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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dip In The Pool

I just came up from a dip in the pool with Ian. I have not done so for like ages and that explains why till today I am still hopeless in learning to swim. :(

Ian is getting more confident now and even made several jumping attempts into the pool, well, though fully equipped with all the swimming gears he can get his hands on, a kickboard, goggles, a swimming trainer around the chest and a pair of arm float, I still think that this is indeed an achievement for him, at least he has overcome his fear of water.

I intend to accompany him to the pool every evening or at least thrice a week to get him familiarized with water before he starts his swimming lessons soon. I had lived in landed houses all my life but I am beginning to enjoy living in a condo environment where we get to enjoy facilities such as sauna, gym, squash, badminton, tennis, swimming, basket ball and cycling, yes, cycling.. I can see from our condo unit that on most evenings, some Japanese residents are seen cycling around with their families in the gated compound.

We have yet to utilise all facilities other than the swimming pool and would like to explore one by one when time allows.

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