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Saturday, March 6, 2010

McD's Pancakes.. I Want, I Want....

The rain is pouring now on a supposedly beautiful Saturday morning. It usually pours in the evening when I go to pick up Ian from school. I had actually wanted to take my boy for breakfast at McD's before sending him to school for his Han Yu Pin Yin class at 9:30am, then I would go to the wet market to do some marketing to stock up the fridge for a week before picking him up at 11am.

I am craving for McD's soft and fluffy pancakes now after browsing the pictures uploaded by my cousin sister on FB. She cooked herself some homemade pancakes for breakfast and that made me drool. Hahaha...

I vowed to have it this morning when I wake up. Looking out now, the sky is so gloomy and everywhere is so wet and that makes me lazy to move my butt out from the house at this hour. Arghhh! Rain.. Rain... Rain.. go away and come back another day!

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