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Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 7 - Skin Food 12 Day Challenge *Price Revealed*

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What does the above line indicate, you may ask.  Just click on the red boiled eggs, oopss.. I mean '0' and it shall take you to where my before & after photos are.  I am still overwhelmed by the excellent result achieved thus far and so eager to share with you here.    Warning!  DO NOT click on the smaller black raw eggs or clean up your own mess! It really stinks, you know.. Ueuwww....

I was supposed to blog about Egg White Pore Clean Pad today but have to give way for a good reason.

Skin Food Malaysia has today announced on their facebook page the stock availability of their Egg White Pore Line products in Malaysia and stock is now readily available on the shelves of their stores although some stores in Sabah & Sarawak may take a little longer.  

To my blog readers who have earlier enquired about the pricing, the price list is now available for Egg White Pore Line:

Egg White Pore Line

1. Egg White Serum - RM 42.90 (contains U-zone serum 20ml + T-zone serum 20ml)

2. Egg White Pore Mask 100g - RM 44.00

3. Egg White Pore Clean Pads (10 pcs) - RM 28.80
    (5pcs each - Step 1 & Step 2)
4. Egg White Pore Foam 150ml - RM 45.90

What do you think of the pricing, dudes?  I personally reckon the price to be so affordable even for a Stay At Home Mom like myself!  Having such pleasant experience with Skin Food T-zone & U-zone Serum and Clean Pads, I will definitely go grab the mask and cleansing foam tomorrow..  
Till then, look out for my haul and Day 8 challenge tomorrow..  :)



Blogger lena said...

looking at the improvement of your skin in the previous post, i think this is a very good price..definately worth buying if results proven!!

November 18, 2011 at 8:13 PM  
Blogger Mummy Gwen said...

The price is very affordable. Can't wait to see what is in store tomorrow.

November 18, 2011 at 8:37 PM  
Blogger Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, the products are very affordable. Going to check them out very soon!

November 18, 2011 at 10:00 PM  
Blogger reanaclaire said...

hey, the prices are reasonable.. if i m not mistaken, there is an outlet here in Jaya Jusco..
Anyway, looking forward to a new face You! :)

November 18, 2011 at 10:26 PM  
Blogger Small Kucing said...

uiks...i thought at least a product is like above RM100. Looks affordable...hmmm wondering if i should say affordable or not ...mana tau later the company see people say affordable they will go and increase price pulak.

November 18, 2011 at 10:37 PM  
Blogger Small Kucing said...

oh ya...when will it be available ya?

November 18, 2011 at 10:38 PM  
Blogger Sheoh Yan said...

The price is pretty affordable and about the same as those drugstore skin care range like Neutrogena, Eucerin and Olay. It is definitely cheaper than those branded skin care range like SKII, Estee Lauder, and Clarins.

November 19, 2011 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

price sounds reasonable...i might give it a shot. thanks. :)

November 19, 2011 at 9:12 PM  
Blogger Agnes said...

The prices consider very reasonable compare to many other products. Sabah & Sarawak memang slow a bit for any new products launched and the prices are always much more expensive.."sigh"

November 20, 2011 at 2:04 AM  
Blogger MeRy said...

The price sound reasonable......

November 20, 2011 at 3:57 PM  
Blogger yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing the price, now I'm planning for a trip to nearby store as it's very reasonable with superb effect to minimize pores.

Initially I thought it would be above RM70 - RM100 for each product.

November 22, 2011 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Cynthia said...

good one.. I was waiting for the price revelation.. and it's not that high after all..

November 22, 2011 at 11:18 AM  
Blogger eng eng said...

The prices are really reasonable... I wish to have a set too...

November 23, 2011 at 11:04 AM  

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