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Monday, April 5, 2010

DIY Velcro Straps - Ben 10 Omnitrix & School Shoes

I purchased this Ominitrix F/X for Ian, who is a big fan of Ben 10 last year. I had to resort getting it on ebay as I was told it was out of stock everywhere I went. The toy do what it's supposed to do, press a button, select an alien and then press the activator and the Omnitrix transform you ( if you have the small boy's imagination).

The sound effects are the same of the tv show, even it has a timer that transforms you back to a human being. It has 3 green lights that blink when the omnitrix is activated, then after 2 or 3 minutes a red light blink and sounds when the alien form it's disengaged. It's big, for a kid's wrist, even for an adult.

The whole purpose of this toy is to wear it on the wrist and act like Ben 10. Ian loves this toy but got very frustrated because it wouldn't stay on his wrist tight all the time due to its design. The rubber locks which was supposed to secure into the holes of the straps seems to slip loose easily. With the constant attempts trying to tighten the straps, the rubber locks had finally come off.

Velcro straps and super strong glue bought from Daiso@ 1utama

I got the velcro straps and super glue from Daiso@ 1 Utama this morning for RM5 each and couldn't wait to start on my DIY project upon reaching home. Here's the end result:

After DIY: The loops

After DIY: The hooks

My boy was overjoyed when he saw the modified straps and said that he has finally got his ominitrix back and thanked mommy in a very sweet voice. Hah!

The velcro straps left was also enough for me to change Ian's school shoes' which had worn out only after less than 4 months! Only the velcro straps had worn out but the shoes are still in tip top condition, what a waste if it can't be worn, rite? So, what I did was removed the stitches and cut out the old loops and replaced with the new ones. The black loops do not look weird on the white shoes though as they are inner facing. Phew! Saved me RM40 to get him another new pair.



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Blogger michelle@mybabybay said...

velcro does come in handy. Funny the pasar malam ben10 watch is with velcro but the branded one is not.

April 6, 2010 at 10:10 AM  

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