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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Next After Ujian Linus

One thing I like about Ian's school is their respective class teachers will assemble with their pupils after classes dissolve. During pickup time, parents can actually come forward for any queries but not that the class teachers are available everyday as they are bound to rotate between Gate A and Gate B.

I had a brief chat with Ian's class teacher when I went to pick him up after school three weeks ago. I always make sure I talk to his class teacher on a regular basis so that my cheeky boy knows I know what he has been up to in school.*wink* His class teacher told me that Ian sailed through his Linus test and wasn't required to attend Linus classes. Those who didn't get through the test must attend special classes slotted in during school hours. I have had no idea how this is being carried out but my son told me they swap seats since a month ago during BM lessons only and that recently some of his classmates were asked to attend BM lessons in another classroom while he and the rest stayed on for their chinese lessons.

On another note, I find the BM syllabus a tad hard for a Year 1 compared to its English which was a lot more simpler. My KBSR dictionary is now my best friend as I find myself looking up for words that sound and look foreign to me at times, let alone a 7 year old.

The next move is to get Ian to speak this language as often as possible but the only time he gets to speak Bahasa nowadays is when we go eating at the Mamak restaurant. He would order his favourite roti telur and Air Limau Ais himself and that's all! One of my friends suggested that I have a daily fixed schedule to converse in the language with him but only if the mommy has such good discipline to stick to it that it might work!

He had more room to exploring this language when we were still staying in a terrace house in Puchong. Being a chatter box that he was and still is, he liked mingling with our ex-neighbour, a Malay family whose kids were slightly younger than him, who lived across the road but not anymore now that we live in a condo environment where most residents keep their door closed all the time and only a Hi or Hello when we bump into each other at the corridor or in the lift.



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