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Monday, May 25, 2009

Tooth Fairy

It is important to note that the eruption time varies from one child to another. Around the ages of two to three years old, primary teeth should all have erupted.
A - Central Incisors - 8-13 months
B - Lateral Incisors - 8-13 months
C - Canines (cuspids) -16-23 months
D - First Molars - 13-19 months
E - Second Molars - 25-33 months

A - Central Incisors - 6-10 months
B - Lateral Incisors - 10-16 months
C - Canines (cuspids) - 16-23 months
D - First Molars - 13-19 months
E - Second Molars - 23-31 months

Lower Central Incisors erupted at 4+ months 

@ 6 months- got both his upper and lower A,B,C,D teeth

@ 6 yrs old - Central Incisors: upper 2 yet to grow back,
lower two, just came in

Ian's first loose tooth turned up at around 4 1/2 yrs old. That got me worried as I thought it was way too early for his age. I then did a search on google and found the answer quite helpful to me.

"Baby teeth usually fall out in the order your child got them. This means the two center bottom teeth are often the first to go, followed by the top two center ones. If your child's baby teeth erupted late, chances are they'll fall out later, too.Not all children are happy about this rite of passage. Some may be afraid to eat or may be worried about how they will look or talk without teeth.Talk through your child's fears, and try serving soft foods for a bit if he complains about discomfort when a tooth is very loose. Most baby teeth fall out on their own.When the permanent teeth do come in, they'll have ridges and may be slightly yellow. They're also much larger than baby teeth. (Your child will grow into them.) Healthy toothbrushing habits become even more important now."



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