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Friday, March 5, 2010

Graduated Already What!

My parents in-law always eagerly wanted to get involved about almost everything in their only grandson's life since the day he was born. I can't blame them for behaving like that as they had waited a long 6 years for us to bear them a grandson ever since we got married.

We celebrated my father in-law's birthday last year at a restaurant. When it was cake cutting time, Ian requested his yeh yeh to make a birthday wish first before blowing the candles. Of course his yeh yeh obliged and guessed what his birthday wish was. He wanted to see his only grandson through university and my mother in-law has not stopped lamenting about this over and over again. If you bore a child as soon asyou got married, your child would have been 12 by now. Ha! How I wish!

My mother in-law's life has been good and she had travelled half of the world if not whole until 8 years ago when she developed osteoarthritis and could not walk far and that marked the end of her travel stories. He gave birth to my hubby exactly one year after getting married and people like her would never understand the pain and torture that I had to endure. I broke down and cried everytime I had my menses but I am lucky to have a husband who will stand by me and consoled me everytime I broke down. Thanks, Fei Lou.

They came over last week and again my mother in-law lamented about how my father in-law wished to see his only grandson through university and that he must have at least 90 years old to be able to see that and that I should have bore them a grandson the moment we got married.

How I wished I could turn back time. I nearly could not keep my cool but I was glad I did. I chipped in jokingly and said that Ian had graduated from university. Both the old folks were shocked at my remarks and paused for few seconds before asking why I said that. I pointed at Ian's kindie's graduand photo displayed on the wall and said "Look at the photo, graduated already what! Everyone in the living hall broke into laughter.:)

Graduated already what! Wuakaka....

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