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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Aloha!!!   *blowing away spiderwebs.....*. It has been more than two years since I last posted any entries here.  Some blogger mummies dropped me PMs and comments somewhere in my old post entries and asked when I would start blogging again. I had a gathering with fellow cousins the other day and one of my cousins asked the same. My boy too.  He says, mom, your blog is dead! When will you start writing again? I miss reading your blog!  Me too, son.

I spent some time reading my own blog a couple of days ago and ha, those old entries brings back old memories, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, all rolls into one.  ok ok, I exaggerated a bit la... Let me jot this down before it flies out the window again.. Be warned, this is yet another *syiok sendiri" post of yours truly. Lol....

On the way back after his badminton session today, we had this conversation in the car....

Son: Mom, I think we have the closest bond compared to my buddies with their moms.
Mom: .......
Son: Such as K hor, that day I hitch a ride home in his mom's car, the mom asks him questions, he's like very reluctant to answer wor. SH also acts the same.
Mom: Oh, yakah? You are different mah. Your mom is a weirdo, don't like shopping, only go online shopping, prefers to stay home. That's why you get more chance to stick to me lor... But now hor... You are a teen and you like to argue....
Son: Healthy debate is good mah, you did say that before...


Monday, April 25, 2016

Class Change

The boy is recently placed in KRK. He is the only Chinese in the class. On the morning of class change, his friend from previous class was so kind to introduce him to a Sikh from the same class. They became good friends instantly. The night before the class change, he was still reluctant to leave his friends from the old class (mostly friends from primary school and newly made friends) but he now says his present class is better after just 3 days. Boys... Glad that he is adapting well.
Boy: Mom, Dhiraj has got green and brown eyes (pupils). He has fair skin too. He looks like your idol, Aamir Khan.
Mom:Wah! Really?!! I really want to meet up with him one day la....
Boy: the skin colour only lo.. Nyek.. Nyek...
Mom: Ceh! but I am still envious leh. Never had I got a Sikh as my friend during secondary days!
Boy: Dhiraj and I are the exotic races in class. Arrr.. Josephine too. I think she is a Kadazan...
Mom: good what. You get to learn other people's culture more.
Boy: *nods head in agreement
Boy: They hor, always like to say babi and bodoh when scolding people. I overheard at the canteen some even refer Chinese as Cina Babi.
Mom: not scolding you right? Then just act blur lor... Or if you have to say something, then Melayu nasi lemak, India tosai, errr.. What else? Not wrong right as these are the food we usually eat.
Boy& mom: LOL!!
Boy: *shows me the messages in his class WhatsApp group..
One Malay boy asked: Are you Cantonese or Chinese since you say doh cheh is Cantonese?
The boy answered: Cina dan Kantonis Cina jugak maaa.
Then the Malay boy responded: ohh, aku tak tau maaa... Then lol...The rest followed suit. LOL..
Really, we must encourage our kids to mix with kids of other races to learn, understand and respect each others' races, culture and religion better from young. Only then we can see hope of racial unity at the end of the tunnel, hopefully the day will come...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bumbu Bali @Bandar Puteri Puchong


We went for lunch at Bumbu Bali on my birthday.  It was a sumptuous lunch for us and though the price was a bit on the premium side, the portion was huge!  Both the boy and myself could not finish our portion, needless to say it all ended up in our "bandaraya's" tummy.  Burpsssssss...

The interior decor of Bumbu Bali

We ordered a jug of Barley lime equivalent to around 4 1/2 glasses @RM18+

Cute little glass of orange juice that comes with kid's meal

Fried squid, cumi cumi something @RM19+ if I didn't get it wrong

The boy's chicken and chips @RM23+?

My order, Nasi Campur @RM37+, premium price but so yummilicious!

Spaghetti Bolognese @RM11+ and it comes with a small glass of a choice of soya bean milk or orange juice.

Daddy's had the kid's meal as he knew too well he had another important role to play later, Bandaraya! Sapu!! Hehe...

IOI Privilege Carholders are entitled to a 10% discount of the total bill.  We were not one and we paid  RM130+, not too bad considering the quality of food and service that we had.  Thumbs up!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine...

Today is a double Celebrations for those who celebrate Valentine's Day and Chap Goh Mei.  We don't celebrate these occasions but instead we will have our all in one celebration two days later on my birthday.

The boy's school declared "cuti peristiwa" today in conjunction with Chap Goh Mei.  We love cuti peristiwa as it means no replacement school needed for the said declared holidays.

This morning we had a bit of revision done before heading out for lunch.  We stopped at our favourite air-conditioned cafe nearby and took a peek from our car  only to spot heads, heads and only mountains of human heads  through the tinted glass partition of the cafe, full house it was.  

The boy was famished so we ended up in Pizza Hut for a quick lunch.  The boy spotted couples dining at the restaurant:

Boy: Ooo, mommy, today is Valentine's Day hor and look, so many couples here.

Mom: We are a couple what and you are my Valentine.

Boy:  No, daddy is your valentine, I am not.

