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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dim Sum at Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial KL

Celestial Court is a contemporary Chinese Restaurant located on the 3rd floor of Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur. As soon as you walk out from the lift, you will be greeted by a stone like signage and a mock pavilion before entering the restaurant. I had been here several times for dim sum and their har gau (prawn dumplings) had never failed us.

The service was good so as the food. As hubby is a Starwood Privilege member, we get 50% off all food and drinks when 2 persons dine. This round, we tagged along our boy and entitled to only 33% off but it's still value for money considering the quality of food, ambience and service. The bill was slightly over RM60 and it would have been cheaper, around RM40++ for the same dishes when only two persons dine.

The mock pavilion

The Menu

Century Egg Chicken Congee - yummy

Har Gau (Prawn Dumpling)
Big, fresh, juicy prawns in thin translucent crystal skin. A Must Have!

The prawn dumplings at Celestial Court reminded me of our first dim sum experience in Kowloon, Hong Kong. We had tried many places which served dim sum in Malaysia and nowhere came close to the one we had in Hong Kong until we dined here two years ago. Yes, it was this good! Hahaha... and this is not a paid post. If 2 persons dine and with the member card, you only pay RM7.50 (after 50% off) for a basket of 4 dumplings.

Lobak Gou (Fried Radish Cake) - yummy

Siew Mai (Meat Dumpling w/ baby abalones) - not bad
Steamed Chicken Char Siew Pau - taste so good
Dry Fried Flat Noodles - a bit too oily to my liking

Reflection of my son on the spoon.

I like this photo the most. My boy was impatiently playing with things around him after he had filled his tummy and waiting for both his old folks to fill up theirs. He took this shiny stainless steel spoon in his hand like a mirror and asked me to take pictures of his reflection on the spoon. Look at his cheeky laugh and the distorted face. Hahaha.....

Animal cage?

This cage caught our eyes and hubby took this photo from the restaurant. The renovation of the pub is still ongoing and it is located just across the road from the side entrance of Sheraton Imperial KL. The cage with a swing in it was thought to be for performance when night falls, so hubby guessed. He even let his imagination run wild by adding that the object in the cage could be that of a sexily dressed pretty lady who dances seductively in the cage when the show is on. Hey, we are in Malaysia and I really don't think the authority would ever allow that on a five foot way.

Complimentary cheese cake from the hotel

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