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Friday, March 19, 2010

Holiday Ends Here

Sandakan Airport Boarding Hall
Everything good has to come to an end. We left my parents' house for the airport after breakfast. Ian hugged his Popo, GungGung and Yiyi who saw us off before walking into the boarding hall. He spotted this Orang Utan huge plush toy displayed in front of a souvenir shop at the boarding hall and insisted that I took photos of him with the Orang Utan.

The Free T-Shirt was out of stock:(
We boarded the plane as scheduled and were allocated the very last row of seats. Ian said he was hungry and requested me to order spaghetti bolognese for him. He was so drained that he knocked out way before his meal arrived, the result of playing non-stop with his 2 cousins every day the moment they open their eyes through midnight.
The school holiday promotion set that I had wanted to order but the T-Shirt was out of stock even it was still 2 days away before the promotion ended. What a dissappointment!
All drained up. Had to wake him up to eat.;)
As hubby was outstation and unable to fetch us from LCCT, we took a cab back and that set me back RM70+. We enjoyed our trip back home and would certainly cherish the quality time spent together with my parents, brothers, sister, old friends, nephews and niece.
The RM9 Inflight Meal for my boy

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