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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Vegeroni Pasta Shapes

The packet of Vegeroni
My dinner

I would always yearn for homecooked food whenever I am sick. Ian didn't go to school yesterday as his school declared a day off for Cheng Meng. I am down with a cough and flu, guess I caught the bugs from Ian who had since recovered. For lunch, we bought nasi pattaya from a mamak restaurant around the neighbourhood. Although Ian polished off his and said it was yummy but I could hardly finish half of mine.

I found a packet of colourful vegeroni with cute shapes of elbows, curls and clams from the San Remo range in the kitchen wall cabinet, guess hubby bought it as I didn't buy it and decided to cook it for dinner. Vegeroni is actually vegetable pastas flavoured with carrots and spinach. I fried some minced pork and added long beans, fu pei (soya bean sheet), shredded carrots and baby corns and voila, I whacked the whole bowl of of the homecooked soup pasta. Slurps...

Ian enjoys eating it too and has not stopped mentioning about how cute and colourful the pasta shapes are while eating.

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