and your family!

December 31, 2010 at 10:35 AM  
Blogger reanaclaire said...

hey, can get extra 15% using AMEX? i didnt know that.. i also dont use bonus link cos always forget to take it out..
the other day i use chartered bank in kenny rogers, they give us 15% rebate on food.. not bad!

December 31, 2010 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger sting said...

he's pretty good considering only so few lessons... happy 2011

December 31, 2010 at 2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good! Very sad that many young people cannot swim - no time, parents simply push them to study, study, time for anything else. Just hope that they do not fall into a pool or a river! Tsk! Tsk! Eeeee....Starbucks! You so rich hor...

December 31, 2010 at 2:44 PM  
Blogger Inspired Momx1 said...

Hayley: Happy New Year to you too..:)

Barb: He loves swimming so much.. and I am glad that he masters it before the school opens.

Annie: CNY is only a month away and after this sale, there won't be any more sales before CNY.. Ya, swimming is good for lungs. No need to wait this next year end as he's still in kindy.. lesser homework compared to primary school.

Yvonne: There's sale going on in Taiping too?

Claire: Some of the credit card cos also have the 15% rebates and Amex's until end February next year. I think it doesn't apply to food, only for purchases in selected departmental stores.

Sting: Ya, happy that he masters it before the school opens.:)

stp: Ya,good to know how to swim.. too bad I am only rich in vouchers, not in cash though.. LOL..

December 31, 2010 at 3:13 PM  
Blogger Shenny's mommy said...

Well done, Ian.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

December 31, 2010 at 11:16 PM  
Blogger Alice Law said...

I'm sure your boy will do well really soon, practices make prefect!;D

January 2, 2011 at 12:07 AM  

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