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Friday, March 19, 2010

KFC, Batu 4, Sandakan (24 hours)

Kids enjoying the moments together

The pathetic looking chicken drumsticks

Look at how small the chicken parts are

Burnt Nuggets

Upon reaching home after meeting up with my friends, my brother asked if we would like to go for supper at KFC at Batu 4 which opens 24 hours. The kids was beaming with joy and said, Yeah, It's supper time! Hahaha....
The portion of chicken parts was pathetically small. I forgot to take a picture of the chicken wing which was unacceptably small given to us initially but I had it changed to drumstick which was slightly better. The chicky meal that I ordered for Ian was so overcooked and burnt. It was really thumbs down and if you want a refill of your drinks, you will be charged RM2.40 per cup unlike in KL where you can have unlimited free refills.
Both my boy and Mei Mei (cousin sister) got themselves a chicky meal toy. My boy chose the Chicky Vision Book that came with a free chicky spectacles and Mei Mei got herself a different activity book with a cartoon like torchlight. The spectacles and torchlight are tools to see objects hidden in the book that can only be seen with the tools.
Both the kids and adults enjoyed their supper though the standard of food was not up to expectation. Guess it was the quality of time we all spent together that matters the most.

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