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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing "Masak"

Getting the "Grill" ready for BBQ;)

Like a big bro only.
In fact, he is 1 yr+ younger than Mei Mei

While we were back in hometown, Ian and Mei Mei liked to play masak together. My parents' house has a spacious backyard. While waiting for the PSP to be recharged or on ocassions when it was taken over by my nephew (Ian's elder cousin), two of them would go out to the backyard and played masak.

The weather there was so freaking hot, with no rain but drizzles for mere few minutes when it did since months ago, according to my sister. I had to change Ian at least thrice a day and luckily I brought along half a dozen of his singlets;) My boy is prone to sweating more than others and to make things worse being super duper active that he is.

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