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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

Chill-Out Time: Papa and Mama enjoying the sea breeze..
Different design of kites dominating the sky

Golden Palm Villas under construction which I had blogged earlier

I wanted to get a colourful shell larr, mommy
Mommy... I finally found one!

Dang Dang... With just a slurpee cup from 7-11, we had our sand fort built.. not bad eh...

Our cheeky boy
Mother and son
Father and son

The foam bubbles produced by broken waves washing up the shorelines

Good bye Beach... When will I see you again...

After months of tension and stress, hubby suggested that we go unwind : a picnic on the beach. This seemed like a good idea to all of us as we would try to avoid crowded places due to the H1N1 outbreak and the escalating death cases. Mom just had her 1st chemo cycle two weeks ago and her immune system was still low but she appeared energetic and strong at least for now (touch wood) with only one side effect that bothered her a little.

After having our breakfast at home last Sunday, we packed bread and buns, oranges, water, cakes and some tid-bits and off we went to our picnic destination: Bagan Lalang Beach in Sepang district. It took around 1 1/2 hours to get there from Puchong. Along the way, we stopped by Hotel Seri Malaysia to use their toilet and snapped photos. We initially planned to have our lunch there. The price for their buffect lunch are quite reasonable, at RM20++ for adults and half price for kids. Upon checking with the restaurant staff, the dishes are mostly hot and spicy to cater to the Proton Group that was having a seminar there. Papa and Mama cannot eat even a slightest taste of hot and spicy. We therefore dropped our plan of dining there.

The beach is just right behind Hotel Seri Malaysia and as soon as we sighted the beach there were already many people on the beach that stretches very long. Some of them looked like they were on company outing while the other was seen with their family members and friends.

My last visit here was two years ago and it was a secluded small village then. Now that I could see the once secluded beach beeming with people from all walks of life though they are scattered along the beach as it stretches kilometres long. This small village had been made popular by the on-going mega resort project there. There were roadside stalls lined up along the beach selling swimming gears, grilled seafood, fish balls, sotong balls, fish, fried cempedak, drinks such as coconut juice etc. Hubby being a food lover, brought back all sorts of snacks from the stalls across the road from the beach. Two grilled prawns on stick are sold quite reasonably at RM1.50 and a cup of coconut juice costs only RM1 each.

Some of them set up tents and hammocks and were seen napping in them while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. We found a shaded spot and laid the yoga mat that we brought from home. We sat on the mat while enjoying our simple early lunch

Hubby was flying our faithful owl designed kite and successfully flied up in the sky after few attempts. Ian later took over and he was extremely excited seeing his kite waving to him proudly in the sky.. Hahaha..

Papa took over the kite while Ian went to the the shallow water to collect sea shells. He collected a lot of white sea shells and kept pestering me for colourful ones until he finally found one. It was a lot of fun for him as it had been a while since we last took him to the beach, the last trip being to Pangkor Island which was in December last year.

Mama was doing some light exercise at our shaded spot while biting and sipping on her bread and milo drinks. She said she has a soft spot for oceans since young as most of her life was surrounded by oceans. Papa too, enjoyed our day trip to the beach as he has not seen oceans since coming here to KL to be with Mama two month ago. They are so used to be surrounded by oceans back home in Sabah.

Hubby says we shall make more trip to the beach sensing the old folks love it so much. We left the beach at around 1.15pm and headed for our late lunch in Sg Pelek.

We dined at Sg. Pelek Seafood Restaurant and the bill came to only RM50 for 5 of us which was quite reasonable, I would say. Everyone except hubby commented that the food was good while hubby said the meat texture of the "sweet and sour pork" dish was not cooked to his taste. Haha...
This little boy of ours

The owner of this owl goes to......




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