Mom: No, you misinterpreted the word "Valentine".  It simply means your loved ones.  Am I your loved one?

Boy: Of course yes!

Mom:  Then next time hor, when you take your mom out for a meal on Valentine's Day, don't feel awkward ok? I am your valentine (loved one), remember?

Boy:  *nodding his head while enjoying his bowl of mushroom soup*

Mom: ^.*

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Better Year Ahead

2013 had been a turbulent year for me and I lost 5 kg within 6 months! For the days that lie ahead, I promise myself that I must work harder to make our "project" a success  but never ever forget to pamper and love myself more.

The gardening stand hubby bought for me months ago can  finally put into good use.


                                             My baby sawi sprouting!  

One tiny little okra seedling showing its shy appearance on the far bottom right. Yeah!

My 2nd batch of corn seedlings starts to show up and say, Hi World! :)

After gardening, I made myself a bowl of Korean Shin Ramyun gourmet spicy noodles for breakfast. Hubby bought it during a Korean food fair. Yummeh!!

Okay, time to get down to business. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Beautiful Day

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and couldn't wait to accomplish some of the tasks that have been playing in my mind but did not have the energy to execute.  Self reminder to self again: Health Is Wealth!  

I made a mini American breakfast for the boy, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 toasted bread spread with peanut butter and butter and a cup of hot Milo.  I just love to see his face expression the moment he walks down after bath and sees his "sumptuous" breakfast laid out on the dining table.  Needless to say,he walloped everything I prepared for him and off he went to school with a full stomach and a cheery mood. My "easy to please" boy. Hehehehe....

I had an hour doing gardening before hanging out the laundry.  My corn patch is ready!  The ABC soup was already boiling on the stove, rice washed and wax sausages in the steamer and i will only have to press the "ON" switch before going out to fetch the boy later and stir fry one vege dish when we get home and tadaa.. Lunch is ready. Now I better move my butt out of the sofa and get some serious tasks done.  Need to bake a batch of cinnamon rolls this evening for the hubs to take to his office tomorrow.   What a beautiful day! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Myself More

Again, I made 4 slices of French toast for breakfast this morning and the boy finished them all and downed a cup of soya bean milk.  In the car on our way to his school, he suddenly remembered and asked me: What are you gonna eat for breakfast, mom? You asked me to finish it ( the french toast) all?  He then put his palm on my forehead to check for temperature.  I have been under the weather for 3 days.  No temperature but make sure you eat when you get home ya, he said.  Awww... 

He is in the top class again this year and came home with piles of homework since day one, brought home 7 yesterday which he started doing from 3pm and only managed to finish all just before the clock struck 7pm!

He has started tuition this year, only for Chinese subject while for the rest of the subjects, tutor mommy will still be the one in-charge.

We both love our new routine i.e. start and end our day early.  I have so much to do but my body health is holding me back.  Self Reminder: The top priority in my must do list: LOVE MYSELF MORE.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Day Of School 2014

This year marks the first year of morning school for the boy after 4 years in the primary school.  We had a good start in the morning.  I got up at 5.58am just before my alarm set off.  The boy bounced up of bed on my first wake up call to him.  After his bath, he came down and walloped 4 slices of French toast I made for brekkie coupled with a cup of Milo.  We even had time for a 10 mins' chat before heading to school.  

Traffic at the school was heavy but bearable.  I dropped him off at the school gate and headed back home to do my gardening.  After breakfast, I washed a load of laundry, swept and mopped the floor and still have time to catch up reading my novel and Fb updates before hanging out the laundry and then it's time to prepare lunch.

I cooked spaghetti with carbonara sauce for lunch and also made the boy's favourite mashed potatoes. Headed out to fetch the boy at 12.10pm and traffic at the school was horrendous!  The school kids came out from all directions and I had no idea which gate he was coming out from.  The weather was scorching hot and without an umbrella with me, I felt  I was melting away under the hot sun! Spotted the boy finally after 20 minutes.  The traffic then was worse, almost to a standstill! Bumped into a friend while walking to our car parked 500 metres away.  Her car was still crawling with her two kids in the afternoon session in the car and it was 25 mins past the supposedly afternoon school starting time! Crazy! 

We got home finally and the boy had two bowls of mashed potatoes, one big plate of carbonara spaghetti and one mango for lunch.  How not to become chubby eating like that huh but I like his healthy appetite and enjoy seeing him eat!  Ahahaha...  

After lunch, we took a break before he started on his homework.  He told me he has very mean teachers this year, especially the Maths teacher! She set out rules of do's and dont's and stressed that whoever against the rules "就死定"!(will sure die)!
After finishing the line, he turned to me with a wicked look on his face and asked, mom, do you think it's good or bad news knowing very well what my reply would have been.  The mom said, GOOD NEWS, of course!  I like the teacher already! He gave me a killer stare followed by a long sigh..  Hahaaha... I have one subject down and can put more focus on other subjects. I know him too well, he works best under pressure. His performance is tip top when he gets good (mean) teachers.  Wuahahaha.... Bad mommy here. :D End of report.