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Friday, April 2, 2010

10X Points With AMEX (1 Apr - 31 Jul 2010)

I received a sms as well as an email from AMEX announcing their GET 10x Points promotion from 1 April 2010 - July 31 2010. I was like Wow after experiencing their generosity during the recent 15% Cash Back ended in end February where your cash rebates earned would be credited to your following month's statement. I am jotting down here my experience with their promotions since becoming Amex Gold Card member 2 years ago.

15% Cash Back At Selected Malls Only (1 Nov 2009 - 28 Feb 2010)
No, I am not a big spender, I have to watch every single ringgit I spend but I was estatic to the fact that when you were already enjoying 40% discount or more during sale period from departmental stores such as Jusco, you get additional 15% off from AMEX and all in all, you get 55% discounts or more! Unbelievable!

As this promotion has an exception to purchases made at supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels and retail outlets within the selected mall, I did not benefit a lot from the 15% cash back. I bought most of the family's new CNY clothes during my trip to Bangkok just before CNY. I did make some purchases (stuff that I need) at the selected malls every month in order to enjoy the 15% cash back!

Conditions: None as far as I know. Just that you have to shop at the malls selected by AMEX and not at supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels and retail outlets within the selected malls to qualify.

GET 8X Points for all petrol and groceris purchases (15 Apr-15 Jul 2009)I earned a lot of points from this promotion as petrol and groceries purchases are inevitable expenses and has become part of our life. I paid with my AMEX card for any purchases that I have to make and it has since become a habit for me to dig the card out from my purse everytime I make payment.
Conditions: To qualify for this promo, you have to enrol in their membership rewards programme (MRP) that cost you RM25 annually for non frequent traveller and RM50 for frequent travellers but I think the MRP has since scrapped though I am not so sure about it.

Get 10x points for all Petrol and Grocery purchases (1 Apr - 31 Jul 2010)
How I eagerly wanted to join in the game when I come to know about this promotion. But, wait, there's a big catch! You have to spend a *qualifying transactions of at least RM500 EVERY MONTH and that excludes the petrol and grocery spent.

Conditions: YES. Make sure you keep track of your monthly spending to *qualify. RM1 short, i.e. RM499, you will be out of the game but of course still get your 2X based points larr for every RM1 spent. For me, I opted out this time around and would rather look elsewhere for simpler deals than to waste my time counting if I fell short of anything. What a catch!!

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