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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What We Had For Lunch Today

Home cooked Fried Vermicelli

His cup of Peel Fresh Orange Juice

I cooked fried vermicelli for our lunch today. I put in ingredients such as carrots, cabbage, taufu pok (fried bean curd puffs), fish cake, all shredded and minced pork. The portion that I cooked could last until dinner or maybe some leftover for breakfast tomorrow. My boy loved it to bits, he put a big thumbs up and whacked two plates of it and a cup of orange juice too. Hahaha...

We had planned to visit the TTDI library before sending Ian off to school so we left our condo a bit early today. These are the books that we borrowed from the library, 3 books each for Ian and myself:

Ian's first term exam is one week away and I have been busy preparing him for the exam since 3 weeks ago. I usually cook enough for lunch and dinner in the morning and serve mostly simple dishes so that I will have more time to do revision with him in the morning and evening before he goes to bed.

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