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Saturday, November 28, 2009

PC2 Chinese Enrichment Classes

Ian's new friend
Having break @school canteen

Ian has started attending the Chinese Enrichment classes organized by the PTA of the primary school he goes to next year. The programme is for a duration of 15 days, Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to12noon and it is catered to students from non Mandarin speaking family and its objective is to brush up and to familiarize them with the language before they start Primary one officially in January next year.

I was there to peep on him the first few days when the classes commenced. He adapted well in the class and made a few friends on the first day. LoL. He has been a sociable kid since he was born and has had no problems blending in with strangers. When it comes to making friends, he would take the lead and ask his “targets” if they wanted to be his friends, he does get negative answer at times, “No, I don't want to be your friend!” And he would come to me with an upset face and ask why that they had refused his kind offer and I would explain to him that he had tried his best to be friendly but if they chose not to accepting his offer, it would definitely be a matter of their choice and absolutely NOT his problem and that he has to respect their choice and encouraged him to move on and make friends with those who favoured his “offer”.

I let him have RM2 as pocket money to buy food from the school canteen everyday and keep drumming into his head that he gets to keep the unspent money in his piggy back every day and still get RM2 the next day and that the savings can be spent on things he wants to buy later, of course with my approval. The strategy seemed to work on him as on the 2nd day he was undecided over a slice of french toast which costs 50 cents and a pc of hash brown of RM1. He ended up buying a slice of french toast so that he got to save 50 cents more for his piggy bank. O.O. Hubby has been teasing me that Ian is on the way of being shapen into a stingy being instead of a thrifty one. Hopefully not.

We paid RM80 for the enrichment classes and I felt it was money well spent although it was more to revision as most of the syllabus had already been covered by Ian's kindie. What matters most that Ian gets to keep up with the routine of finishing his homework daily until the school reopens having halted my plan of educating him at home during this school holidays.



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