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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons for Ian

I have always eager to enrol Ian for swimming lessons but coming to think of having to chauffeur him around apart from his music and art classes, I hesitated.

We moved into our condo two weeks ago and have been on the lookout for a swimming instructor who conducts lessons in our condo's pool for Ian. I saw a notice recruiting students for swimming lessons on the notice board of our condo's management office this afternoon. The swimming instructor charges RM450 (10% discount for kids) for 12 lessons of basic course with a guarantee that the student would be able to swim upon completion of the course. I am inclined to enrol him to the course once his exam is over this week.

I have always wanted Ian to learn this survival skills as I am totally hopeless in this area. Since young, my little boy would only "dip" in a shallow pool with water depth max to his thigh and would never dare to go beyond that. Now that we live in a condo, I trust my boy should have no problem overcoming his fear of water. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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