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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

KeranaMu Seafood Restaurant, Sandakan, Sabah

The entrance

Stir-fried lettuce (Yau Mak)

Fish Maw Soup

Steamed Garoupa

Butter Prawns

Claypot bean curd & Vege
Steamed herbal chicken

My boy monkeying aroung with boy boy

Live lobsters

Display board on types of seafood available


Sea Snails (Dung Fung Luo)


White Clams

We had dinner at KeranaMu Seafood Restaurant on the first day we were back in Sandakan with my parents, my brother and sister's family. Two of my cousin sisters held their wedding dinners there and I heard the food there was two thumbs up. Ian, who did not favour prawns, gobbled down 4 big prawns. The lettuce was also good, fresh and crunchy. The fish was perfectly cooked, tender and moist.

The fish maw soup and claypot bean curd and vege were not bad though nothing to shout about. Another highlight was the steamed herbal chicken, the chicken meat was so succulent, tender and smooth coated with thick herbal sauce and wolfberries. The bill came to about RM180 for 10 of us which was quite reasonable.

As no pork is served in this restaurant, it is also popular among the Malays to come and dine here. We spotted few tables of Malays dining while we were there.

KeranaMu Seafood Restaurant
Taman Indah Jaya
Batu 4, Jalan Labuk
Sandakan, Sabah

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