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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting Kids To Eat Vege The "Soup" Way

My pot of homecooked Cabbage Soup

Getting Ian to eat greens has been a chore ever since he started taking solids. He only likes long beans, french beans, carrots, onions and potatoes and that undoubtedly limits my cooking boundary in terms of dish options.

On normal days when Ian has to attend school, I will usually boil a soup to go with anything dry such as fried rice. I will either put all the ingredients into my crockpot the night befoe and let it simmer till the next morning or make a quick soup with some meat as stock in the morning.

Last week, I realised I didn't boil soup after cooking a pot of tasty rice and the last batch of minced meat went to the rice already, thus no meat stock for the soup.

I remembered having a bag of dried anchovies in the freezer, I quickly took it out and poured some into a bowl, wash and then transfer it to the pot of boiling water. I then sieved the anchovies from the clear soup and added cut cabbage and carrots into the boiling clear soup together with some fish paste I bought from the wet market for RM5 per box.

And.. Tadaaa.. The soup was ready in 20 minutes and just in time for my boy to have a nutritious meal before going to school. While drinking his soup, my boy kept praising about how delicious the soup was. Hahaha....



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