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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sepang Beach Revisited

Campers in their respective tents

Sun rising along the horizon

Spotted a boy fishing - the background is the Gold Coast Sepang project

Tents lining up along the beach

A ship shaped playland located across the beach

My boy trying out the playland

Sky view from the playland

We reached Sepang Beach around 7am after seeing my parents, my brother and his family off at LCCT. This is our 3rd trip here, my previous posts here and here. To our surprise and could it be a Sunday, the shoreline along the beach was lined up with tents and obviously the campers had stayed their night there and some were seen preparing breakfast with the limited tools they had brought while others were taking a stroll along the beach. Though we spotted some campers who were Chinese, Malays and Indian, we figured others could be of the Bangladeshi or Vietnamese origin judging from their looks.

We brought along our faithful kite and thought of playing kite but it was high tide at that time and that made us impossible to stroll out to the shoreline and there were high chances of our kite getting entangled on the tree branches if we played along the beach. We dropped the plan and went to check out the surrounding instead. We stumbled a brand new playland further up across the beach but though it looked inviting with soft patterned mat laid within the vicinity, there was overflowed rubbish bins and rubbish being threwn everywhere. I hope the concerned authority could do something about it so that we can continue to enjoy the spot.

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