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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ocean King Seafood Restaurant, Sandakan (Revisited)

A New Face Lift of the signboard

The night before we flied back to KL, my brother hosted a dinner at Ocean King Seafood Restaurant, yet again.;) My last visit there was a year ago where we had our breakfast and dinner there. I personally reckoned that the standard of food had dropped and could it be due to the big crowd when we reached there about 8.15pm. The tables at the verandah which overlooks the ocean has all been taken and that left us no choice but settled for a table inside the restaurant.

Business Hours

I think they now open earlier than last year.

The front part of the restaurant

The place where we dined as the verandah was full. We did enjoyed the strong wind that blew in from the side window and the view from the window was great too. I tried many shots to get Sandakan town view from the window but all came out blur.;(

The extension from the verandah

The new extension from the main verandah, there was a vacant table but could not fit the 12 of us in. We get to have a closer view of the live fishes reared in the ocean itself though confined and guarded by netting in cubicles.

Live lobsters

Mantis Prawns



White Clams


Boy Boy, my sis's 2 1/2 yr old son

Ian and Mei Mei

Sea Snails (tung fung luo)

Closer shot

The flesh.. after being removed from the shell
Deep Fried Seafood Tofu (Beancurd)
This one tastes yummy

Steamed Garoupa
a bit overcooked

Fish Maw Soup
not bad

Crispy Chicken
the meat was quite tough

Butter Prawns
preferred unshelled, quite tough though

Stir-fried Vege, tastes right

All of us agreed that the food at KeranaMu was far more satisfiable than what we had here.

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